He is afraid to see her face like this.

Her outline is gentle, but her expression makes him feel freezing.
Yeah, he was abandoned. Completely abandoned.
"Hao son, do you like him too?" Ziyun ao suddenly asked Hao Er.
Hao son all froze? Like it?
Do you like it? She doesn’t know, but she certainly doesn’t hate it at all …
"If you like, if you want to stay, stay. After all, it is a pity to give up the realm of eating heaven. Besides, there is nothing wrong with you staying here."
"But … you all have to go …" Hao son looked at everyone in horror. She didn’t want to share with you!
Fluorescent squid’s mood suddenly fell into a trough. Is that her answer?
He knows that he is not good enough for her, and he always doesn’t understand what she thinks and wants, which may not bring her happiness at all!
He should know himself!
It seems that she doesn’t want to stay or go with him.
In that case … So be it!
"I don’t think it’s a pity," said the fluorescent squid mouth. "She has people she wants to go back to, but I want to go where she is. I know that you came to me to give me poison. How about you let me follow Hao?"
Everyone looked at the fluorescent squid in surprise. I didn’t expect him to exchange his poison, but he should know the consequences of forcibly spitting it out!
The fluorescent squid spits out the poison before they can react. No one except Hao Er knows that he spits out the poison by himself, which is to destroy his own heaven-eating realm as well as himself! !
Ziyun proudly thought about what decision this was! ? Deal? Will it hurt him to make a deal with his life and bet on Hao Er? What an idiot!
The emperor’s landing immediately said, "Hao Er, hold him quickly. He will die if he vomits poison."
Hao Er was stunned. "What happened to you, big octopus? What happened to you?"
He’s so weak, and he’s turned into a light dust again. He rarely turns into a teenager when they get close to each other.
This makes her throb and her heart like a knife!
Is it because she decided to bother him that she would be so desperate to destroy himself? She just doesn’t want him to regret it. What’s more regrettable in the end?
Hao Er also became a beautiful woman at this time.
It’s as if they are hugging each other like a couple.
How poetic, but it tore her heart
His lips are still spitting black blood, but his lips are smiling, as if he had sacrificed and made her remember his sex, as if she had sex in her arms when she died like this.
"Hao son promised me not to go anywhere, ok? Chapter 785 She won’t forget him!
Hao son heard his voice and felt his heart tremble. "Why are you so silly, big octopus …"
Hao’s crying makes people feel more proud than suppressing Ziyun. I want to tell Hao that although he eats the sky and destroys it, he may not die, but her footsteps are stopped by Huang Junyi-
Huang Junyi shook her head and motioned for her not to intervene first.
Ziyun proudly stopped and understood the intention of Huang Junyi.
It seems that Hao Er is interested in him, but she doesn’t know it. Maybe this will make her white-hearted, and it may not be a choice, but it will still be her own hands.
There are few people who can give their lives like this, so it’s still worth her consideration.
Jueqingchen looked at Haoer and said softly, "Haoer, you know, I liked it the first time I saw you, but I didn’t even have the courage to talk to you. Now I’m dying, and I can finally say it. I send you flowers every day just to propose to you. I think if you see a flower, your mood will get better. I’ll propose to you, but I’ve been looking for it for so long. It seems that there is no one you like. Sorry, I always do things you don’t like to make you unhappy .."
It was the first time that he said so many words at once in front of her, as if all those who were afraid to say and couldn’t say would not be hidden again.
Because he was so afraid of losing her and never seeing her again.
If so, he would rather let her remember her last moment forever!
She won’t forget him!
Haoer cried even more when she heard it. She remembered that every time he gave her flowers, he seemed to want to see her heart expression, but she never gave her a sincere smile, as if he could not make her happy no matter how much he did.
I also resent him for folding so many flowers that they feel pain.
But it should be him who hurts more. I don’t know anything. It should be myself!
What? She couldn’t read his thoughts earlier! What kind of mood does he have to send her flowers every day and look at her naively, unhappy and depressed, and continue to look for a flower
It was he who gave her all kinds of flowers, which never repeated, as if he wanted to give her all the most beautiful flowers in the world and find one that could amuse her.
She’s such an idiot, idiot, idiot!
Hao son thought of here and cried and said, "Fool … I’m not unhappy, I am …" I don’t want you to be so kind to me because I can’t give you anything.
But now I remember, I know who I am, and I know where the voice that kept calling me in that dream came from.
I’m afraid that someone I once liked will fail you.
But now I am sure that I can like you and you can like me!
But why are you doing this …
Who can protect me when you leave? Who can pick flowers every day?