Shit, good genus!

He got up and didn’t give a hand. He was thirsty and poured boiling water directly, but he chewed the apple himself!
Minister Xiao has a bitter saying that "this belongs to me-"
He wants to say that Xu Taotao’s roots are not good, but he was interrupted by Xu Taotao just after he woke up and spoke slowly.
"Qiu Popo, don’t say it!"
Xu Tao pink eyes turned his head a face of sad remorse "it’s all me! I can’t afford to buy an apple when the leader wakes up. It’s all right for the leader to be dissatisfied with me! I should have known that the leader wanted to eat apples. I wouldn’t have given the money to the hospital at that time! "
Not satisfied?
Qiu’s mother-in-law first looked at Xiao with a straight face and felt that everything was white.
She suddenly felt a rush of anger from the soles of her feet to her forehead.
"The leader! My old woman shouldn’t talk when she comes, but you are so chilling! "
Qiu’s mother-in-law pointed angrily at Xu Taotao. "Little many good girls, after you entered the hospital, people put medicine on the mat for you and stayed in front of your bed. Are you still clamoring for apples? If Jamlom hadn’t given you medicine, don’t say that Dr. Apple said that you had a cardiac arrest and your life would be gone! "
Eat apples?
What a rich family! It’s only this year that I want to eat apples!
Certainly not a good cadre!
Is white blind Jamlom such a good comrade involved also wronged!
Minister Xiao was accused of turning blue and white, but he also remembered that it was not his heart but his body.
He asked Xu Taotao with a straight face, "What’s wrong with me? What did the doctor say about cardiac arrest? "
Recalling the memory of that moment before fainting, his face suddenly showed pain and he still had some palpitations at this moment.
Xu Taotao is as weak as a doormat. weak gas replied, "Nothing is that when you are old, your skills are healthy, especially if you like to drink, twitch and stroke. Everything is normal."
Minister Xiao’s face turned white. "Me, me having a stroke?"
Next to Qiu’s mother-in-law, she suddenly said, "You can’t have a stroke if you stutter!"
She doesn’t have a good impression on Jamlom as a leader now, and she is not afraid of being sad.
Chapter one hundred and fourteen Xiao Xu presided over Xiao’s disaster
"What to say? How fat the pigs in our pig farm are! She is also picky in Jamlom and signs a contract to grind the factory director. I won’t join them. I’ll find a big factory in the capital and let the western meat joint factory eat fart! "
On the way back, the faces of small leaders in several pig farms are indignant and swearing.
"That’s it! I am afraid that I can’t find a factory if I raise pigs well? "
They angrily denounced Xu Taotao, insisting that they would no longer go back on their word with the western province meat joint factory, and also persuaded Li Changjing to go the other side of the capital!
And it is their factory director who is proud that the capital line can take the factory director Li, who deserves to be the factory director Li!
However, walking among them, Li Changjing was pale and trembling with fear.
Where there are good pigs, they are all plague pigs!
Capital Road?
He’s the one who came to Jixi Province Meat Factory!
Who knows Xiaomin was easily deceived by him? What did Jamlom show her when a young girl’s eyes were poisoned?
Suddenly, Li Chang’s muddy eyes shrank, and yoshimitsu flashed quickly in his eyes.
No way!
He can’t let the plague pig break out. Yes, we must stop Xu Taotao and never let her find Chen Ji!
A little girl dares to spoil his business!
"You go back to the pig farm first. I have something to do."
Cold say that finish Li Laotou straightened black rod short plate with a sullen face and walked forward.
Several pig farm cadres looked at each other.
"The factory director, what’s the matter? You don’t look right? "
"I don’t know if Jamlom, the butcher’s factory, is angry. This Jamlom owner doesn’t know how they changed her as the head of the factory. It’s no joke that a teenager is in charge of such a big procurement project!"
"People have a backstage. If you look at Xiao Zhang in our factory, you will know that if you have a capable sister and a second wedding head, you can still take the factory director’s younger brother."
"Ha ha ha ha you are right!"
County hospital minister Xiao ward
When the pig farm people left, Minister Xiao was forced not to wait for Xu Taotao to attack.
"Nonsense! Nonsense, do you know! Express? You’re in charge instead of me? That’s funny! Jamlom, your ambition is naked on your face! "
He stared at Xu Taotao with trembling eyes.
Xu Taotao leisurely pulled out a newspaper from his pocket and fell on Minister Xiao’s face.
"You know, Minister Xiao, it’s so pitiful that you are scared and hard to believe."