There are also some who seem to have some fame. They like to greet men and women. I don’t know them, so I nod my head again and again. Anyway, fame has broken out and got a number one in the awakened world

I’m almost done.
Shota, who hasn’t said anything, suddenly said, "Boss, you have to distinguish between good and bad people. I haven’t been an awakened person for a long time, but I heard that the Nangong guild is not so good. The owner of that mountain fan is also an old hand. I can’t believe it."
I rubbed his head and said, "No, you said that I also know that there is still a boss. I am broken by my English and SHEN WOO. Do you want to hang out with me?"
He wanted to nod but shook his head again. "Forget it. You should fix the Qingcheng School first. There is a reason why those people can’t be arrogant."
Zhu Yeqing also said, "Yes, I was almost carried away by victory. I have to keep an eye on this. This is not bad. After I became famous, I mixed up in the awakened world, but I can’t have such an enemy."
Ning Xi also said, "This time, if they lose their adults, they will definitely retaliate."
I smiled and said, "Don’t worry, I’ll find a way to block the water."
Behind them is the Qingcheng Sect, and behind me is the background system that unifies the whole game.
The background is not thicker than theirs, compared with mine.
I’m the only fucking one. I don’t believe it. I’m afraid. They just say to everyone, "I have a successor. Don’t worry."
Lin Weiwei, Zhu Yeqing know that I am different but also believe in a few minutes and nodded.
Ning Xi is a face of worry.
Pang Bo and Youxi didn’t think much of a simple and honest man, and a young man said there, "Brother Xiaofan, after you were so awesome just now, you will definitely become a role like Jiu Jianxian."
"That’s right. Ouba is amazing."
Ha ha laugh nonstop.
And the tournament has come to an end, and everyone is looking for a place to rest. Although they are still talking about me and making me famous, they have to prepare the vice quickly.
I said, "Even if things come to an end, let’s not think about it. Let’s find a place to have a rest."
Lean back with us, find a place to sit directly on the floor, and now the Qingcheng Sect will not start work because of the face.
Zhu Yeqing said, "Deputy, there will be more than an hour before everyone will have a quick rest, especially if Xiaofan returns to the winning state. There should be no problem when Pang Bo and I help you. You and Ning Xi and You Xi will have to be careful when you miss your face outside, which will attract attention."
Lin Weiwei laughed. "Just now, Xiao Fan’s move was too fierce. Instead of abandoning me, no one will play our idea casually. Except for the Qingcheng School, most of the Qingcheng School people will enter the station. We are not in danger outside, mainly because you have to be careful."
Ning Xi also said, "Yes, let’s not make any mistakes just now."
I drank a few bottles of physical recovery potion there and got better. "Don’t worry, I have a bottom, but the fire fell and we didn’t kill the enemy very much. If you don’t allocate it together, can you handle it yourself?"
Fire pendant holds its own wand and laughs. "I’m kidding. I’m an awakened one from generation to generation. Of course I have no problem with this little thing."
We have seen his ability for a few times, so let’s try to get it together. In this case, we will be better prepared and say, "Then have a good rest."
Tian Yue’s hanging high is almost midnight, and the thin film is still wrapped here, making people wonder what will happen in a second.
The whole Qing Dongling Mausoleum was quiet, and most people rested and prepared for the incident just now, and it passed quickly when talking about capital.
When it’s time to move slowly, all the awakened people will get up with weapons and involuntarily lean back and hide from the main court.
There will be changes there.
Our party also acted immediately.
Everyone also looked serious and rested. When they came back, it was time to be formal and gave a notice directly.
"Regional deputy zombie imperial city twelve trunk a Qing underground vice players have arrived at the official rev on time.
Show that all players who arrive or get this player in the unified screening must go deep into the underground to complete it at this time.
The second deputy belongs to the A+level, and the difficulty is unknown. Players who belong to the zombie imperial city backbone must be careful. "
According to the evaluation of players’ ability, the third deputy will assign players to different underground palaces. After verification, they belong to the bronze level and enter the Qianlong Yuling Underground Palace. "
As soon as the assignment comes.
When it officially started, I was going to ask them what underground palace they entered, but the ground shook and changed almost instantaneously.
The most frightening thing is not that the ground collapses and the entrance to the underground palace appears as we entered the second stage for the first time.
It’s black water coming out of the ground. Yes, it’s water rolling in. It’s like entering the sea. It’s silly.
"What is this? Where can I get water in the mountains of Dongling?"
Instability is like a large earthquake drifting in the sea, where people usually say, "It’s a sign that the underground river will be hidden for a while."
We just calmed down a little and immediately controlled it hand in hand, showing us that the second stage is bound to be extremely dangerous.
Chapter 66 Underground River
There are several large pits on the ground of the Qing Dongling, and there is no difference. Black water from the pit is shining, and it seems that black water is very scary and rolling in.
At this time, we can hold hands and retreat to the more peripheral places, and we will see a huge pit in the middle. The black water rolls out like someone controls it and involves the whole Qing Dongling.
"This is an underground river? This is the dark sea, and there is too much water. "
There seems to be a hidden river in the mausoleum, but it is still scary like this, which still makes us very ignorant and inexperienced.
I quickly asked, "I’m going to work in Longyuling. What about you? Tell me this is the most important thing. Don’t be busy for a long time before you can get together. It’s much easier to get together."
The fire pendant spoke first. "I am Yuling and I am Yuling."
It’s a pleasant surprise to see Pang Bo and Zhu Yeqing again.
Zhu Yeqing immediately said, "That’s right, I’m also Yuling Ganlong Yuling Point, where what we did was not certified for nothing. We are together."
So did Pang Bo, nodding, "It’s all the same. We’re all the same."
It’s not in vain.