At 1111, the two sides returned to the same starting line.

Nash organized a perfect attack, Gasol caught the base ball comfortably, and then the ball was scored from a medium distance.
Nash sent three pleasing assists in a few minutes, and he was really a good player.
Rondo actually shot outside the three-point line this time. Is he crazy? The projection outside the three-point line has always been his weakness. It can be said that Nash’s defense always makes every attacker feel pressure and self-confidence expand several times, but Rondo scored this goal. God didn’t help Nash. There is no way.
Nash tried to assist Kobe Bryant after dribbling. He deliberately bypassed Pierce from behind Kobe Bryant and saw Nash coming. He must reach out and interfere with Nash’s quick kick. It was also a decisive shot for the god to catch the ball.
Wipe while the iron is hot, and it’s outrageous to return the iron. After the ball hits the neck of the basket, it bounces straight and runs behind the basket.
Howard actually laughed. I don’t know what Kobe’s boss thinks after seeing it. In fact, Warcraft is smiling and the ball is too weird. No matter how good I bounce, I can’t touch the top of the backboard and touch the ball. What do you want from me?
Kobe Bryant is really not the kind of shooter. He is born with the ball, so it is better to give it to Ci Shiping. It seems that it is really difficult for Ke Shen to have a chemical reaction with Nash. It is not that Nash is not well organized or Kobe Bryant is not skilled enough.
Playing in the first quarter also ended the Celtics’ outside shooting ability is not bad, and the shooting is also quite accurate. In fact, the main reason is that the Lakers’ outside defense loopholes are too big; The Lakers can’t defend on the outside, but they attack well, especially because their line strength is too strong, so they also play well
It’s a bit surprising that the Lakers actually fell behind by one point in 293. Such a luxurious array should be a brutal abuse of the green shirts.
If you want to know the funeral, please listen to the breakdown.
Chapter 129 Giants War IV
Chapter 129 Giants War Four Flash
The Lakers are still one point behind, which is really unreasonable. What is even more irritating is that Black Mamba hit the iron several times in the first quarter, which is really killing me.
Flash, with a straight face, he’s going to be angry, and the consequences will be serious
"Defense, defense, we should do a good job in defense? ? ? ? ? ?” Lakers coach brown has the strength to shout
"Steve, take a break." Brown thinks Nash’s defense is the biggest problem. He wants young players to come off the bench. Young players will definitely be very motivated in defense. This is what the Lakers need now. The first quarter is to bully the Lakers’ perimeter without defense
Kobe Bryant controls the pace of the game after Nash’s break.
He faced Pierce’s defensive jump shot outside the three-point line, and this time the ball finally entered Flash’s face with a bright smile.
The Lakers overtook the score in the second quarter.
Pierce got a tit for tat. He received Rondo’s ball and hit Kobe’s two veterans back. Pierce still had a tonnage advantage. Kobe’s defense was a little difficult. Pierce then turned around and took a jump shot. Although he leaned back, it was not as difficult as Kobe’s gorgeous, but it was also very true. He scored 2 points.
3232 The two sides tied.
Kobe Bryant advanced a little fast after receiving the ball in the backcourt. Pierce stepped back again and again, and Kobe Bryant directly killed two divisions, and then directly jumped the ball. Fortunately, Pierce was a little apart from him and the truth was long enough, otherwise his balls would be wasted by the black mamba.
Flash scored two more points. He feels better. Now it’s a Celtic ball.
Rondo still gave the ball to Pierce Pierce and did the same thing, or sat and played with the god Ci Shiping. When the boss saw that it was difficult, he quickly came over to help Pierce give the ball out quickly. When the ball entered the net, he only put the pitching gesture.
In 3435, the Celtics are ahead of Kobe Bryant, and the big country can still score three points, so that he can come over and defend this China boy, Ci Shiping, to fight Pierce.
"You can still throw. It seems that the ba level is not bad enough to that field. You can still exercise a good guy." Kobe said with a smile across from Zhong Daguo.
"Hehe, I’m far from you. The black mamba has always been my idol. I’ve been watching your game since I was a student." Zhong Daguo didn’t want to have bad relations with Flash. He was telling the truth, not flattering.
"Hehe, China fans have always been lovely. I always like them. Did you play well?" Kobe is a very clever guy. Zhong Daguo said a good word about him, and of course he would like to praise the other side.
Ke Shen is going to show off his skills in front of the younger generation. He dribbles with his left hand and keeps making false moves. He is able to make too many false moves with Kobe Bryant. It’s really a bit awkward to meet the first god in the league for the first time. Ke Shen easily broke through the clock country from the left.
