This demonized wolf actually looked at all the people around him and went straight for two female players. After killing two female players, it was Qiqi who surrounded the dazzling fifty-level players.

It is estimated that no one will believe them if they act on their own.
"Who is manipulating this demonized wolf?"
"Well, their actions are very orderly, and the attack is also the first to attack and kill two priests and then besiege high-level players together. This is all planned."
"The summoning thing of lying in the trough is awesome. Who is it?"
"I haven’t seen how far it is to control the summoner nearby ….."
"Hidden career? Summon the demonized wolf? "
"I don’t know, maybe"
Hiding far behind the trees, Nie Shuang certainly didn’t know that he had become a topical figure. Not only did he want to know his position, but even the players around him wanted to know exactly how a summoner could manipulate other summoners to summon demonized wolves.
But so far, no one has linked Caroline with the summoner now. After all, how can a player summon a humanoid np? I’ve never heard of this one!
Now it seems that the level 50 team is too arrogant and has too many enemies …
Nie Shuang naturally doesn’t know what other players think, but he’s not going to stop now. He’s going to die. He has to die with autumn, and Nie Shuang won’t let them have the possibility of resurrection-
He wants to keep the body!
"Bridget stopped being direct!" Light drink 1 nie two-way Bridget directly ordered her to let all demonized wolves attack.
"It’s the king!"
Bridget whispered that she could see the faint excitement in Wang Meiyu-Wang was very happy about things now.
The demonized wolves are among the players in all directions. The wolf pupil pours out fierce light and stares at the falling flocks with autumn. They are waiting for the final command-
Suddenly all the demonized wolves received a sound from the bottom of their hearts that could be killed! !
In an instant, twenty horses stood still and demonized the wolf. Suddenly, the wolf’s claws rushed up at a high speed. The wolf’s claws pierced Delia like blades, and some wet soil cut off the grass roots, threw them into the wind and danced, and then ruthlessly culled them into the falling floc with autumn …
Falling catkins with autumn can’t face so many demonized wolves. He can retreat and die faster! Turn around and run back—
At present, a large number of players are looking at this side motionless.
A bunch of idiots!
Falling catkins with autumn at this time, my mood is so bad that I was killed even if I was killed, but I was still killed by you! It doesn’t matter if you don’t see him killed. It’s all lost when you’re killed in public!
Idiots, what are you looking at? Get out! !
The resentment in my heart falls with the autumn, but I really don’t have the strength and energy to scold the low-level players around me-it’s better to run! If this demonized wolf will attack the people around him, he’d like to take this group of wolves with him and kill the people around him. It’s cool if you don’t see it then! That way …
Falling catkins turned to be excited with the sudden flash of light in autumn’s heart, and smoked directly in the nearby channel-
[The nearby floc kills me with the autumn, demonizes the wild wolf, and 5 gold coins are traded directly with screenshots of the battle channel! ! ! !
A ripple
After all, wild wolves are wild monsters, no matter how many they are, and players are all around them. He can easily destroy these 20 demonized wild wolves with the help of other people.
Although it costs some gold coins.
Just don’t die.
After he brushed the news of nearby channels several times, the players around him finally aimed their weapons at the demonized wolves and attacked them …
In order to encourage the surrounding players to join the Luoxu, they quickly traded a gold coin. When the Jin Shanshan gold coin was handed over, the surrounding players also broke out-
Five gold coins. Don’t be too cool! !
Nie Shuang looked at it from a distance, which made him the last thing he wanted to see-other players joined the ranks of clearing the demonized wolves. Although there was no loss to Nie Shuang, it was suspected that he had to kill the flocks with the autumn thoughts.
But to make Nie Shuang’s surprise-the destruction of love actually stood up directly! This is not saved by the resurrection skill of the holy priest, but directly resurrected by the experience.
What is this guy thinking?
No matter if Nie Shuang or not, he will not give up this ambush and kill the demonized wolf. Without Caroline, he will be found in the past.
Just go there in person …
"How do you get up? What should I do if I lose experience? " Falling catkins with autumn looked at the destruction beside him. He didn’t understand what the destruction was thinking.
"Mom dropped my shadow compass when she saw that you weren’t happy. If you don’t find him, why does he always play like this when we can’t kill him?" Love destroyed mercilessly, then touched it in the backpack and took out a black compass.
Shadow compass can only die if it is resurrected, so that the eye can’t see it and always hide in the dark to carry out furtive attacks, which really destroys the feelings. It’s a little impatient-wouldn’t it be nice if he summoned something no matter how powerful it was to kill him?
It was only because he didn’t notice the woman’s appearance that he accidentally got killed. Now be careful. The woman was so conspicuous and dressed, and there would be no problem if she had discovered it early. Besides, with so many players around, it is impossible for him to demonize the wolf.
Before-don’t you see or don’t hide like a mouse …
Love destruction fiddles with the shadow compass to bring up the option. After entering a player’s name, you can’t see it and then choose "Search"!
[Tong is searching for players [Please wait a moment if you don’t see the coordinate position …]
The horse will be ready when the search takes a few seconds.
"In a good mood? Don’t you see it there? Mom is angry with me. Find me and kill him immediately! " Flocculation with autumn gnashing said
"Wait … the horse is out. The coordinates are out. Let me look at the position …" Love destruction said, and carefully searched for the coordinates according to the shadow compass number and then compared with the map of Ska.
"Ah, yes!" Love destruction joy let out a cry
"Where is it? !” Falling catkins with autumn has been forced to wait.