"Ha-ha, this is a good show. The waste that has been recognized for a long time can actually practice, and it has reached the three-story repair the day after tomorrow. This seems to be a good show." Obviously, people who like to join in the fun are discussing the things caused by the forest edge

As a person becomes aware that the forest edge will cultivate things, it is gradually in the forest village, but the protagonist knows nothing, even if he knows the forest edge, it is deliberately displayed by the forest edge.
It seems that with the breakthrough of the forest edge, such an important event did not cause the high-level note of Linjiazhuang. It seems that even the incident that the forest edge injured Lou Chaowei did not make the forest edge suffer much punishment.
The next day, the Linjiazhuang law enforcement team just came to ask a question about Lin Yuanxiu and registered a little and went out as if nothing had happened.
It seems abnormal that everything in Linjiazhuang is calm, but all this has something to do with the forest edge. Now the most important thing in the forest edge is to cultivate, which is the only thing in the forest edge.
Moreover, it will be an annual tournament in Linjiazhuang at the end of the year, and perhaps all of them can achieve good results in the tournament again.
This is also the reason why Lin Yuan wants to show himself, but it can play a deterrent role in Lin Guzhuang, so that those families can not come to trouble themselves.
Lin yuan enjoys a quiet life, but this does not mean that Lin yuan is satisfied with this state, but he has never given up on his martial arts.
Linjiazhuang wai
It’s really great for Linyuan these days, and it’s also making rapid progress without outsiders disturbing Linyuan’s practice.
Sometimes, when Lin Yuan walks in Linjiazhuang, Lin Jia Zhuang’s younger brother always hides when he sees Lin Yuan. After all, most of his younger brothers have a holiday with Lin Yuan.
After all, now Lin Guzhuang’s younger brothers all know that the forest edge meridians have been inexplicably repaired. For the forest edge talent, plus the big fight a few days ago and some festivals in the forest edge are all white. Now the forest edge is far from them to provoke.
"Boom …"
A waterfall with a height of 100 feet rushes from the top like a thousand Ma Benteng with muffled thunder, and the water hits the huge rock, with several splashes blooming. You can imagine how hard it is to rush the water like a beast.
There is a slight light in the sky, and a thin figure is on the bank of the waterfall, but although it looks thin, it does have angular muscles and jade-like skin.
It can be seen from the figure that a teenager quickly took off his clothes and jumped into the waterfall, wandering in the water, watching the bombardment ahead and the surging water, listening to the loud noise like a muffled thunder, almost deafening. After a slight hesitation, the teenager struggled to get into the waterfall and hit a boulder.
At this moment, the teenager made a dull move, sitting in the waterfall with a strong impact, and the water was bombarding.
Within two minutes, the young man struggled to escape from the waterfall, floating in the water, his head was panting, his face was bloody, and Se was slightly red.
It can be seen that this huge impact has caused a lot of trauma to this teenager.
After a short rest, this figure took a deep breath and flashed a firm look in her eyes. Se once again ran to the boulder and was bombarded by rushing water.
"wow!" "bang!"
"Stick to the forest edge. You have to stick to it. If you want to be a person, then you have to stick to it! !” The figure growled into the muffled thunder, and no one could hear it, even the teenager himself.
Two and a half minutes more than just lasted for half a minute, and the boy jumped out again. At this time, the boy’s back was already bloodshot and Se was extremely pale.
This man is the forest edge of Linjiazhuang, and the place where he is at this time is also the forest edge. Recently, he found a waterfall, and the former waterfall could not meet the needs of the forest edge.
It’s been a month since the meridians of the forest edge were healed, and sometimes the forest edge hasn’t given up practicing exercise, and it’s still one of the current methods of practicing forest edge.
In the view of Lin Yuan, practitioners must have a tough body.
Body training, body melting.
This is the way to find the forest edge, but there is no body-building skill at the root of the forest edge that can be explored on its own.
Chapter 10-Breaking through the Six Peaks of the Day After Tomorrow!
After a short rest, the teenager dived into the waterfall again …
The impact of a 100-meter-long waterfall can break a tree in an instant, which is even worse for people.
