Mourinho thought about it and decided to gamble.

Don’t recycle for the time being and strive for an advanced goal.
He wants to see whether his team advanced the goal or Lazio advanced the goal.
He believes that Lazio has been exhausted after continuous battles, and in this high-intensity competition, it is not as good as its own team in terms of state or psychology.
Mourinho guessed right that Lazio are very tired and in a state of ups and downs.
How can they ensure that they will be in good shape in this game?
But it is also very precious for them at this time of the game.
Because of their physical fitness, they can ensure the whole high-intensity fight
If you are caught in a tug-of-war with Inter Milan, you must be unlucky in the end.
Constant victory is very clear about this, which makes Lazio play against Inter Milan in the competition stage.
Of course, if it is the former Lazio, I am afraid that it will soon turn Inter Milan back into a situation in which Lazio besieged Inter Milan.
However, due to the influence of state and physical fitness, Lazio can’t completely suppress Inter Milan, which gives Inter Milan hope that they can play against Lazio, so they won’t take back their defense for a while.
Isn’t Mourinho cheated?
Of course, this situation can’t last forever. The goal that must be advanced is not Inter Milan but Lazio …
Inter Milan attacked and went into Lazio’s restricted area, and Ibrahimovic tried to kick the ball, but Passareira blocked it. The two sides bounced a football.
Chiellini threw the football out before Cambiaso came to make up the shot.
The football fell to midfielder cavani and headed it to candreva.
Lazio launched another attack.
Candreva didn’t continue to carry the ball after catching it, but sent the football directly to the wing.
On the right side, the young Azpiliquita Expressway joined in the attack.
He got the ball from candreva. This time he didn’t get the ball, but kept carrying it!
"Lazio strikes back!"
The commentator shouted
On the sidelines, Mourinho suddenly smelled something uneasy in his breath, and he became a little anxious.
He shouted at the stadium, "Get back quickly-!"
Azpiriqueta’s own forward movement with the ball did not violate Lazio’s tactical discipline, because there was no enemy in front of him. Why didn’t he bring the ball?
Inter Milan left-back Maxwell quickly pounced on the card to intercept Azpiriqueta online.
Azpiliquita stopped carrying the ball when he saw it.
But he didn’t go back or cross.
He sent a straight ball!
The football bypassed Maxwell and went to the ribs of the penalty area!
From there, cazorla dived into Samuel at high speed, kept a close eye on him and rushed to the football!
In fact, cazorla is very tired. Being tired in Lazio is not a good idea. Many people are very tired.
At least Gezer played a Bayern Munich game. He didn’t play on the bench for 90 minutes and got a rest.