"This is praise me or hurt me? I have a face value of 500 yuan? " Ye Qing touched his face and said, "You have no face and no skin. It’s worth 500 yuan!" "

"Master, it seems that your face is linked to my salary. Unfortunately, your face is worthless, otherwise I will be rich and beautiful!" He joke tunnel
"It’s possible to be rich in white and beauty … it seems unlikely …" Ye Qing touched Ba, who was very serious and authentic, and Big Honey immediately laughed gloatingly. He fumed awkwardly. "Master! !”
Chapter 139 It’s so fake
It is a foregone conclusion that Ye Qing, the only apprentice, will become a substitute for Club I after Da Mi and Nalan have negotiated the salary. Tianna Lan just needs to sign a contract. For the time being, it is unlikely that Nalan wants to play. Ye Qing is an essential core figure. If he lets Nalan substitute, it will probably lead to the team losing the game and then hurt the confidence of the players.
After talking about joining the team, Dami started this winter challenge again. The opponent strength of Club I must be very strong. After all, it is the top four, and it is very likely that she will meet the hs club, which is the favorite to win the championship.
Da Mi and Ye Qing studied tactics. Nalan felt very chatty, and she couldn’t get a word in. After all, she was a substitute and specialized in ak47. There was little research on tactics, and she didn’t bother to think about it.
"If you meet the hs club, you just need to limit their snipers. After their two ace gunners leave the team, the snipers become their big killers. The strength of the two new gunners is not too strong. What you have to do is to limit their snipers. The other four gunners can’t pose too much threat to us." Big honey said to Ye Qing very seriously
Ye Qing leaned against the sofa and thought, "No, since they can’t join two new gunners, then we should attack each other’s weaknesses through these two gunners. The winning key is to restrict their snipers. What’s more, their snipers are afraid of it and it’s not good to restrict them. If we want to restrict him, we can rely on the meteor to kill him first, but it’s not easy for the meteor to be killed first by the other side."
"You’re right to kill the two new gunners, so you can have an advantage in numbers and play less, and you won’t fall off the wind." Big honey nodded and said that Ye Qing’s thinking has always been very clear, and he saw the flaw of the hs team at a glance, even if Big Honey didn’t discuss tactics, he could think of ways to deal with the hs team himself.
When Nalan couldn’t get a word in his mouth, he turned his video very loud and protested, "Can you two stop talking about the game when you’re all home from work? I can’t hear the sound clearly, or I’ll go back first and it won’t hinder you from talking about things?"
Leaf quickly apologize tunnel "I’m sorry I was wrong! Forgive me for my poor greeting! Don’t talk about the game, watch it. "
As soon as his voice fell off, his cell phone rang. He took it out and looked at it. Suddenly, his soul was scared. Su Yanbing called. He hurried up and went to the window to pick it up and asked, "Is Yan Bingban?"
"Yes, I just had something to eat in the shop. Would it be welcome to come to your place now?" Su Yan Bing Yin tired tunnel Ye Qing smell speech suddenly forehead sweat at that time didn’t know what excuse to refuse to dialogue fell silent.
Su Yanbing frowned strangely, and the words seemed to be as quiet as if they had been disconnected. She couldn’t help asking, "Ye Qing, are you still listening?" Is there no signal? "
Ye Qing smell speech quickly pretend no signal intermittent tunnel "yes … yes, no … letter … signal is bad, you wait … wait for me to go to the window" Then he pretended to take a few steps and then went back to the window to see big honey and he laughed.
"Well, the signal is better now. Didn’t you hear it clearly?" Ye Qing asked Su Yanbing quickly, "Well, I can hear you clearly. Now I’m coming directly to you. I’m already on my way." Ye Qing heard more anxious and flustered. "Wait a minute. Actually, I’m not at home now."
"Not at home? Then where are you? " Su Yanbing asked curiously that he was still not at home at this time. Ye Qing scratched his head and said, "I … I’m at the second child’s house. His father took him back. I’m talking to his father now. I hope I can let him out, otherwise our team competition will not be able to play."
Ye Qing said and breathed a sigh of relief. He finally found a more reasonable reason. He has a little ability to make up lies by himself. Su Yanbing really believes it. "Is his father fierce?" When you speak, you must be gentle and don’t be too radical. If you can persuade, you can persuade, but if you can’t, forget it. After all, it’s a family matter. "
"Well, I see. I’m sorry. Why don’t you go home first? Why don’t I call you later when I get back or I’ll come to you?" Ye Qing thought that when Da Mi and Na Lan left later, they could meet Su Yanbing. I haven’t seen them all day today, and I really miss them. After all, it was the period of love when they just started dating.
Su Yanbing wanted to think, "how long will you be back? It’s too late, even if you have to go to the game, I still have to shop. If you come back early, you can come to me, but in other words, there is no need. I’ll come to you again sometime. "
"There’s no need to miss you all day today. If I’m not allowed to see you-I don’t think I can sleep tonight, it will affect the game!" Ye Qing stubbornly tunnel Su Yanbing giggled and said, "Well, call me when you come back."
