"I * *!" Hua Longyue raised a shield. "The sharp soldiers turned around to cover the mage and killed this group of Uzbeks for me."

In fact, these two teams didn’t come suddenly and fiercely, but also retreated quickly and quickly. When the team caught fire, the soldiers and assassins in the front row became rabbits, and they ran away in the back. The archers in the back row also waved an arrow in vain, and the horses withdrew after the rain …
It’s getting dark, and it’s already past 6 o’clock. Pisces and loafers are breathing against a big tree, and their brothers and sisters are all hung up, just like chicks are busy, and they are the only two left in their team.
Lin has come behind, and the main force of Yin Tiankang has pursued it.
Up to now, the main force of Tiankang regiment has been unable to be called the main force. Since the fire of the motorcade was put out, Hualongyue has fallen into the vortex of guerrilla warfare in the Eastern Dynasty.
As soon as he led the team to the west, Pisces and Indiana Jones, who were idle, chased them from both sides or from behind to pose as if they were fighting to the death. But if you really want to talk, these two groups of people will soon walk away. If you want to move forward, they will pester you again and again, and they will not let you relax.
Of course, these Pisces and idle brothers and sisters who fought the war of attrition also suffered heavy casualties, and the number of people was consumed bit by bit, and finally there were two army of one.
"Hey … hey …" Pisces gasped violently. Even a level 7 player can’t stand such repeated large-scale battles.
"When was your last death?" Idle hands are not good enough to breathe harder than he is.
Hearing this, Pisces’ heart sank. He knew that idleness was bad, and now he was determined to die. But that’s enough. The little girl was very busy. The team directly cut off the elite of Butterfly Villa, big and small, under the cover of advanced technology, and finally ate the main force of Tiankang, and the two of them came later, setting fire and attacking. No.2 people changed Tiankang, and more than 6 people came to the Eastern Dynasty, and the Coalition forces sacrificed 3 troops, while 17 people paid the price.
This result may not satisfy the command center, but it’s worth it. After all, Tiankang’s main force has no additional supplies, but even if the Coalition forces can fight to Pearl Lake, the wizards will have no place to fight.
Pisces looked at the night and drilled the first star with a nostalgic look. "It was many years ago. I was only equipped with level 4 equipment, and I was blocked by a group of people in Qianlang Lake. I also knew that I couldn’t run away. I simply fought with those bastards."
Being idle and meditating seems to be lost in memories. "I led np Mountain Thief Mountain to kill thieves at the third level. At that time, I was not a sword but a knife!"
Pisces said, "What about the result?"
The loafer smiled with a kind of pride. "At that time, I was still young, and I was too impulsive to kill thieves at one breath. More than four ghost knives were cut!"
"Good kill a good time!" Pisces excited way
It’s a pity that I was too impulsive and finally surrounded by bandits. I know as well as you that I can’t escape. I just died with them and finally took more than one away!
Pisces looked at the Woods behind and a large number of soldiers and assassins had entered the field of vision. He also smiled. "At level 3, you can take away more than one. Now at level 7, can you at least take away twenty or thirty together?" When I get back to Loulan City, I’ll invite you to the Wangfu Banquet for a sip! "
"no!" The loafer refused, "I don’t want you to invite me. I have to wait for our Eastern Dynasty to win the final victory, and let the love boss invite people to the celebration dinner!" "
"good!" Pisces got up with a short stick. "Let’s go together!"
Idle hands rekindle the flame with a long sword. "Kill people together and go back to the city to dry up this group of dogs!"
Facing the flood of enemies for a moment, the two of them rushed away without hesitation …
As it approaches 7 o’clock, the night has completely fallen, but the Wuye Mountain in the frontal battlefield is full of mountains, all of which have been burned by the war.
The shape of this mountain peak is also very strange, just like five maple leaves standing on the ridge. The terrain is steep, weird, easy to defend and difficult to attack, but the Coalition forces must take a stronghold to kill Pearl Lake.
Because if you don’t take it around, it’s a sharp knife hanging from your back.
How many people of the Eastern Dynasty are hiding in this mountain is simply unknown, but one thing he knows is that Lan Yaotian, the head of the Eastern Dynasty, has gathered a two-person bow and arrow army, which is definitely one of the super cards of the Eastern Dynasty.
