After he finished, he took the lead in rushing towards point B. It was the road in the back garden, and the rest of them followed without hesitation. Anyway, they were used to following Ye Qing’s arrangement, and they hadn’t used their brains to think about how to fight for a long time.

After entering the B hole, the sound of 4 installation success has already sounded. Ye Qing knows that it is very difficult to win this round, even if the other side doesn’t have a bag, it can’t win because the other side’s people get together and occupy a point to defend. They will pay a considerable price to storm and can’t attack!
"Mom, the egg did it with them!" Ye Qing whizzed smoke bombs and flash bombs at point B. Then Ye Qing rushed into the point B with three machine gunners. The meteor was covered at the mouth of the cave. The people in the Royal Forbidden City were distributed on the platform and blasting point at point B. The firepower was quite reasonable. Feng Xiao was obviously an expert in layout and defense.
Ji Xiaofeng and Feng Xiao are both on the platform at point B, and both of them come out from behind the bunker and shoot at Ye Qing at the same time. The lethality of these two people together is quite amazing. Ye Qing’s firepower is almost instantly attracted by them. Qinglong and Jiangnan Kun are ignored, which gives them the opportunity to shoot some freely.
In an instant, three people from Club I died, and Ye Qing, the machine gunner, was left. One person was still moving flexibly, but Ye Qing failed to kill one of the two gun gods. The meteor was shot twice at the mouth of cave B. He suddenly realized that it was very difficult for him to kill the two gun gods. The third time he flashed to his mouth, he changed the target of being killed to Jiangnan Kun.
Jiangnan Kun has been killed by a meteor gun many times in the half-court. Meteors think this guy is the best to bully him. As soon as the muzzle mirror is turned, it just locks up and flashes out. Jiangnan Kun will kill Jiangnan Kun with one shot and finally kill the other person.
Jiangnan Kun is annoyed to beat the mouse heavily. "It’s the sniper again! Xiaodong avenged me! "
Xiaodong nodded his head. He just shot the I club in cold blood, and it was the second shot that hit the place. There was no shooting star. He turned his gun and aimed at the B hole. When the shooting star flashed out again, it just landed in the center of his center. He didn’t need to move to get a gun, but the shooting star fell back and became a loner.
Ye Qing is still struggling to support him in the midst of bullets, and his posture is becoming more and more flexible, just like sliding in muddy water. Feng Xiao is getting more and more frightened. He finds that he has not hit Ye Qing with many guns. This is a terrible thing. You know, he is a gun god, and his marksmanship is quite awesome in the F world, at least in the top ten, but he can’t hit the other side, and the other side’s posture is still imitating his posture. This round is just a bit like him.
Ji Xiaofeng knows Feng Xiao’s posture best. He can kill Ye Qing in the last round, but this round he found that Ye Qing’s posture is very similar to Feng Xiao’s posture, but it seems that there are some differences. His posture is more messy and regular than Feng Xiao’s, and his body is turning around quite fast.
"What a horrible hand speed it takes for Nima to twist so frequently! ! Why doesn’t this pervert play StarCraft and come to play F! " Ji Xiaofeng growled in his mind, since he practiced marksmanship hard, he has great confidence in his own shooting, but now he has finished a shuttle quickly, but he has not been able to kill the other side.
Ye Qing also has a hard time knowing that his hand speed has reached the limit. His posture is flexible and fast enough, but his hit rate has dropped a lot. He is also unable to resist the attack of two gun gods. He has to rely on his posture to reduce his hit rate in exchange for his chances of survival. This is really a pity.
In order to win this round, Ye Qing must kill the opponent’s department, but now he is very embarrassed. If he wants to hit a high percentage, then the movement speed of his posture will have to be slowed down a little, so that the trajectory will be more stable. But once he slows down, Feng Xiao and Ji Xiaofeng will penetrate his body and drain his vitality.