"OK, wait for my words!" Ye Qing hangs up and then walks to the sofa and looks at Da Mi and Na Lan. "Two beautiful women, it’s getting late. Go back and rest early."
Dami and Nalan looked at each other and said, "Why are you driving us away?"
Ye Qing smiled awkwardly. "It’s not me. It’s getting late, isn’t it? Aren’t you sleepy yet? There’s a game early, and the big boss has to lead his disciples to watch the game. It’s good for you not to watch the game behind closed doors alone, you know? "
"It’s all excuses! It seems that some people don’t want us to stay here and get in the way. Let’s go back! " Big honey got up and nodded to Nalandao Nalandao. Some sour tunnels said, "Master, just say why you want to date and make excuses."
Ye Qing’s face turned red and he was very embarrassed. He scratched his head and said, "I’m sorry, I’m sorry, two beautiful women understand and invite you to dinner another day to make amends, ok?"
Big honey and he both snorted and then walked to the door with Ye Qing, saying, "Come and sit again another day."
"If you don’t come, you will be driven away!" Big honey angrily tunnel
"I told you, I’m not kicking you out. Why don’t you sit down?" Ye Qing said and looked nervously at Big Honey and immediately laughed. "Well, I’ll sit down for a while and you can pour me a glass of water."
"Do you really want to sit down for a while?" Ye Qing’s authentic honey shook her head in disdain. "Nalan, do you see how fake your master is? Just now, I said that we should sit down. I said that I would sit down and asked me what I was about to sit down!"
He nodded suddenly. "It’s just too fake!"
"Two big beauty don’t fool me, ok? I don’t mind if you really want to sit down! " Leaves the bitter face way
"Well, let’s sit down for a while." Big honey blinked at him, and then they went back to the living room together and sat on the sofa again. Ye Qing suddenly smiled bitterly. The two men put it just to play him, and he was not good at driving people away.
Da Mi and Na Lan couldn’t help laughing when they saw Ye Qing’s sad face. Then they slapped Da Mi and said, "Let’s go or your master will cry!"
"Ha ha, let’s go." He laughed and walked decisively with Big Honey. Ye Qing breathed a sigh of relief and thought, when did these two people become so tacit? He immediately took out his mobile phone and called Su Yanbing when he saw that Da Mi and Na Lan had gone away at the window.
He said that his horse would come back and go directly to her house. Su Yanbing agreed, so Ye Qing hung up and changed his clothes. He combed his hair and checked it in front of a mirror until he was very satisfied with his image.
When he reached Su Yanbing’s door, he rang the doorbell. Su Yanbing knocked on the door and saw that he immediately gave a gentle smile. Ye Qing saw that she was wearing pink pajamas and her hair was clipped, which made her look beautiful, but her heart suddenly became very excited. This beauty is his girlfriend. What a sense of accomplishment.
"Why don’t you come in?" Su Yanbing saw Ye Qing’s eyes staring straight at her and couldn’t help asking Ye Qing to return to absolute being and immediately went in. Then Su Yanbing picked up a cup and poured him a glass of water, and then put a fruit bowl on the coffee table. The fruit bowl was packed neatly and cut into apples. Su Yanbing said to Ye Qing, "Eat some fruit to help digest."
"Mm-hmm." Ye leaned on the sofa and sat down. Then a toothpick picked an apple and put it in his mouth and took a bite. It felt very crisp and sweet. I couldn’t help but feel that Su Yanbing’s life was really high and not as chaotic as his.
Su Yanbing also sat down next to him and asked, "How did you talk about that matter? Will his father let him come back to play the game?" Ye Qing, of course, knows what she asked. It is expected that Dong Laoer’s father will call him back this time. It should really be his mother’s birthday celebration. It is estimated that he can put it back the next day, so he is sure that the tunnel "settled the second father is actually very accommodating. He promised to let the second father do what he likes, and he will not interfere again."
"That’s great, then you can devote yourself to the competition and try to win more championships!" Su Yanbing smiled and said, Ye Qing nodded, and said firmly, "I’m going to win the championship in this competition, and no one can stop me!"
Chapter 14 or perfect wall
Su Yanbing’s lighting is very dreamy. There are many colors, and it can be controlled by remote control to change brightness and color. Su Yanbing turned the lighting a little dark. She likes to chat in this atmosphere. Ye Qing chatted and yawned. Su Yanbing quickly said, "Sleepy here tonight."
Dong Laoer is not at home anyway, and it’s meaningless to go back. Besides, Ye Qing has lived in Su Yan Binggu several times. It can be said that he is quite familiar with it and won’t be shy. He immediately said, "Good."
"Then I’ll get your pajamas. Do you want to take a shower?" Su Yanbing got up and asked Ye Qing to shake his head. "No, I just washed it yesterday. It’s a little cold and I don’t exercise, so I can wash it every two days."