The Lakers’ two masters, Optimus Prime, Warcraft and my wife, saw that the boss was going to dunk in the line. Of course, they had to squeeze defenders Fabmelo and Gatt. Flash is not so old, and it is still so gorgeous to dunk with both hands.
Flash scored seven points in a row in the second quarter. He smiled at the audience with charming smiles. He accepted the fans’ worship with open arms.
3635, the score between the two sides is chasing each other, and now the Lakers are in the lead.
Rondo also gave the ball to Pierce Pierce. It was a little hard to hit Ci Shiping on the back, or Pierce didn’t want to be brave. He returned the ball to the outside line. Rondo changed direction several times in a row, and then the left side accelerated past the defender. The Lakers teenager saw Rondo kill the basket. He hugged Rondo directly and quickly, but he didn’t get the free throw count yet.
The Celtics had five seconds left in the 24-second attack. Pierce faced Ci Shiping’s bloody defense and barely leaned back to jump the ball. There was no suspense to strike the iron. Warcraft easily took the ball.
Kobe is addicted to dunking. He is ready to break through Zhong Daguo again. Zhong Daguo is a little prepared for Kobe’s breakthrough. Plus Flash is so old, the speed will not be fast. Black Mamba, the spiritual defense of Zhong Daguo, finally failed to teach the younger generation as easily as this time.
The boss always has a high morale, and he doesn’t give the ball to Warcraft or his sister-in-law. He continues to play singles.
Black Mamba used his deadly skill. He accelerated to the right. Zhong Daguo followed the defensive flash, then turned around on the left back, and then continued to accelerate to the line. In this way, he accelerated, turned around and pushed forward. Flash had already killed near the basket from outside the three-point line.
Zhong Daguo’s defense was in place. Although Flash used his killer, Zhong Daguo didn’t lose him.
Suddenly, a huge monster got stuck in Zhong Daguo, and Zhong Daguo felt a little tired. He was too absorbed in defending Corbygan and didn’t notice the surrounding situation. He turned around and it turned out that Howard of Warcraft came and blocked him. When he tried to bypass Howard’s huge body and interfere with Flash, it was already too late.
When Warcraft came to the big country, Gatt realized the seriousness of the problem, and he quickly changed his defense to defend Kobe Bryant. However, although the black mamba was three years old, his physical strength and coordination were still excellent. He hid in the Flash and his arms flew from the left side of the basket to the right side and then dunked in the reverse.
It’s so difficult that a 35-year-old man can still complete the league, so it’s estimated that Flash can do such a difficult move.
Flash showed his heart again and smiled at Ci Shiping, the wife of Warcraft? ? ? ? ? ? Why don’t you all come and give the boss a high five? ? ? ? ? The Lakers finally led by three points. Flash hit the iron several times in the first quarter, but it matters. No matter how strong a man is, it is important not to drop the chain at all times. Flash hit four shots in the second quarter and scored nine points in a row. It is amazing.
The second quarter definitely belongs to the flash moment. He feels hot on the outside. Three-point back singles, backward jumper, pull rod basket, difficult dunk? ? ? ? ? ? He is proficient in all kinds of martial arts. Who can stop him if he doesn’t feel too cold?
At the end of the second quarter, the Lakers led by 7 points in 5447. Kobe Bryant hit 7 goals in 11 shots in a single quarter and scored 15 points. He didn’t make any rules once. Flash didn’t bother to make rules to score when he felt good. Second, the Celtics are also old-fashioned and strong teams. Needless to say, even Zhong Daguo, who used to have a bad temper, was educated in the Celtics. It is not easy for Flash to build the Celtics in Zhu Zhechi.
If you want to know the funeral, please listen to the breakdown.
Chapter 13 Giants Fight Five
In the 13th war, the defensive intensity of the Five Green Army increased, and Zhong Daguo oppressed the defensive Flash while striking the iron and made mistakes.
"We really can’t prevent the Lakers from playing outside, but if they insist on playing outside, we have a chance to win. We should expand the defensive circle, press and oppress at half-court, and keep them away from the basket, and their shooting percentage will naturally drop." Rivers gave advice to the players in the locker room
"We must first establish the lead until the last quarter when they insist on playing the line, we will ensure the rationality of the shot and win the game through outside projection. If they don’t play the line all the time, our chances of winning the game will be very great." Rivers objectively analyzed the strength of both sides
"Brown shouldn’t be so stupid, should he?" Zhong Daguo first questioned.
"This? ? ? ? ? ? I don’t think so. It mainly depends on Kobe Bryant’s choice. After all, he is the ace of the team. Brown may not be able to hold him. "Rivers is not sure about the Lakers’ specific situation.
