If Takeda Shingen reacts in five seconds, then he will have n ways to interrupt, but it happened that Takeda Shingen was surprised at the moment that Coca-Cola’s thunder absorption actually absorbed himself, so he lost the opportunity to attack stupidly!

"body blow! 」
Five thunders in the sky quickly gathered to form a thick thunder from the high bombing!
"hmm? Not good! " When the body blow formed a bombing to instantly Takeda Shingen, it didn’t react, but the thunder speed was fast and lost the opportunity. It’s not a simple matter to dodge the range attack trick again!
"Wind forest volcano Yin thunder six motionless! 」
Avoidance is almost impossible. Takeda Shingen decided to defend the secret skill, meaning, and not move like a mountain to resist this road. He dare to do so is also fully confident in not moving like a mountain. After all, this road trick is equal to the absolute defense skill before the skills have been modified, but it is absolutely absorbed by the rescue team and Long Lin!
Ray, the strongest attack in the high order, died in the face of a mountain, and it was also 1452 damage per second, which made the original ability to kill Coca-Cola quite depressed, but on second thought, it was relieved!
After all, don’t move like a mountain, but you must absolutely defend yourself. Being able to bomb 1452 damage per second has shown that the thunder attack trick is powerful!
"Disease light and shadow! 」
Coca-Cola naturally knew about the pursuit of victory, so when waving a strong light at the staff, it immediately emitted from the end of the staff and directly attacked the opposite Takeda Shingen. In the past, it was the speed known in Lei’s high-order magic-disease light and shadow.
(The high-level magic of the disease light ray consumes 15 mana and sends a strong light to the opponent. Fortunately, the power of the disease light ray is much weaker because of its fast speed. At the same time, those who are hit by the disease light ray will be paralyzed by lightning for 3 seconds! Skill cooldown is 36 seconds! )
"Wind forest volcano Yin thunder six its Xu Rulin! 」
Takeda Shingen also know disease light and shadow! At the moment, I have more than 3% of my health left. If I am hit by a disease and get a 3-second lightning paralysis effect, I will be defeated. Therefore, in this crisis, Takeda Shingen immediately launched its Xu Rulin, hoping to ignore the paralysis by relying on its special effect of Xu Rulin!
Disease light and shadow is really famous for its speed, but it doesn’t have much power and effect! After all, the output damage effect of high-level skills, especially high-level thunder skills, is almost equal to that of middle-level! This effect almost makes people include disease light and shadow in the thunder trick!
"hmm? Takeda Shingen’s health ratio is 17%? If it is equivalent to one word, it is more than 3,000 health values! " Challenge to watch the dragon soul through Rev. sharingan naturally easily observed the current information of Takeda Shingen!
17% health is more than 3 HP! Dragon Soul believes that it takes skills to win this game when Coca Cola is finished!
"Takeda Shingen for Sun Yat-sen’s art of war I also have a good study! I think you have six types of thunder and lightning in Fenglin volcano, which are as swift as wind, as Xu Rulin, as fire, as motionless as a mountain, as cloudy as thunder! " Coca-Cola looked at Takeda Shingen, who relied on his Xu Rulin to resist his own disease and light, and said with a faint smile, "At this moment, you have already performed the six types of thunder and lightning in Fenglin volcano. Now do you think you can beat me?"
The six tricks of Fenglin Volcano’s Yin Lei are all very powerful, especially the last one, such as Leikeji, which is a powerful trick to kill seconds!
But the powerful Fenglin volcano has a fatal weakness!
I’m at my wit’s end
Once the Six-Style Upanishads are released, but the target opponent is not dead, then without the wind forest, the volcano, the hidden thunder, the Upanishads may hang on the other side and attack endlessly! After all, if you lose your skills, it will be more difficult to beat your opponent again!
At the moment, Takeda Shingen is at the end of his rope!
"Ga!" Being seen through by Coca-Cola, I am already at my wit’s end. Takeda Shingen is naturally furious, but the only shortcoming of Nai’s career is that his skills are so few that he will be passively beaten as soon as the Six-Form Upanishads are over!
"Then Takeda Shingen, it’s your turn to listen to the roar of thunder!" Coca-Cola was forced to die by the other side before, so it is naturally more willing to add fuel to the fire for Takeda Shingen Coca-Cola, which has run out of resources at the moment!
"Raytheon ultimate judgment thunder punishment! 」
The competitive arena is waving the Coca-Cola staff, and the strong wind has attacked and the dark clouds have gathered! Raytheon ultimate judgment-Thunder Punishment is coming soon!
