The mad dog dragon didn’t start work this time, because the figure of black dress person had appeared in the jackal’s machete and scratched his throat. When he fell to the ground, the black dress person also fell to the ground at the same time.

"An assassin, you should remember that any assassin who can’t defeat the other side with one move is not a good assassin." The black dress person said lightly and wiped the blood on the tip of the knife.
His idea is different from that of the bachelor sister. The bachelor sister pays attention to speed, and he pays attention to killing with one blow.
"That’s that!" Mad dog dragon nodded and thought, if I have level 7, I can beat a group of people with one fucking punch and still have weapons?
He is obviously not the only one with this idea. At the foot of the mountain, a man and a woman are galloping along the mountain road.
The man is dressed in leather armor, his arms are bare outside his waist, and a diamond-shaped short blade is inserted. His body is strong and powerful, and he knows that he is a gladiator profession at first glance.
The female wears an elegant and gorgeous white robe and holds a long stave. The tip of the stave has no celestial sphere, but the whole body is inlaid with small lead blocks engraved with various symbols. This is the most mainstream and most terrible occupation in The Ninth Mainland-Rune Master.
This kind of mage is different from Arcane Arcane in that it achieves high strength through the most orthodox upgrade, cultivation skills, high rank, and increased dharma strength, while the power of Rune Master is embodied in the embedding of rune weapon.
Runes are different from Crystal Source. Runes are specialized in magic. Most of them are produced in obsidian. They are magical stones. After being taken and improved, they become similar to lead runes. There are thousands of runes in The Ninth Continent, but runes can’t be used as weapons, so that players can directly make the "rune system" function in the furnace.
This system is magic paper. Players can inject crystal source to activate magic paper, and then make a rune tree on the surface. The so-called rune tree system is similar. Every time you embed a rune, removing the magic paper will show what kind of skill effect you have obtained. After successful embedding, multiple runes will be combined into different patterns, and of course, they will have different magic effects.
Once you confirm that this magic paper can be put into use, the furnace can combine it at any time and wrap your weapon in the mirror image of the circuit diagram. At this time, every time you cast a skill weapon, it will produce various magical effects
Such as silence, purification, acceleration, gain, etc.
Of course, rune masters also learn a skill at level 5. They can also practice high-level skills repeatedly like arcane masters. However, if they practice like that, they will really become arcane masters, but real rune masters will not practice like this because their main energy is to acquire runes, collect crystal sources, explore rune trees and study mosaic circuit diagrams … This is a very complicated process that wastes people and money. To some extent, it is not as simple as scientific research.
Arcane is easy to get started, but it is difficult to master it, while runes are difficult to get started. Once you have the experience and guidance of your predecessors, rune wizards will become very terrible.
Because rune tree is a fun system favored by players.
It is by no means a simple mosaic, which has no effect at all. For example, three very general mana recovery runes are combined into a triangle, which means that each skill you cast consumes very little blue.
For example, if the 20 runes of gain, dharma strength, upheaval and section are successfully combined according to the scientific method, then your fireball technique will be thrown out and hit the target. After the explosion, the fireball will turn into a long sword, and the fire energy will continue to attack the enemy, which is much more powerful and accompanied by various auxiliary effects.
I believe that in the face of such rune * * teachers, even mad dog dragons can hardly compete with all kinds of bullets. Of course, it is no problem for ordinary players to combine two or three runes, and they can really combine twenty advanced rune trees. This kind of player is rare in exile, and there are few people looking at the whole Ninth Continental.
At the moment, the running man suddenly sank and said, "God told me that the consumption was killed by an assassin and his throat was cut in one stroke."
The woman mused, "It’s just that he consumes 4 levels of strength. If he is equipped with a 45-level assassin, there are only a few high-level people. Anyway, I haven’t heard that there have been 45-level assassins in Mu Zixing’s eyes."
Men said, "No matter who the other person is, be careful and be kind to the other person, but assassins are not other professions."
The woman snorted, "There are not many people who deserve our dispatch at the same time."
The man suddenly stopped and sighed. "There are not many people, but there are always people."
The woman also stopped and looked at a black dress person coldly in the mountain road in front of her. It seems that she didn’t expect the other person to dare to be so bold and wait for them to arrive, because the body of the black dress person was still lying in a pool of blood.
"Did you kill him?" Male sink asked questions.
"I killed him." The black dress person sounded surprisingly calm.
The man nodded. "What’s your friend’s name? Everyone doesn’t do shady things. "
As he spoke, he lit up the id with the woman at the same time.