"Oh, so that’s it? ? ? ? ? ?” Zhong Daguo seems to understand a little.
"Defense to strengthen defensive oppression? ? ? ? ? ? ? Clock? ? ? ? ? ? You should stick close to Kobe Bryant, don’t leave him a little gap, and then turn around. Just move your feet with your hands open in parallel, and don’t step back too much. Kobe rarely breaks through now. He’s too old, and it’s hard to break through. You’re not too worried that he’ll break through. You have to oppress him and make him shoot hard. His shooting percentage has dropped, and the victory naturally belongs to us. "Rivers still handed the defense burden to Zhong Daguo. He wanted to exercise Zhong Daguo, and secondly, considering that he is younger. Pierce, after all,
5447 Easy Side Fight The Celtics attack first with the ball.
Nash still hasn’t played Rondo to break through the middle distance shot of the Lakers’ backup point guard. The Lakers’ point guard interfered with Rondo’s shot, and the rhythm of Rondo’s shot was disrupted.
It is still a big country where Flash dribbles the ball. This time, his hands are pressed down and his center of gravity is close to Kobe Bryant. Kobe Bryant already feels a little uncomfortable, but Flash is the closest man to God. It is common for him to defend with many people.
Flash didn’t think about it. The defender on the other side was very stressful for him. After Kobe turned around, he leaned back outside the three-point line. The big country was almost leaning against him. Flash, this ball is definitely difficult and powerful. In this case, the small players are likely to shoot balloons.
Of course, the black mamba shot next to the basket, but it was hard to strike while the iron was hot. Fortunately, Howard caught the patch in the rebound again, which is a common occurrence for Warcraft.
Rivers’ dream of narrowing the score has not been realized. The Celtics can really limit the Lakers’ outside shooting percentage, but they can’t limit the rebounding ability of Warcraft, and it is difficult to guarantee their outside shooting percentage.
In the face of the Lakers’ horror line, it is unlikely that they will easily score a basket or dunk a basket. If Piergat is one year younger, it will be about the same. Otherwise, he will not be able to score Rondo in the Lakers’ line, not to mention that although he is technically excellent, after all, the Lakers are too short to jump, so he can’t see the basket directly in Rondo.
This time, Gatt finally caught a chance. It was quite difficult for him to get points easily against Gasol’s defense. This time, Gatt made a shot and hit it firmly
5649 Kobe Bryant attacked Zhong Daguo’s young people with the ball and followed Kobe Bryant, which made the old Flash really feel a little tired. Although Zhong Daguo likes to compete, he doesn’t hate young people. Secondly, his performance in the second quarter was perfect. Zhong Daguo also expressed his technical heart for Flash, so Kobe Bryant thought of the ball. He didn’t want to entangle himself with the hair. This certificate has already been proved to the world.
Ci Shiping ran on Kobe Bryant’s side, and Kobe gave him a look to signal him to catch the ball. Ci Shiping was ready to catch the ball. Flash, the ball was a little random. He didn’t care about Zhong Daguo’s defense. Zhong Daguo had seen him and Ci Shiping making eyes at each other.
Suddenly, I started my left hand and extended Flash to Ci Shiping. The ball has been grabbed by the broken clock country. He skillfully carried the ball and the ball was well combined. Both Ke Shen and Ci Shiping can look back. Zhong Daguo made a 36-degree turn in the basket jump and then dunked it. It was so elegant and perfect. Some of his moves were finally so like Tracy McGrady.
Kobe Bryant also looked stunned behind Zhong Daguo. "Is this promising and has excellent physical fitness? ? ? ? ? ?” Flash sighed with emotion in his heart
Rivers’ good wish seems to be coming true. Catch up, catch up and overtake, and then ensure the lead? ? ? ? ? ? Although Kobe has a good impression on Zhong Daguo, the younger generation, Flash is born to win and fight. Whoever wants to stop him from scoring and winning is impossible. It’s all about provoking him and making him angry. ? ? ? ? ? Flash made a great effort this time. At the same time, he kept turning back, and at the same time, he kept pushing back. The defense of the big country was also a little hard. He kept retreating, and Ke Shen was closer to the basket. He was also a left-back turn, holding the ball with his left hand, then picking up the ball with both hands and then taking off with difficulty. ? ? ? ? Zhong Daguo held his hands tightly and stuck them to his face with anger after he threw the basket. He shot two scorching eyes at the referee.
The referee blew the whistle without saying anything? ? ? ? ? ? Don’t be nervous. It’s definitely not that Kobe insults the referee’s skills. The evidence is not conclusive at Staples Center. How many referees dare to brag about Flash?