"Well, then you wait for me to get my pajamas." Su Yanbing went into the room and took a set of men’s pajamas. Ye Qing took it and found that it was not the first time to wear that set, but a new one. He asked curiously, "Who is this pajamas?"
Su Yanbing smiled and said, "It’s you. I threw away all the previous ones. I don’t think you want to wear those sets either. It’s me and you buy them."
Ye Qing was deeply moved by the smell speech. "Thank you, Yan Bing, it’s very thoughtful of you." Su Yanbing was really sweet to know that he might stay for the night occasionally, and he prepared pajamas for him and bought two pairs of slippers.
Su Yanbing pushed him into the guest room. "Isn’t it very touching? Let’s change clothes first. "After that, she went out and changed her pajamas quickly, then went out of the room and said to Su Yanbing," Where shall I sleep tonight? "
Su Yanbing paused and then laughed. "Which side do you want to sleep? Of course, it is still a guest room. Do you still want to sleep with me? "
"Uh-huh! Of course I want to. "Leaf honestly nods.
"No, it’s impossible to hope you can respect me before you get married!" Su Yanbing expression became very serious.
"But before you and that guy …" Ye Qing words haven’t finished Su Yanbing service road "no! Although he lives here, we don’t live in the same room. He had that idea, but I rejected it. Maybe that’s why he chose to break up in the first place. If you can bear it, please tell me earlier. "
"No, I can accept that I respect your decision!" Ye Qing quickly expressed his position, and at the same time he was very happy because he had been doing everything with Su Yanbing and the actor, but now he knows that Su Yanbing is still an innocent girl, which doesn’t make him happy.
"Thank you" Su Yanbing looked at Ye Qing and smiled seriously. "I think I should thank you for leaving me the best."
"That’s not necessarily the case. Now we’re just new. Maybe it’s someone else who will accompany me to the end?"
"Impossible! The person who will accompany you to the end must be me. I like you deeply. If I won’t leave you, "Ye Qing was a little excited and tunnel.
"I believe what you say, but aren’t emotional things unilateral?" Su Yanbing and bowed their heads to Ye Qing smell speech immediately in the mind a pain busy way "you mean you might not like me, right? I don’t know what kind of man you like, but I will try my best to be a man that you like. "
"Ye Qing, I don’t want to ruin the atmosphere, but I must tell you the truth. In fact, I’m still not sure whether my feelings for you are love or anything else, or I can’t tell them clearly because I’m moved. One thing is certain, I have some dependence on you, and I will always think of you first when I meet something." Su Yanbing is a little tangled tunnel.
"If you can think of me, just say that you have something in your heart. This is love, not anything else. Believe me, we will come to the end, and everything will be very beautiful." Ye Qingyue said that he was more excited, and he felt a strong sense of crisis. He was afraid of losing Su Yanbing. If he never got it, he would not be lost. Now he has caught up with Su Yanbing. If he fails to grasp it in the end, he will feel very sorry and very lost.
"Maybe, I also want to believe that it’s getting late. Go to bed when you’ve finished washing. I’ll go to bed first and wish you a sweet dream." Su Yanbing smiled and then turned into her room and opened the door.
Ye Qing looked at Su Yanbing’s door. Su Yanbing’s words made him feel very scared. He had a bad feeling that Su Yanbing would eventually leave him from his life. He was afraid. He didn’t know what he should do to keep Su Yanbing by his side.
"Don’t think about it. Maybe she’s just a little tangled up for a while. When we get together for a long time, she will definitely have a strong feeling for you. Then she will never leave the old saying," Ye Qing comforted herself in her heart. At this thought, he was in a better mood. It is true that feelings can be accumulated when they are established. When two people are together for a long time, they are unwilling to separate who is divorced and who will live unaccustomed.
Ye Qing entered the room after washing, lay in bed, and fell asleep thinking about the woman he loved next door. He got down to earth and then closed his eyes to sleep. That night, he slept soundly and didn’t think about it again.
Su Yanbing made breakfast the next morning. When he came out of the room, Su Yanbing greeted him with a smile, poured him a glass of milk and said to him, "I’m going to the store. You ate breakfast, put the bowls, plates and quilts in the kitchen, and then do whatever you have to do. Be good!"
Ye Qing pointed to his lips and said, "Don’t you want to kiss goodbye?" Su Yanbing revealed a smile and then touched his hand on his lips and put his hand on Ye Qing’s mouth. "Is that all right? Ok, I walked first. "
Looking at Su Yanbing floating away and licking her lips, although she didn’t kiss Su Yanbing’s mouth, she could still feel the fragrance from Su Yanbing’s palm. She must have put on some hand cream.
After breakfast, Ye Qing walked to the club building alone. He just arrived for a while and saw a BMW 5 parked on the side of the road very domineering. Then the door hit Dong Laoer and he jumped smartly towards Ye Qing. "Boss, my car is back!" It’s so hard for us to go home and not walk, and with this car, you can pick up your goddess class. It’s absolutely a powerful weapon! "