Tao Ge in Zhang Yun’s mouth is Ling Tao Cheng Meng, and one of them is his guidance, although she is a nobody in it.

"When will the film directed by Ling Tao be filmed?"
"I don’t know yet. It’s in the preparation period. I’m sure I’ll join cousin Hongan then."
"Didn’t I promise Ling Wangyu a music variety show? I may not be able to pick up the video."
Zhang Yun looked up at Cheng Meng and quickly swallowed something in his mouth and said, "Don’t let Ling write a script. She hasn’t been to the crew for a week. I haven’t contacted her. Is something wrong?"
Cheng Mengmei flashed a little consternation and turned to look at Fu Junfeng. "What happened to Ling’s family recently?"
Fu Junfeng shook his head. "Ling’s family doesn’t know, but grandma Jingwu is in the hospital. It’s probably related to this matter."
Isn’t grandma Jingwu Ling Wangyu’s great aunt?
"Then is her music program going to be ruined?" Zhang Yun looked at Cheng Meng. Of course, she hoped that Cheng Meng would shoot photography and TV dramas. After all, she is an actress. If she spends too much time in variety shows, it will confuse the audience.
"Who knows that little girl said that wind is rain" Cheng Mengnai shook his head.
Jing Yu has been listening. In the past, I was able to get closer to Cheng Meng through this music program, but now the music program seems to have no landing.
The eyebrows Cu Cu well in advance covered the fundus with a dim.
Zhang Yun and Cheng Meng chatted casually. Zhang Yun suddenly thought that Jing Yu would have a concert soon. He looked up at Jing Yu and asked, "What date will Ah Yu give a concert this month?"
Well looks up at Zhang Yun "not this month, but on New Year’s Day"
"On New Year’s Day, the crew had a holiday and got us some vip audience tickets. We all went to pay tribute." Ouyang Jing heard the conversation here and leaned over his head. Although he didn’t like the well advance, he was still very happy to let Fu Junfeng get beaten by the well advance.
Sure enough, Ouyang Jing’s words fell, and Fu Junfeng’s sharp eyes fell. "Mengmeng hasn’t had time recently, let alone go to the concert."
Fu Junfeng words fell in the room and there was a moment of embarrassment. Cheng Meng secretly pinched Fu Junfeng’s arm on the desktop.
Fu Junfeng looked up at Cheng Meng’s face and finally softened some and asked, "Right, Mengmeng, our family went out to play together."
Looking at Fu Junfeng, Cheng Meng, the corners of his mouth are sobbed, and looking at the well in advance is a bit embarrassing. "I really don’t have time to go to the United States to see Ah Yi on New Year’s Day."
Cheng Meng’s words fell into the well and his eyes looked stunned for a moment.
It turns out that it is necessary to see him on New Year’s Day. Is he happy or sad? He is in front of Cheng Meng.
"No, if you all have your own things, you’re busy going to my concert by yourself, and it’s not the only one."
Zhao Xiuer, who was sitting next to him, chewed something in her mouth and suddenly felt tasteless. It was because of Cheng Meng’s sentence that she would go to see Ah Yi on New Year’s Day.
Ouyang mirror looked at a few people and left the pie mouth to eat in front of you.
"Cheng Meng when are you going to announce you and the fu always? Now the masses don’t know that Fu Junfeng is hiding a beautiful person, but who is it? "
Zhang Yunxiao looked at Cheng Meng and Fu Junfeng. At that time, she didn’t like Cheng Meng and Fu Junfeng either. After all, the gap between them was just for fun. After such a long time, she found that Fu Junfeng’s feelings for Cheng Meng were quite serious, and Hongan also said that the two had long been married.
Cheng Meng and Fu Junfeng have a meal. Cheng Meng’s mouth is sobbed and said, "It’s not time. I think it’s fine now. If it’s published, it’ll be more trouble."
Fu junfeng aside is frowning frown didn’t speak, but the eyebrow eye is flashed a dark.
He can’t wait to announce to the world that Cheng Meng is his wife at any time.
"I don’t think it can be hidden for long. I think it will be a lot of inconvenience for you to perform after you and Fu Zong are really published."
Zhang Yun finally said this sentence to Cheng Meng’s heart, and Cheng Meng instantly hit the box. "It’s not that I let others know that I was an actor or a film-winning Cheng Meng instead of Mrs. Fu. The title of Mrs. Cheng Mengfu is really too heavy. I don’t think I can afford it in the eyes of outsiders. Do you think so, Zhang Dao?"
"How come you can’t afford acting? It’s even more expensive to have acting skills, but how can you not deserve it? But before I got to know you thoroughly, I actually didn’t feel worthy, hahaha."
Listening to Zhang Yun’s words, Cheng Meng couldn’t help laughing. "Ha ha, I heard someone call me Mrs. Fu, and my little heart trembled. Perhaps this title came to me too easily. People just didn’t pay attention to things that were too easy to get. When I first married Fu Junfeng, I hated being called my wife."
Cheng Meng and Zhang Yun said that their voices were very small here. Others saw Cheng Meng and Zhang Yunxi talking and laughing and didn’t know what to say, but Fu Junfeng sitting next to Cheng Meng was more or less audible.
"When will you and Fu always get married? I think little lin xi is three years old. "
"Yes, Fu Junfeng and I have been married for four years. The wedding anniversary is my son’s birthday."
"It’s no wonder that you’re married." Zhang Yun was envious of this perfect match.
"What is this fate? I was not happy to get married with him at that time. Of course, he is very puzzled. I was a little late the day we got the marriage certificate, and he lost his temper with me. How much do you think this person is?"
Cheng Meng although vomit a but corners of the mouth can not help but bring a smile now rings and Fu Junfeng before things have a sweet feeling.
Can hear Fu Junfeng hexagrams Zhang Yun, of course, to the interest carefully looked up at Fu Junfeng and Cheng Meng chatted about hexagrams.
A meal soon ended. Cheng Meng came to leave Fu Junfeng, but Ouyang Jing and Zhao Xiuer said that they would take Cheng Meng to the clubhouse to play.
After all, she didn’t know if she would have a chance with them after the scene was finished. Cheng Meng nodded and agreed to come. Fu Junfeng didn’t like noisy environment, but he didn’t say anything when he saw Cheng Meng promise.
When I came to the clubhouse, Zhang Yun specially arranged a quiet room, but Ouyang Jingxiang walked into the room like a child, so he dragged Jing Qian to karaoke with him and a singer. Of course, his score was not as good as Jing Qian’s every time. After another round of 50-90 scores, he was aroused with anger.
"No, I can’t believe I can’t beat you today!"
Words fall Ouyang mirror directly came to this side. Before Cheng Meng responded, he pulled up Cheng Meng and went over.
Fu Junfeng frowned just as he got up and brought Cheng Meng back. Sitting there, Zhang Yun handed me a bottle of drink and said, "Fu is always nervous about Cheng Meng, but it is necessary to hold it too tightly, and Cheng Meng can’t breathe."