Huang Pusong can control the fire, but this killing sound is his ability. He can destroy the black mountain thief at the top of the fourth mountain as soon as possible before he becomes suspicious.

The fourth peak and the second peak are separated by nearly 200 miles. The second peak shouted to kill the elephant. When it came here, it was very weak when it passed the third peak and blocked the fourth peak.
At this time, it is already late at night, and the thief base in Montenegro has also slept. Most people have not heard it.
There are very few vigil black mountain thieves who vaguely hear shouting and killing, but if there is this sound, it is a vigil black mountain thief who didn’t pay too much attention at first, but he was sleepy and had a little illusion.
The main reason is that these Montenegro thieves are too comfortable, and living in Montenegro is too comfortable.
Every time you are chased by the Han army, you should hide in the black mountains and you will be fine.
For a long time, these black mountain thieves have taken it for granted that in this black mountain range, they just want to be in this black mountain range, and the Chinese army can resist them.
With this feeling, they would never want to have such a day and such a night when the Han army really killed in.
At the peak of the second mountain, the shouting changed from small to big, from weak to strong, and finally when all kinds of shouting reached the highest point, the black mountain thief in the fourth mountain finally realized that something was wrong.
The first to feel wrong is not these vigil black mountain thieves, but a leader who has already slept.
In the middle of the night, I don’t know if it was because the second mountain shouted to kill or something else that made him suddenly wake up in the middle of the night.
After waking up, the commander heard a distant shout to kill him, and his ears were much stronger than those of ordinary Montenegro thieves.
In his ears, those shouts of killing are not if there are, but if they have been identified, he knows that the sound is coming from the second mountain.
The black mountain thief commander confirmed that he was shouting and killing, and then hurriedly called the other nine commanders in the fourth mountain peak, and at the same time, the seventy thousand black mountain thief department was called up.
But at this time Zhang Niujiao appeared.
Zhang Niujiao and Lingyun GongSunYing danced from the second peak to the fourth.
The purpose is naturally to stop the heishan thieves from leaving here.
Even if the seventy thousand Black Mountain Thief left for the fourth mountain at this time, the support has already come or not.
But Lingyun still doesn’t want them to be a mountain away from here, and it won’t be easy for Huang Pusong’s army to surround them.
And once these black mountain thieves know that the second mountain has been wiped out by Huang Pusong, they will surely run around.
When the time comes, I don’t know how much I can leave, but someone will definitely inform Yan Yan.
Lingyun also wants to pretend that everything is normal in black mountain range after destroying these Montenegro thieves, and take Yan Yan at a stroke when she returns.
After seeing ten black mountain thieves gathered together, they just arrived at this mountain peak, and it didn’t take long for Zhang Niujiao horse to come out of the darkness.
Ling Yunfeng dance and GongSunYing still hid in the dark and didn’t follow Zhang Niujiao out.
Lingyun doesn’t know if anyone among the ten Black Mountain Thieves has met him to avoid being recognized or hiding in the dark.
If Zhang Niujiao can control them, it is naturally the best. If these ten leaders don’t put Zhang Niujiao’s command in Lingyun, they can let GongSunYing come out and stop these ten people by force.
Stay in Montenegro, the Black Mountain Thief is in charge of a total of six people with four-star strength, five of whom are on the second mountain peak, and the sixth person is under house arrest. Ming Chen is not here at this time.
These ten people get together and lead the department, which is the peak strength of Samsung.
Gong Sunying’s six-star strength is not Gong Sunying’s personal opponent even if the ten men are in charge of the ou. If it is not worried that Gong Sunying can’t take these ten people at the same time, Lingyun would have let Gong Sunying go out and slay the ten people.
After all, if a black mountain thief runs out at the head, then Lingyun has no hope of letting Yan Yan get caught in a trap.
To lingyun, I wanted to stop these ten leaders in the previous step, but it was not enough to come here. In less than a quarter of an hour, I haven’t found the opportunity, and these ten leaders have already gathered together.
Three of the ten people followed Zhang Niujiao a long time ago, but they have moved closer to Yan Yan in recent months. Although it is not very obvious, Zhang Niujiao can feel it.
Chapter 167 Empty bucket
Now Montenegro thieves do support Zhang Niujiao and Ming Chen, but one of them is under house arrest.
Other people who followed Zhang Niujiao earlier are still wavering in their hearts. Some of them have really turned to Yan Yan, and some are still hesitating.
These three leaders are hesitant.
There are also two who have really turned to Yan Yan and were left on the second mountain by Zhang Niujiao before.
I was very surprised at the sudden appearance of ten black mountain thieves in Zhang Niujiao. One by one, I looked at Zhang Niujiao and said, "Zhang Shuai, why are you here?"
What to do and say when coming out has been thought out in Zhang Niujiao.
Zhang Niujiao, who walked among the ten people, said, "Huang Pang and Li Zhugan got into a fight. I advised them for a long time, but they were beaten and divided, and then they killed each other with their own men."
"Come here just to ask what you can do."
"Yellow fat, how dare he!"
"Did Li Zhugan eat leopard gall?"
Hear Zhang Niujiao ten at the head of someone shouted, show one person and Huang Pang get along with one person and Li Zhugan.
Two people shout out almost at the same time, and then they stare at each other with angry eyes.
Zhang Niujiao came out to mediate at the right time and said, "Don’t argue. What matters now is to avoid our chaos. Do you want Chu Shuai to see us killing each other when he comes back?"
Several other leaders are also going to fight and pull them to their side to increase the distance between them.
Someone asked Zhang Niujiao, "What is the situation in Zhang Shuai now?"
Zhang Niujiao’s face and expression were calm and a little angry. "When I came over, they had already killed one of their own. It was originally the two of them. Now it is estimated that Huang Hao and they are also involved, otherwise the sound would not be so loud."
In Zhang Niujiao’s description, the second mountain peak at this time is a fight between Montenegro thieves and the Han army at all.
Ten black mountain thieves and the base all believed Zhang Niujiao’s words.
It is no secret that the contradiction between Huang Pang and Li Zhugan has been going on for a long time. Before that, the two men had a fight and abused each other. It is even more common that they were pulled by Yan Yan.
This time, Yan Yan was away, and it was normal for them to fight, but they didn’t expect it to turn into two people fighting each other
"Are they fighting?" Someone asked, no matter what, even if two people don’t deal with it, there must always be a reason to trigger it.
Zhang Niujiao said, "It’s not just a rape problem. Huang Pang said that Li Zhugan was a rape. Li Zhugan said that Huang Pang was a rape and quarreled and fought."
"I thought it would be okay to pull two people, but I didn’t expect them to pull their own people to fight in a blink of an eye."
"At this time, I and other Huang Hao people want to stop and can’t come."
"I can’t come and discuss with you myself, Huang Hao, but they stayed at the top of the mountain, but now it’s estimated that Brother Shan is in a mess."
"What do you think we should do now?" Zhang Niujiao said quietly retreated to the side.
Someone said, "The horse went to stop them."
Another population "how to stop all the fights? How did we stop them in the past? Will they listen to us?"
"Don’t just watch them kill each other? How can we explain when Shuai Shuai comes back? "