"Caesar’s Palace-Arbitrator!"
"Caesar’s Palace-The Witch Tianjiao!"
The man in black seems to be slightly surprised. He can imagine that the consumption will definitely disturb the top of Caesar’s palace when he goes back, but he didn’t expect Caesar’s palace to respond so strongly that he sent these two people and the supporters must be far more than them.
It is also obvious that the arbitration judge and the judge are doing this. Let’s make a courtesy before the enemy, and find out who you are first.
It’s a pity that the judge in black couldn’t help sneering, "I didn’t expect the cabinet to dare but I didn’t dare."
"You are wrong!" The black dress person said lightly, "I’m in charge of killing and never burying it."
"What a big breath!" The sorceress Tianjiao dancing staff is full of filar silk energy, which shows her skill types!
Compared with other spells, it is very powerful and poses a great threat to melee. The energy will always paralyze the opponent, and those who are heavy can also stun people like warriors and assassins. They can’t force hard cutting of the weapon, so it is easy to lead and suffer from accidents.
Witch tianjiao’s hand is a ball smashed in the past. Of course, this kind of attack has no effect on men in black.
However, after the ball hits the ground, the filar silk flows around the ground to form a cobweb-like flow field, which is not very powerful, but if it is caught in a cobweb for two or three consecutive times, it will cause paralysis. If you can’t move for two or three seconds, then the base will declare that you are finished.
"Burst, burst, burst, burst, burst, and collided with each other like a snake in a flurry. However, the arbitration judge was surprised, and the posture of the black dress person was simply terrible and ghostly. It was only ten meters away that there was no strength to ensure that he was dazzled.
The arbitration judge and the witch Tianjiao looked at each other, and the meaning in their eyes was obvious. It is not unusual for an assassin to have this speed, even if it is not level 45, but level 6, even level 7.
The arbitration judge looked solemnly and bowed his hand forward. "If the pavilion is the night king, the ghost Wuji and the cold front, one of them wants to show his identity, and my husband and wife will turn around and leave."
He did have the self-knowledge to know that the two of them joined forces, which was a theory, but the three famous artists were the three assassins in exile.
The man in black sneered, "What if I’m not?"
"Then I’m sorry!" As soon as the judge’s face changed, he pulled out his waist knife, which was almost the same as a flash. The knife light enveloped the black dress person like snowflakes.
Gladiator is actually a headache. It’s not as explosive as assassin mage, but it’s rough-skinned, skillful and constantly attacking, pestering you to death, grinding blood with you little by little and eventually consuming you.
Seeing the black man in the mountain flashing and being glued by the arbitration judge, seeing the knife light in the dark and not seeing anyone, and the knife light is like a butterfly flying around, the flight speed is not only fast, but also changing lines, which is dazzling.
The evil witch Tianjiao has not been idle. The staff is held high, and the energy keeps gathering. Finally, a huge ball as bright as day is formed. This ball can be said to be larger than people. No matter what kind of skill it is, people will not feel good when they are hit.
"set!" Witch tianjiao decisive a yell
At this time, the referee’s body was red and even the dagger was covered with a layer of fog. red mist, his eyes were filled with blood and his throat sounded like a beast. This shows that the gladiator’s skills have started
Chapter one hundred and fifty Who deserves your trust
The referee has more than one skill, namely, Berserker, which instantly puts players into a state of frenzy, greatly improves their strength, physique and attack speed, followed by secretly making Fighting Force, which is a skill that controls the epidemic effect in one second.
He did it for no other purpose than to force the men in black to stop.
The posture and strength of the men in black are really outrageous. The arbitration judge chased the other side and hacked and killed them for a long time. He was startled to find that the men in black were blindly evading and had to fight with machetes, but the arbitration judge felt that his palms were numb with shock.
If the black dress person is really fighting with him head-on, both sides are definitely lose-lose. He suddenly feels that this masked guy is much smarter than he thought. The black dress person is flashing and his eyes are also very obvious. In the high-speed moving, the witch Tianjiao can’t lock the target skill, and once it comes out, it will fall.
And the men in black also dare not open the assassin’s signature skill and teleport to the back of the witch Tianjiao. Because it won’t take a second to do that, her mage shield can absorb damage, and a set of words that can’t be taken away will be taken away instantly.
Now the witch Tianjiao shouts "OK" and the arbitration judge knows that his wife’s skills are ready to be completed. He wants more strength and movement, forcing the black dress person to make a move with himself, so that the other party can’t flash around like this, and the winner will be separated after ten seconds.