Because this group of archers is much more powerful than ordinary archers, one person can surpass 100 meters with one shot, which is not only far but also quite accurate, and Lan Yaotian Blade is the super shooter in this group of archers. Even if the armored soldier takes the shield road, he can shoot blood with one arrow in an extremely narrow gap.
The people of the Eastern Dynasty used the advantage of terrain to shoot arrows, set fires, set rolling stones, set traps, and set bombs … With the large-scale bombing from time to time, the flying brigade has stopped the allied forces from attacking the allied forces again and again, and the positive losses are also considerable.
The five-man brigade spent almost two hours, and Wuye Mountain lost more than half instead of attacking.
When Hua Longyue arrived here, the faces of several bosses were heavy. Although the bare Wuye Mountain was almost burned red, the Coalition forces could not rush there.
Hua Longyue gritted her teeth and said, "The chop suey of the Eastern Dynasty is too cunning. When the road was delayed a lot!"
"Don’t blame you!" Simply said, "It’s very good that you can destroy the three-way master team when they come!"
When the flying fish looked at it, "it’s 7 o’clock, and there is not much left for us!"
Simply say, "Is there any action over there?"
Sharp knife three little nodded. "Knife always they have personally exhibited their actions!"
Simply grind your teeth. "Well, then you can see the bayonet and recklessly. I ordered the army to launch a big general attack. No one is allowed to retreat before 7: 02. You must take Wuye Mountain to the death! Immediately! " to be continued
Chapter four hundred and fifty-seven Two wins
The Eastern Dynasty did not send troops together in a swarm like the allied forces, but every five-star member of the combat profession took a team of one or two people to wander around the major regions.
The nine masters are all 100-man teams except for the unexpected events and Lan Yaotian Blade, who each brought two mages and two archers. At present, three teams in the eastern battlefield have been killed one after another, and no one has escaped from the battlefield.
In the command center, even Jianghua felt feverish when pieces of information were summarized. He hadn’t felt this way for a long time.
Love is guilty. "Chick, Xiao Shuang and Xiao You are all heroes!"
His voice also became passionate. "I don’t have a coward in the Eastern Dynasty who would rather die in the front than come back alive."
Jiang Hua said, "Boss, the situation is fierce now and the positive pressure is too great. How should we deal with it?"
Love sin road "inform Lao Lan to withdraw straight from Dynasty Port and Lao Yun to the west cliff of Shengshenfeng, cut off the cliff rope ladder, and block Huadu witch in the west side road. Huadu witch must not rush into Dynasty Port."
Waters hesitated. "What about Sister Leng, Brother Cheng and Brother Feng?"
Love sin said, "Let the ice-cold people cover the mage’s age and the old wind to stick to Wuye Mountain and never retreat!"
This is to fight to the death, and at the same time shrink all the defense lines to Dynasty Port for the final defense.
On no longer ask what this key moment experience is far more important than strategy.
At the same time, Wuye Mountain is full of raging fires, and several colorful arrows and rains are still pouring out to stop the continuous influx of Coalition forces.
At this moment, the number of Coalition forces suddenly increased, and ants climbed all over the mountain, and instantly became very afraid of death. The soldiers in the front row and the people in the back row picked up their companions’ shields, stepped on their companions’ bodies and rushed.
Although the most square arrow rain can stop the enemy in the back row, the front row must be forced back by the powerful skills of the magicians, and whether the skills of the arcane magicians can form a scale to suppress the enemy depends on the supply of boxes of medicine in the rear.
At the moment, the big steamed dumplings were in a tense transportation. She risked her life to send boxes of medicine to the trench halfway up the mountain. There is the front line, not only with a large number of wizards and wet nurses, but also her good sisters Kiki and Qian Qian Jingying are still struggling.
The wooden frame on the top of the mountain was built into a simple warehouse, and the replenishment speed was amazing. When the steamed dumplings in the big cage were consumed, Ersheng was having dinner with a group of his brothers.
In this case, the night meal will definitely not be much better, just a few hard and Huang Gan steamed buns
The bun was hard to bite, so Ersheng took out a piece of beer and gave it to his brothers to rush the bun into his stomach.