"Then will it be strange that you didn’t enter the palace emperor and queen mother today?" Dong Yuling’s impression of King Ru of Qin once again dropped by three points.

"No!" Lotus Yan jiing eyes narrowed "because they know that I have company this year …"
Said the lotus Yan jiing eyes color gentle looking at dong ling never think which year is so satisfying as it is today.
Dong Yuling chuckled, "So we choose to detoxify later and have a good sleep after treatment is a new day."
The old year turned over the leg of Lian Yan Jing and cured the new year, which is naturally worth looking forward to.
"Don’t you keep your age?" Lotus Yan Jing stretched out his hand to hold Dong Wei’s hand and never wanted to let it go again.
"Shousui? There is no shortage of this year, and we will keep it well. "Dong Yuling looked at the stove and sat next to Lian Yan Jing." Did you do such a thing when you were drunk? "
"Naturally, people will be unconscious before it is dark. It is already the second day when they wake up. Where do you know what to keep old?" Lotus Yan jiing in retrospect also feel a little naught.
When I was a child, no matter how many hardships I suffered, it was better than doing what I wanted. Where would I have so much scruples?
"After every New Year’s Eve, you have to keep it with me." Lian Yan Jiing seemed to promise Dong Yuling and said to herself.
Dong Yuling’s eyes flashed and her mouth was hooked. "Don’t be sensational. It will take a while for this medicine to get better. Why don’t we eat New Year’s Eve first and then go to sleep after treatment?"
On New Year’s Eve, we don’t go to the palace to accompany the emperor to reunite with each other. The emperor has his own queen mother and harem family, and we don’t have to play politics on this day
Even the first day is not a palace banquet. Generally, it depends on the date set by the emperor after the second day. Chapter 7 Chapter 201 is full of enthusiasm.
I have been educated through the emperor, and the royal family has always understood people’s hearts in this respect.
Think ahead and treat Lian Yan Jiing all night. At noon, Dong Yuling reunited with her younger brother and sister. She can’t care what they play late.
At this time of New Year’s Eve, the street is still very lively, and it is normal to go home for a while and then keep the old age.
Just set the table by the fire, and Dong Yuling was still concerned about keeping an eye on cooking medicine and making people enjoy food while talking about some matters needing attention after divination treatment.
"This time, you have to have a good life after the toxin is completely removed, and you don’t know when you can recover. In addition, your broken bone will grow for a month or two, and you still can’t make a big move until the bone grows," said Dong Wei skillfully.
"Rehabilitation?" Lian Yan Jing struggled to pick vegetables and take care of him. Tonight’s New Year’s Eve dinner is a light one.
It’s a pity that Lian Yan Jing doesn’t like light taste the most, and she doesn’t feel anything in her mouth.
"It is to resume exercise. Your leg hasn’t walked for many years. Generally speaking, the muscle activity will be insufficient. The meridians will shrink and it will be very painful to exercise again." Dong Yuling immediately put a few kinds of food that he doesn’t like to eat but is extremely bloody. Smiling at a certain world, eating it with a bitter face is as uncomfortable as taking medicine
"In general? Is it painful to have my toxin? " Lotus Yan Jing bitter haha eating food really don’t know what it tastes like.
"That’s not true. Generally speaking, it’s because your condition is a little special that your muscle activity has been kept in a state, and the meridians have not shrunk, so your rehabilitation will be quick and less painful, that is, you need to keep it well in the early stage." Dong Yuling made persistent efforts to continue to give lotus flowers and vegetables, feeling that this world is really like a child at some times.
Perhaps it is because the prince and princess seldom take care of Lian Yan-jing’s food and never shy away from it. Dong Yuling has been preparing for treatment for the past six months, and has strictly controlled Lian Yan-jing’s diet, which has made the world extremely miserable.
It seems that this meal is no longer enjoyment but suffering overnight.
Lotus Yan Jiing looked at the dishes in the bowl that she didn’t like very much, and her eyes darkened, and then she also picked some for Dong Yuling with a turn of chopsticks.
Having been together for so long, Lian Yan Jing naturally knew some preferences of Dong Wei Ling, so he also chose some Dong Wei Ling who didn’t touch food very much on weekdays and looked at her with a smile as if she put it in her bowl.
Dong Lu Lingyu took a look at Lian Yan Jiing. This man is always naive at this time. Is she the whole one?
Calm down and clean the things in the bowl. Dong Yuling threw a provocative look. "This time, you can make a mistake. Although I don’t like these, I just don’t like them and don’t feel bad."
Lotus Yan jiing instantaneous malaise sad to eat those things in the bowl that I hate and find hard to swallow.
Smiling and admiring the bitter haha expression of Lian Yan Jing, Dong Yuling poked his heart because it was not enough. "Bear with it. When you can move freely and walk freely, you can eat whatever you want naturally."
"When will that wait?" Lian Yan Jing suddenly felt that the sun was dim.
"I guess it will take half a year!" Dong Yuling succeeded in mending the knife
"…" Lotus Yan Jiing’s expression is distorted. Is it what he expected?
Finally, after eating this meal, Lian Yan Jing was relieved and decided not to touch these annoying things again when she was ready.
Just after eating the palace, fireworks were set off, and almost everywhere in Shengjing, Dong Yuling was seen sitting by the window and enjoying it.
I heard the sound of the second imperial bimonthly banquet, and now I have a chance to see it.
It’s really nice and beautiful. It’s not lost to all kinds of fireworks in modern society, and there are many kinds of tricks that make people see things in a blur.
Celebrating the Spring Festival is the ancient atmosphere. It seems that everything has a strong holiday flavor.
It’s not as boring as modern times.
After watching it for a while, I stayed up for a few hours, and the medicine was finally ready. Dong Yuling told the world to get the doors and windows ready.
Lian Yan Jing lay in bed and closed her eyes. At the same time, she also adjusted her mentality. Dong Yuling put her needs behind her, and the medicine cooled down a little.
"Come and drink the medicine and we will" Dong Yuling sat down on the bed.
Lotus Yan jiing opened his eyes and took the medicine and drank it off. Before he came, he quickly lay down because the medicine was much stronger than he thought.
Almost as soon as the medicine enters the body, it has an effect.
In the face of the antidote toxin, it must be regarded as the enemy of my life. As soon as I feel that it is wrong, it will boil up immediately. It is not necessary for Dong Yuling and Lian Yan Jiing to be forced to be active.