Chapter ninety-one Avenger VS Duke of Vampires
Raytheon ultimate judgment’s thunder punishment came and went to watch the game. Players (including Dragon Soul) didn’t see the energy of the thunder punishment falling on Takeda Shingen’s head and already floated in damage per second! This attack effect naturally makes the bottom players eye-opening!
Ding! A group of ring 90! Player Coca-Cola VS Player Takeda Shingen Player Coca-Cola wins! 》
"This Coca-Cola seems to have grown a lot in strength!" Looking at the dragon soul that has been sent out at the end of the challenge can’t help Nuo Nuo talking to himself. "Well! In one group, Coca-Cola defeated Takeda Shingen. If you don’t meet the reincarnation, Aino Mina and the five-surrounded state forever, I think there should be no problem with Coca-Cola! "
Takeda Shingen was also a dragon soul. It is expected that there will be a player! But now Coca-Cola is better than Takeda Shingen, so its strength is naturally stronger! Therefore, the dragon soul believes that it is expected that the players in the middle class will have the reincarnation and the state of being around can fight for the first world war!
Ding! The third round elimination of the player’s dragon soul! 》
Just as the Avengers were thinking about their great plans, the unified sound had been sent, so the dragon soul disappeared in one second with a whoosh and appeared directly in four groups of rings not far away, while he was playing against the opponent in the ring-Saddam XII, the Duke of Vampire, an American regional player!
"Ha ha! Saddam XII didn’t expect you to be in the fourth group. We are really destined! " Looking at the front has some wry smile vampire duke dragon soul can’t help but light laugh "giggle! Next time in the small river town, you summoned the vampire prince to fight with me! I wonder what you are going to summon this time? "
"Dragon Soul Leader, although my luck is not very good today, you still have to pay some price if you want to pass me this!" Saddam XII, the vampire duke, knew that his opponent turned out to be the avenger dragon soul this time, and he knew that it was impossible to win! But after all, Saddam XII is also the top player in the United States, and the vampire duke intends to drag the word with the dragon soul!
Therefore, when the competition was held, the Duke of Vampire directly lingered in the ring with his high agility and delayed it!
"Want to rely on speed to play drag word tactic? Hmm! Then I will play with you! " The speed of the dragon soul itself is not slow, plus the two flying skills of the Shushan Sect, Mochizuki Ayumu Fairy Cloud, combined with the flying skills of the shoes with the same name, the speed of stepping on the snow mark will never be much slower than that of the vampire duke!
When the dragon soul found that his opponent was playing speed, he naturally played a playful mind. Play with a broadsword in front of me!
"Drunk fairy Mochizuki Ayumu! 」
"Through the snow! 」
I have to say that the vampire Duke Saddam XII is still very fast! At present, the Dragon Soul is agile, and it has to continuously bless the drunken fairy Mochizuki Ayumu and the snow-treading mark to be able to barely follow! But now that you follow the dragon soul at the moment, you’re welcome!
Therefore, Xuanyuan Excalibur quickly grasped his hand and directly cut it to Saddam XII!
"hmm? How is it possible? " The Duke of Vampire, looking at the output floating overhead, was horrified! You know, at the moment, you are running fast! How can the avenger dragon soul keep up with it at such a fast speed?
But damage per second told Saddam XII the truth!
"hmm? Is the speed slow? " I was going to attack the dragon soul again, looking at slowing down. Saddam XII’s attacker couldn’t help slowing down. Don’t doubt that the dragon soul didn’t intend to give up the offensive means, but wanted to end this meaningless battle once and for all!
After all, it’s better to beat the opponent to win quickly when playing speed competition here, and then look for more interesting games to watch and analyze, gain experience and get the information you want at the same time! Or you can take advantage of the round robin to search for a strong dark horse!
After all, after all, this time it is also a fun competition. The dark horse is naturally everywhere!
"The earth spikes! 」
The long stab immediately emerged from the bottom of the ring and directly enveloped the vampire duke. Slowing down, Saddam XII was unfortunately hit by a stab, so 1 damage per second and Saddam XII also entered a state of dizziness for 5 seconds!
Five seconds is enough to do many things!
"God romantic killer sword righteousness Kirin! 」
Five seconds later, the dragon soul did not intend to take other means of attack, but with one hand, Kirin Upanish killed the vampire Duke Saddam XII in an instant!
Just three seconds later, the ring was covered with dark clouds, and the drizzle also fell from the dark clouds like rainy weather. Therefore, when the fourth second passed, it was like the state of Kirin, and Xiangyun Lei immediately fell from it. It was the new trick of the famous god’s romantic killer sword, the Kirin landing.
"Vampire mask! 」
Duke Vampire has already released his own defensive trick, Vampire Mask, from the dizzy state of the earth, but Nai Qilin’s landing power is too strong, and just the evil mask root is not enough to resist the first Leiaoyi!