"I am Ziling"

"It turned out to be four young ladies," the headmaster said nervously.
"What class are we in? "Ling said, her hands akimbo.
The headmaster of "Four Ladies in Class A" is sweating.
"Oh," Ling said with a sly smile.
"Let’s go, don’t argue with him," Xin urged.
"This time, if it weren’t for Xin, you would die." Ling said reluctantly and turned to go.
"Yes, yes". The headmaster is going to panic.
"Let’s go," Ling said unwillingly and walked out of the principals.
~ I’ve been busy recently, but I’ll still write that Fluttershy Butterfly likes you. I hope you like me. Chapter 5: Class A, Gao ().
~ touching the classroom door and being kicked by Xin beautifully ~
"Four new students asked them to introduce themselves today."
"Ziling hopes everyone will take more photos."
"Yan Leng Xin"
"Take more photos of Lanxue."
"Yun Hanxuan hopes that we can become good friends."
"The four students find their own places to sit."
"why can they sit next to sishao?" anthomaniac a
"Even our four princesses can’t rely on what they can do" anthomaniac B.
~ I touched the classroom door and got kicked beautifully. This time it was a shadow ~
"four kings, I love you" anthomaniac ab
"Shut up" (this is a shadow)
"Who are you and why are you sitting next to us? "Yu asked.
"calcium deficiency"
"You, you, you" Yu Qi was speechless.
"What are you? You and I are fine." Xin said and thought that the man was sick.
"Forget it, Yu" Chen said.
"You learn from others" Xin said.
"You wait" Yu said angrily.
"I’m waiting to be with you at any time," Xin said with a flirt tone.
"Forget it, Yu" Yi said