Tsing lung flashed out from behind the bunker and approached Xiaodong directly. Even two shots were fired to deter Feng Xiao and Ji Xiaofeng. They had to force Ye Qing to slow down before they could kill him. It is conceivable how great Ye Qing’s current posture is. If he can still maintain an efficient hit rate in this posture, then Ye Qing can easily become one of the top five gun gods, and the pattern will be broken.
Looking at the approaching enemy, Ye Qing is very resistant. If he continues to struggle with the other side in the same place, he will be able to escape when the other side is close to the bomb. He can slow down his posture and retreat.
He retired Feng Xiao and Ji Xiaofeng, and the gun speed was obviously accelerated. One by one, he flew out of the air and directly got into the leaf tilting body. The leaf tilting root was overwhelmed and was killed instantly. It was like a golden bell iron cloth shirt suddenly broken.
Club I lost another point, and the Royal Forbidden City team expanded its advantage to three points, and the score became seven to four. Club I won the match point, but the victory gradually drifted away. loli felt sorry for Club I when she saw the end of this round. She sighed, "The ice cream team seems to be going to collapse. It seems that the hope of victory is very slim!"
"Yes, this is the rhythm of the collapse. It is unimaginable that the two gun gods will join forces. It is not easy for him to last that long!" Loli partner way
Loli nodded her head. Ye Qing’s ability is incredible. Even if the two gun gods join hands, they will try their best to win the game. She really appreciates Ye Qing’s place. She once again made up her mind to help Ye Qing plan a brilliant road. She wants to witness the birth of a superstar with her own eyes. She wants to watch Ye Qing call the shots and make enemies in the F world.
"Maybe it’s a good choice to be his agent!" Loli thought to herself that if she let her fans know what she was thinking, she would probably envy Ye Qing to death. This is a great thing. No one will refuse a big beauty as an agent. Besides, this big beauty is not a vase, but really capable of turning Ye Qing into a superstar.
Chapter 22 Death Line Struggle
In the fifth round of the half-court, the troops of the Royal Forbidden City team attacked point A. This time, they were very vigilant. They were afraid that they would be attacked by the other side before entering the A gate. When five people entered the A gate safely, Feng Xiao left Qinglong behind to ambush the other side.
Club I’s commander in Yeqing has laid a defense at point A. This round, he guessed the opponent’s intention, but he dared not outflank the opponent. After all, the other party has suffered a loss once, so how can he not guard against it?
Ye Qing expected that the other party should attack from Avenue A. He arranged everyone on the platform slope. Four machine gunners formed a row. The sniper meteor guarded the team in the Central Royal Forbidden City and threw a few smoke and flash bombs on Avenue A. Then Feng Xiao and Ji Xiaofeng led the way and rushed into the smoke.
Jiangnan Kun and Qinglong feel particularly safe when they walk behind the two gun gods, but Jiangnan Kun is not willing to walk behind others. He did not kill anyone in this game, but died many times.
When they reached point A, Feng Xiao and Ji Xiaofeng broke through the smoke, and then they were hit hard by the slope. They had to stop moving forward and fight with each other. Just as they were under pressure to retreat into the smoke, a figure suddenly came out of the smoke and shot at the slope with a gun, which was quite a bit daredevil.
Feng Xiao and Ji Xiaofeng were both surprised. They didn’t want to know who that guy was. Both of them shouted "Kun Shao!"
Jiangnan Kun looked determined. His left hand pressed the W key and rushed forward, while his right hand kept pressing the left key to shoot. When he saw each other in a row, he wanted to sweep it in a row and at least explode two or three heads. But the ideal always ran counter to reality. He just rushed to the middle of the slope and was swept into a hornet’s nest by random guns.
"bang!" Jiangnan Kun punched on the brain table to vent like a tunnel "bastard! This can’t kill anyone! " Feng Xiao and Ji Xiaofeng were suddenly disturbed by Jiangnan Kun, and they finally retreated smoothly into the smoke. The Qinglong behind them was very Naiyuan. According to the plan, after Feng Xiao and Ji Xiaofeng attracted the enemy’s fire in front, he ran to the left with Jiangnan Kun and then jumped into the box platform to attack from the other side. But where did he know that Jiangnan Kun would suddenly rush out and break the whole plan?
