However, Gai didn’t imagine it as Zuo Tangtang did, but he was quite familiar with it and said hello to her in a gentle tone.

[Nearby] Cover hooves, right?
[Nearby] Pig’s trotters stew at night to help the Lord ~
[Nearby] Just call me Gai. Come on in our team!
Zuo Tangtang gingerly joined the team and asked gingerly
[Team] What are we doing in Emei?
Who knows that the late song master’s answer is amazing.
[Team] Gaiku/Of course, it is to hook up with sister paper!
This time Zuo Tangtang was completely dumbfounded.
[3] Chapter 39 Hook up with Emei Sister]
This is a newly married person. Should I talk? Is this what a gang leader should do? Zuo Tangtang looked at Gai’s so-called big careless and walked forward, and his heart could not help roaring.
[Team] Cover the hoof and hoof quickly! Follow!
[Team] Stewed pig’s trotters. Oh, oh, good.
Zuo Tangtang quickly stopped his thoughts and followed Gai and Shanshan into the main entrance of Emei.
To tell the truth, Zuo Tangtang has been to Emei during spying, but in general, she will be very careful to collect information on the periphery of Emei if she is not found by patrols. She has never entered the residence of the head of Emei from the gate in the normal order like today.
It is reasonable to say that the inside and outside of the residence of the head of each sect will be full of all kinds of activities. Because players will undertake some sects’ daily life here, the square in front of the head’s residence has become a good place for everyone to hang up and learn, which is very lively.
However, Zuo Tangtang didn’t know that Emei would be so lively here!
Zuo Tangtang was dumbfounded again after the amazing statement made by the late song leader!
What is this? What is this?
I saw three men who looked very abrupt in this group of sister papers, kneeling in a row with no regard for being watched, and bubbles appeared from time to time.
[Nearby] Look at the bloody nose of the ash machine/ask for a sister paper. Ask for an Emei sister paper ~ ~ ~
[Nearby] I don’t dislike watching turkey nosebleeds/shemale ~ ~
[Nearby] Eating nosebleeds from native chickens/It’s really impossible to exterminate the teacher. I want it too ~ ~ ~
Zuo Tangtang consciously touched his nose, which is really a slap in the face!
Before Zuo Tangtang said anything, Gai was unusually domineering and said to the onlookers of Emei sisters.
[Nearby] Guy killed the three of them for me.
[Nearby] Pink powder is tender, it’s a master elder sister!
[Nearby] The little flower by the stream is a big teacher elder sister!
[Nearby] Yunyunduo is a master elder sister!
What? This rumor is about hooking up with Emei sister paper. This product is actually a big martial sister. Are you kidding me?
However, it is a fact that the red Emei sister papers have been beaten miserably and cried that the three streaking men of the elder martial sister are proof.
This world is really fantastic. Zuo Tangtang saw it when he was still feeling limited.
[Team] Cover with contempt/Let them rob people with us!
[Team] Guy Deyi/If they hook up, what are we hooking up with?
Is this the truth? Zuo Tangtang succeeded in choking.
[Team] Well covered, well hoofed and shiny, let’s hook up with sister paper ~
Looking at the excitement, I didn’t feel anything wrong. Zuo Tangtang’s heart is full of respect for the bottle. He must be exhausted by pulling such an out-of-control Wang, his deputy and his husband at all times!
[Team] Let’s talk about hoof-hoof. Come to our club and drop it. I’m here with Shiny.
[Team] Cover your mouth and smile/It will be more convenient to give you the experience of hooking up with your sister paper then ~ Hehehehehehe
Ah, hey, who wants this experience? Zuo Tangtang vomited, but he still entered the channel obediently.
"Come on, hoof, hoof" sounds as expected. "Then let’s do it!"
we? Zuo Tangtang couldn’t help but be curious. He pulled up the channel list and looked at the name of the evening song. Zuo Tangtang’s black line originally formed a team. Although there were three of them, there were still many people hiding in the dark. Is this the rhythm of the lecture?
"Cough" clears the throat. "First of all, we should understand the importance of Emei sister paper."
Ah, this is really a class = =
"You also know that with the higher and higher sub-levels, the demand for Emei is getting higher and higher. In the twilight, you may not need Emei in Qingyun. If you want to play difficult mode, you must have an Emei, otherwise it will be very sad, not to mention the deputy of Houyanmen Peacock! Few Emei can’t be finished. "
Listening to the ear telling is a real experience, and talking about Zuo Tangtang is also serious.
"Of course, a good deputy team needs not only Emei but also good technology, but this is not the case. It is less than a month now, and there are still a large number of players entering this game every day. We can not consider the problem of technology now. After all, this is trainable!"
"That night, everyone gave me the song to hook up with sister paper today! The more you hook up, the more rewards you get. If none of you hook up, it’s up to that person to eat steamed bread! "
This is too cruel, isn’t it? Zuo Tangtang is secretly frightened. You know, everyone’s physical strength is limited. So many steamed buns are the result of physical overdraft! It’s a good thing I haven’t been so abnormal in nine days