Lin Yuan also walked here step by step with his unremitting efforts. It is also a kind of progress and a bitter witness from just over ten seconds to now.
The edge of the forest is just a little bit tempered in the waterfall.
"Self-control is not only rapidly increasing in this waterfall, but also the control of true qi is constantly rising." The emotion of Lin Yuan Information is constantly insisting on Lin Yuan.
This is also the relief of Lin Yuan. While exercising his own physique, he has not fallen to his true spirit at all.
It’s as if a shell exploded in the water, and then a water arrow went up into the sky, followed by a fierce push on the stepping stone platform at the edge of the forest. As the water column went up into the sky, the whole body was like an underwater hidden dragon, and it ejected out of the water in an instant, bringing up a splash all over the sky.
After coming out of the water, the muscle skin tremors almost reached the peak, and the physical strength surged wildly. The edge of the forest shouted a chance to step on the water. After a dragonfly touched the water, the water suddenly exploded like a mine, and the water splashed into the sky.
At this time, the edge of the forest fell lightly to the edge of the lake and punched it behind the water curtain of the waterfall.
Boom !
Wow! !
There was a subtle pause when the waterfall water curtain was cut off by the punch.
Then it was like pouring thousands of miles and flooding, and the beast hit him hard vertically, just like being poured a gourd ladle of flood on the edge of the forest.
After the completion of this set of boxing, Lin Yuan felt that the large muscle skin near the weak link of his body had a tearing tingling sensation at this moment and made him grin with a trembling pain.
Insist on this kind of pain with teeth. After about a dozen breaths, a burning feeling suddenly spread all over the forest edge behind him. The bottleneck of uniting is about to break through.
At this time, I can’t do anything at the edge of the forest. I feel that my self-cultivation is about to break through the edge of the forest and sit down and sink into my body.
At this time, it is absolutely important for Lin Yuan to be careless. After all, Lin Yuan has been looking forward to this time for a long time.
At the moment when Lin Yuan sank into his mind, Lin Yuan felt abnormal in his body and qi.
Both qi and body break through
Lin Yuan would never have thought that it was such a situation. Random Lin Yuan immediately mobilized the true qi of the Ministry and his mind sank into his mind.
The forest edge didn’t wait long, and then a lot of qi from heaven and earth went to the forest edge.
In an instant, because the forest edge attracted a lot of qi from heaven and earth, blood gradually appeared on the body of the forest edge, and the skin of the body was also cracked because of unbearable qi from heaven and earth at this time.
Pain quickly out of that kind of feeling, like a drill in the hard to drill inside the bone.
"The skeleton seems to be regrouping in a strange and slow way, and it is getting stronger slowly."
"Even the qi entering the body gradually flows into the abdomen, which seems to have a liquefaction trend." The forest edge feels incredible, and this changing trend seems to be developing towards an unknown state.
The day after tomorrow, the six peaks and the double cultivation of martial arts are a new experience or an unprecedented one for Lin Yuan. After all, everyone in Zhao Guozhong knows that it is best to specialize in the same thing, which will be a burden.
The pain comes and goes quickly, but in just a few minutes or so, the pain gradually fades away
With the sharp pain disappearing, the forest edge suddenly became full of energy, jumped directly from the pool and got up. It was a crisp or crackling from his body, and his height was slightly raised at this moment, which seemed to be more robust.
"Applauded …"
As soon as you land on the edge of the forest, a set of proficiency is better than boxing, and the crisp sound resounds one after another in the waterfall, and the strength implied in the faint sound is obviously better than before
When the last move fell, the forest edge punched a rock and saw that the rock immediately appeared several cracks, indicating that the forest edge was making great progress at this time.
Seeing this scene, Lin Yuan also grinned and just wanted to receive work, but his heart was moving and gesturing. Instead of taking it back, he closed his eyes and felt the strangeness of the muscles and bones in the body.
When I feel it, the body of the forest edge is also moving back and forth along that strong path, and even the skin of its clothes is covered with a very light wave at this moment.