Feng Xiao held his breath in his heart. Seeing that victory was just around the corner, Jiangnan Kun lost their advantage. After they killed Jiangnan Kun, they rushed directly from the slope. They had the advantage of numbers. They could have a decisive battle with each other and the momentum of the other side had been weakened. Now they are going to kill you while you are sick.
"They’re coming, and everyone’s distracted to form a crossfire!" Feng Xiao heard the messy footsteps in front and quickly ordered Daoji Xiaofeng to immediately flash to Feng Xiao’s right Qinglong and stick it to the wall, while the sniper Xiaodong quickly retreated after hearing Feng’s joke in the middle of Avenue A. The farther the distance, the more advantageous the sniper is.
Ye Qing kept the formation department in a neat row when they rushed in, which meant that the other side didn’t know which one to hit at the first time, and it was easy for the other side to shoot consciously to deal with them. Once the other side shot, they would have the advantage. Obviously, the shooting rate was not as high as some shots.
Although Feng Xiao’s shooting rate is very high, it is not good to shoot with a gun. This is because qbz95 is not suitable for shooting with a gun. Under the same conditions, ak47 can shoot with a gun and finish blasting qbz95m4. On the other hand, Feng Xiao rarely shoots with ak47 and m4. He knows exactly where the shortcomings of this gun are.
At this time, the smoke has gradually faded away, and people who are hidden in the smoke have been hiding. When they rush, Feng Xiao and Ji Xiaofeng hand in hand again. Ye Qing has a new understanding this round. After showing the fast posture, he will suddenly slow down a few shots and then speed up the movement, so that his shooting hit rate is much higher. Is the gun break longer or has some shortcomings?
Cold-blooded and emotional people directly fired wildly in the same place without showing off their skills. Both of them pressed their guns quite low and aimed at the part of the enemy’s legs, but the real trajectory would not be directed at that place and would definitely hit the enemy’s abdomen, chest or head.
Dong Laoer was very calm this round. He wanted to give Ye Ye more help, but he didn’t shoot at him. His right hand was tightly holding the mouse, trying to make his hand more stable to ensure that the trajectory wouldn’t be deviated because of hand shaking. He fired several bullets in succession and accurately pierced Qinglong’s head.
Ye Qing targeted Feng Xiao as one of the two gun gods. He still felt that Feng Xiao was the greatest threat to him. When he slowed down, he fired a few shots at Feng Xiao. Finally, he actually shot Feng Xiao in the head. He knew very well that this time he had some luck because he didn’t grasp the headshot.
And Ji Xiaofeng made a malicious effort after seeing Feng Xiao fall down. He didn’t want to follow Feng Xiao’s footsteps. He showed his unique posture. m4 made a sharp shot. Ye Qing had been consumed by Ji Xiaofeng when dealing with Feng Xiao. After he killed Feng Xiao, he turned his gun and fired a few shots. Ji Xiaofeng seized the opportunity to slow him down and killed him.
Cold-blooded and affectionate Dong Laoer three people immediately fired at Ji Xiaofeng’s gun. At this time, Ji Xiaofeng had a shot behind Xiaodong, and the meteor had been waiting for the opportunity to shoot Xiaodong. At that moment, he seized the opportunity, ranging from Xiaodong retreating to the wall at the end of Avenue A, and then dumped a gun and directly killed Xiaodong.
Ji Xiaofeng instantly became alone in the face of Dong Laoer and cold-blooded shooting meteors to deter him. He was also in a hurry. After a few seconds, he was killed by random guns. Club I miraculously struggled back from the death line and even pulled back a point, making the score seven to five.
Feng Xiao felt a deep feeling in his heart. Seeing that victory was just around the corner, this guy Jiangnan Kun rushed out to make trouble again. His tactics were also destroyed. According to his original plan, Jiangnan Kun and Qinglong directly attacked each other from the left side of the box platform, which would definitely disrupt each other’s formation and destroy each other’s effective strength to the maximum extent.
