A man threw a light at Lu Tianyou and saw a monster hidden in the dark, but there was only one figure behind him. Although it was dangerous, Lu Tianyou reached the pursuit order at the first time and he rushed at it regardless.

Because this may be a clue to understand this dungeon.
"I was attacked by a monster." Lu Tianyou quickly stopped talking after saying that, and soon asked them for similar news! ! !
"It’s a desert cave man, but a mutant."
A dried-up corpse read the enemy’s information after forgetting the dust.
A variant of "Desert Cave Man"
The spiritual realm of repairing the earth is the most important.
Strength is unstoppable.
The defense is indestructible.
[People who live in desert caves began to mutate long ago, but the reasons for the mutation not only made the kind and gentle cave people become violent, bloodthirsty and murderous]
Generally, people in desert caves like to live in groups.
"Be careful, everyone. There may be more than one caveman."
"Ah", the voice of forgetting dust just fell, and suddenly he heard the snow falling, and he was cold and sweaty. You know, forgetting dust has been in his circle. Once he entered here, even ants can feel it, but when he turned around, the snow fell and disappeared! ! !
"circle! !”
Life potential, the release of power, the sudden launch of dust-forgetting tracking, and the horror that the snow fell was actually brought into a layer by a caveman! How did you do it? You know, there are huge bricks more than ten meters thick here.
However, it’s wishful thinking to forget the dust and let cave people steal the snow under their eyelids! !
"Fifty punches!"
"One hundred punches!"
"Life potential explosion! !”
"Three hundred heavy pulse boxing! ! !”
Forget the dust is a make a determined effort to make a punch to the whole ground instantaneous crack. This layer of channel collapsed unexpectedly, and forget the dust also ran as fast as possible. The cave man left with the snow and instantly killed him.
But when forgetting the dust and preparing for rescue, the caveman disappeared with the snow, and once again felt that it was another passage separated by more than ten meters!
"Damn these guys don’t teleport! !” Forget the dust, get angry, punch like rain, and keep pounding the whole city.
"What’s this sound? But it’s a terrible ability that these guys can disappear instantly, but he will die if he gets close to me, but this feeling is really unpleasant. "Holding a sickle blade shadow at night, he looks unhappy."
"Hey, what happened to you? The cave man just appeared and disappeared." The confused voice came out of the mouth of Don’t ask him.
But forgetting the dust didn’t answer. Even if the whole ancient ruins were destroyed, he would never let the snow fall be taken away by the cave man, which would make the situation worse.
And the other side
Lu Tianyang followed the caveman all the way and suddenly found that he had disappeared. However, he didn’t go on the rampage like they forgot the dust, but stopped where he disappeared. Then suddenly, he brushed his feet a little and disappeared all the way! ! !
This is a wormhole just for one person. When Lu Tianyou realized this, he had already appeared in another passage, which surprised him even more.
He summoned the creatures to continue to track the cave man, and went deep into the secret of the underground world step by step with the pace of the cave man
When he entered the wormhole for the last time, his eyes became particularly clear. Just as he fell into an instantaneous road, Tian You tried to cover his face to prevent himself from sending out any hair.
Because he caught his eye, the picture was shocking! ! !
This is an underground world! !
Chapter two hundred and thirty-three Underground guild wars
Rhythmic footsteps have a gripping feeling, which comes into your eyes and makes way for the sky tour. Your heart is trembling and your expression is full of incredible eyes. It’s not that he has never been to the dead zone.
Just five years ago, he came to the dead zone with his friends, but at the cost of his success in coming back alive, and they also stayed in the dead zone for a full year, which was a non-human life. Even so, he never saw the creatures in front of him, and he didn’t smell them more than the whole desert of death.
Desert cave people forget the dust and come to the information, and their level is not low. However, at this moment, when they look around, they feel that it is not that simple. What if the first level of the soul realm is only the lowest level among them?
Not bad, looking straight at the middle of the road, tianyou felt a strong breath! !
It is different from the peak threat of the soul realm, but it transcends this force. He just stayed in the cave for less than a few seconds, and the other party suddenly turned his head. He quickly bowed his head and his heartbeat continued to accelerate. Just in a moment, his back was cold, and he found himself wet with cold sweat.
Because that cold eyes reminded him of the tragedy that happened five years ago! !
At that time, the total number of their team was more than 100, and they went to the dead zone for adventure. It was precisely because of Lu Tianyou’s team that they belonged to a treasure adventure team. I heard that the dead zone had the opportunity to go to the ancient tomb. After dozens of people died along the way, they finally came to the place where they got the map treasure.
It was a cemetery in the desert of the dead zone, and it was at that time that the tragedy began.
At first, everything went smoothly, but after they gradually went deep into the tomb, strange things happened one after another. They panicked and fled from the tomb, leaving only 20 people, which was the most powerful group of players and the most important partner of the road trip.
When they were about to escape from this cemetery, they encountered the greatest threat, that is, they could not see the enemy but brutally killed more companions one by one, so that others could live and voluntarily chose to sacrifice until they finally escaped.
And he managed to escape to the last road because the cemetery was closed, and he couldn’t see the enemy’s face clearly. He used to hate his cowardice and courage to face the enemy, and until now he has left a shadow in his heart, only those green eyes in the dark.
I just looked at the cave man, and the feeling of horror that I had been chosen by myself once again flooded my mind, and an idea came to my mind. It is 90% possible that this cave man killed all his companions that year.
Up to now, it still hurts to think about the old things in those days! ! !
Clutching his fist, I don’t know when to travel, but I left tears quietly. But he obviously didn’t realize that the danger was close to him. Just when he was in memory, suddenly the three knights around him took action. They had a premonition of the crisis!
When you look up, you can see the picture of the head of the dark knight falling to the ground. For a second, a dark figure appeared on his boulder. Slowly, he turned his head and saw that it was a dark creature standing like a human being, but his limbs were four times stronger than human beings. More than developed muscles were like iron.
The cave man’s face looks like a primitive human ape’s face, but it looks even more disgusting.
But that’s not the point. In this guy’s green eyes, there is no emotional indifference. Suddenly, he made a move, as if he had a hunch that he would die quickly. When Lu Tianyou came to his senses, he actually appeared in the tens of thousands of cave people center, which looked like an altar.