It’s a pity that Jiangnan Kun rushed to the slope and destroyed his plan, and Qinglong was so stunned by Jiangnan Kun’s move that he forgot to go to the left box platform. Jiangnan Kun hasn’t realized that his move is the root cause of the defeat in this round yet. He is also very angry with Feng Laughter, "How do you fight?" You are still a gun god, but you can’t beat it! "
Feng Xiao and Ji Xiaofeng looked at each other. They really didn’t know what to say. Feng Xiao suppressed his anger and said, "Kun Shao, if you want to win this game, please don’t act without authorization, okay?" Now that you have appointed me as the conductor, I hope you can play according to my tactics! "
Jiangnan Kun smell speech face a cold way "you mean a round lost because I do sth without authorization? You cann’t shit out of a strange pit? Do I have that much influence alone? "
Feng Xiaowen was very wronged, but there was a lot of anger in his heart, but he couldn’t vent it. "That’s not what I meant. I hope you can hit you according to my tactics. Think about it. My tactics have been arranged. Everyone has their own position. Once your position changes, the whole tactics will change, which may eventually lead to tactical failure! Kun Shao, if we win in the end instead of killing people, what do you say? "
Jiangnan Kun nodded his head and looked a little slower. A boss should pay attention to the result rather than the process. He is a showman who cares about his record, but the game is near the end. If something goes wrong, it may lead to a turning point in the game. He still pays more attention to the final victory. He smiled at Feng and said, "Well, I won’t rush ahead this time. If I still can’t win, I won’t blame you!"
Feng Xiao didn’t speak again because he said in his heart, "I won’t lose if you don’t get me into trouble!" "
In the sixth round of the half-court, Feng Xiao continued to attack the central forces at point A. He continued the tactics of the next round. If Jiangnan Kun didn’t mess around in this round, they could easily win this point. It is very clear that the victory in the next round is luck. If a machine gunner didn’t come directly to kill them, it is estimated that they would not be able to beat each other.
If I hadn’t never seen that person’s id and never heard of it, this team would want the other team’s gunner, and their team had planted him undercover. How could they create opportunities at the crucial moment? But also very readily rushed to die.
In this round, Ye Qing once again divided his forces and took the initiative to attack Cold-blooded and Emotion. Ye Qing rushed directly to the middle gate and took Dong Laoer and the meteor to Avenue A. Feng Xiao, after they came from the slope, they were very alert to the situation in the middle road. When they were about to rush to Gate A, two enemies appeared in the middle road.
Feng Xiao and Ji Xiaofeng immediately exposed themselves to the enemy’s battle. At the same time, Feng Xiao realized that the other side is likely to attack in two ways. If they stay here for too long, the other side will definitely rush in directly. When they arrive, they may be caught off guard. He immediately asked others to rush directly into Gate A and attack Road A.
Chapter 23 finally lost
"It’s amazing that the ice cream team can get so many points in the confrontation between the Royal Forbidden City. I don’t know if they can work miracles in this round. Even if they lose, I hope to see them stick to it until the last moment." loli’s words set off a climax of online support for Club I. All the people who watched the game left messages to support Club I. They thought that the tenacious spirit of Club I was admirable. If other teams were afraid of a round, they would have given up the game.
Before the game, no one expected that Club I could beat Laoyu to such an extent. The story is already a miracle. Facing the Royal Forbidden City team with two gun gods, if they can win, it is estimated that it will cause a sensation in the F world. This sensation is loved by ordinary Fers. After all, before the sniper’s comeback, the F world was like a stagnant pool, except for the shock caused by the dissolution of Dongjia ab and Rizhao Land Rover. The reorganization of the S team made the F world lively again, but after a long time, everyone was used to the sniper’s reappearance in everyone’s field of vision. What they needed was more.
When Ye Qing appeared on Avenue A with Dong Laoer and meteor, Feng Xiao and they had just entered Gate A and finally met at the entrance of Avenue A, just outside W. Ye Qing saw that the other people’s department was outside Gate A, and it was hard to resist the strength of the three of them. He couldn’t help but glance at the radar, cold-blooded and affectionate. They waited until the other people entered Gate A before they rushed from the slope. At this time, they were already outflanked, so Ye Qing ordered Dong Laoer and meteor to resist each other’s attack
This round of Jiangnan Kun was really very regular. Feng Xiao gave him a specified position and kept moving some shots. This time, the formation of the Royal Forbidden City team did not fall into chaos. After all, there were few people who could not hold Feng Xiao’s attack. Dong Laoer and Meteor were swept to death one after another, and Ye Ye was forced to retreat to Avenue A. However, he still burst the green faucet and successfully retreated in the joint attack of the two spear gods. This is already a very proud thing.
Cold-blooded and affectionate two people finally rushed out from Gate A, and they were about to go to Avenue A to pursue Ye Qing’s enemy. They swept away from them recently, and Jiangnan Kun and Xiaodong were directly swept off their heads from behind.
As a result, there are only two people left in the Royal Forbidden City team, but they are the best. In this situation, both of them are frightened but not flustered. They have experienced a lot. Ji Xiaofeng turned flexibly to deal with cold blood and affection, while Feng Xiao continued to show his posture in the direction of Avenue A. He knew that the other ak player would definitely rush out at this time, which would give them a back and forth attack.
Sure enough, Ye Qing immediately flashed out of Avenue A, Feng Xiao was fully prepared, and his mouth was full of laughter. He calmly fired several shots in a row. qbz95, a unique gun, had a sense of rhythm. Ye Qing just rushed out and was shot in the head by Feng Xiao, and the whole person fell to the ground as if he had hit a wall.
After killing Ye Qing, Feng Xiao immediately turned to support Ji Xiaofeng. In fact, Ji Xiaofeng was also comfortable. Just as Feng Xiao turned around, Ji Xiaofeng had already exploded the cold-blooded situation and lost to the A hole. He just shot a magazine and didn’t have much ammunition. He had to change the magazine to have a bottom.
Ye Qing let go of the mouse a little depressed, and then he was very angry with his head in his hands. From the moment he was shot in the head by Feng Xiao, he knew that the game was over, and they lost after all. It may not be difficult to create a miracle, but it is very difficult to create a miracle continuously.
After retreating into the A hole, he didn’t continue to retreat to the The Infiltrator base. He knew that it was not the way to retreat all the time, and he wouldn’t deal with this kind of mess. Even if he could handle it, there was no way to turn over the other side. There were only two people left, but the gun god!
The two gun gods are also worthy of the name of the gun god, who can still turn the situation around when the number is at a disadvantage. It is impossible for a person to deal with these two experienced gun gods. He can rush in and fight with them after changing the magazine.
Feng Xiao and Ji Xiaofeng also chased each other directly, but they didn’t expect the other party to come back to fight with them desperately. After all, in this situation, where did most people go in tourist trap and dare to turn back and kill a comeback? Unexpectedly, Feng Xiao was somewhat unprepared, and Ji Xiaofeng was also stunned. However, after all, they were gun gods, and they quickly reacted. Because of the close distance, both of them took a strafe to deal with the situation.
Affection took the lead in shooting at close range, and he was more sure that the other side’s body was rushing forward without showing off his posture. This shooting actually blew his head off with two shots and Feng Xiao was dumb. When Jiangnan Kun saw this scene, he frowned and his right hand picked up his fist. He was really worried that he would be turned over by the other side, and the score would be seven to six. It would be very dangerous and it would be difficult to deal with it if he let the other side get up.
Ji Xiaofeng is still very calm at the key moment. His m4 marksmanship has been very sharp after hard training. Close-range shooting is also his strength, and when he is sweeping Feng Xiao, he directly squats to shoot. It is well known that m4 squats to shoot will make people feel that the recoil is smaller. Actually, the recoil has not changed, but because the squat center of gravity is low, even if it is jumping due to recoil, most of it is shot at the enemy.