However, this makes people even more puzzled. Even if the culprit is found, there is no big deal. But if the historical process is forcibly changed, who knows what will happen?

Seeing everyone puzzled, the Dragon Knight laughed and said, "Don’t worry about me. You have to find the culprit for me, so I won’t spare him when I go back to hell."
Everyone was relieved that the Dragon Knight was satisfied. The knight spear pointed to a side of the ground and a blue array appeared instantly. "You can go to the era of the big me through here. Remember my name is Dahl."
Chapter one hundred and forty-six Crossing & Revenge ()
"It hurts me to death." Coke with ice gently rubbed his head bag and said with a bitter face, while Cheng Lian gloated with a smile. "Who told you to be rude?"
Just now, when they passed through the array, Coke with ice was the last one to walk into the array. This guy himself had passed through the array, and the Dragon Knight would not be able to hear him, so he shrugged his shoulders and said, "It’s really interesting that Dahl is stupid." But this sentence should never be heard by Dahl. Give the abusive coke with ice a lesson. Dahl gave his knight spear a hard knock at the coke with ice.
The spokesman of death shrugged his shoulders. He was used to coke and ice, a non-IQ creature, and turned to appreciate their present position. From the outside, their present place should be a medieval European aristocratic mansion. According to the plan, it is a cultural renaissance building.
"They seem to be preparing for any grand event." Forever, Xianjian looks at the waiters. NPC is busy running around with a hurried face.
"You guys hurry up and put that frame up. You’re all thumbs. Don’t be idle to see if the gift from Lord Jason has arrived. It’s not so hard to see. Oh, I said, don’t enclose the venue here so small. They are knights. Ah, it’s really stupid. ? ?” A gold chain with a round lens extends to the ear, and an old NPC is on a high platform. The waiters are busy in the east and busy in the west, and her sharp voice always gives people a vulture feeling.
"Old vultures are really annoying," a girl with curly hair muttered softly as she passed the old woman’s feet with a pile of parchment.
But she didn’t expect that the old vulture was an outstanding bird with outstanding hearing. Her words were heard by the old vulture, and then the whole finishing work stopped. Everyone had to listen to the shrill voice of the old vulture echoing in the huge paddock.
"Do we have to listen to this old scream?" Coke and ice force blocking the ears don’t let the old * * scream and ruin their ears and turn to the immortal sword forever and say
Fairy sword is always a face of Kenai. "Do you know where we should go in a place like this? Even the tilt said that I don’t know this kind of building complex. Who should we look for when we go in? Who knows who is the important person? How can we find out who is behind the killing of Dahl? " Forever, a series of questions will make coke with ice, and everyone will be lost in confusion again.
At this moment, a few men wearing huge ruffled collars and white tights suddenly came to the other side of the paddock. In fact, an extraordinary man led the way, including the old man. When everyone walked in, he gave him a strange courtesy, and this handsome man frowned and said nothing.
Old * * let go of his hand and held on to the long skirt. He straightened up and said to the man, "Prince Andrey, I am training you. These servants hope that the warm sunshine will bring you everything smoothly."
It turns out that this old * * is still a brown-noser, and it is really not a flattering skill that can be made at this height.
"I hope my selection of the highest knight will go smoothly. If you can spare time, you are not letting your big mouth arrange people to live and talk nonsense. Muriel, I think you will be a fairly amiable lady." Prince Andrey’s eyes narrowed and he could see that he didn’t like the old Muriel.
But Muriel didn’t feel embarrassed because she was scolded by the Duke in front of everyone. She still smiled at Prince Andrey shamelessly. "Duke, I’ve been listening to your advice, haven’t I?" You know my son is a very good young man. He has a strong body and he has his own flying dragon. He is a great flying dragon knight. "
"Of course, of course, Muriel, your son is really strong and a nice guy. Now I’m going to take care of some of my things. By the way, this is the fifteenth time you’ve said this to me at the end of this week." Prince Andrey’s face showed impatience. He spoke quickly to Muriel, and his face was full of flattering smiles, while Prince Andrey strode away with several people behind him.
"Anyway, I don’t like this Muriel," said Cheng Lian, who was full of enthusiasm. Now everyone has finally found an important person. A group of people followed Prince Andrey into the huge room. Everything looked so magnificent and magnificent. The whole hall was decorated with splendid decorations and exquisite oil paintings. The golden tableware was neatly placed on the table by two handmaids, and the exquisite food was just like pure white linen.
"Wow, I can’t stand it!" The two families, Qing Cheng Lian and Coke with ice, seem to have not seen food for many years. They are hungry and pounce on food, and they rush to the regular banquet table, the spokesman of death and the immortal sword forever, watching the two stooges move.
After a few seconds, the two stooges came back with a depressed face, because although they crossed, they didn’t expect that people here couldn’t see them, but everything here was also a virtual image. Generally, they looked at the two stooges’ depressed death spokesmen and Forever Fairy Sword Music and laughed.
"I’m a little hungry." Coke with ice touched my belly and looked at the table with a bitter face, but I enjoyed it. At this time, it was a kind of inhuman torture. Cheng Lian also agreed to nod and rub his belly
At this time, the spokesman of death said to the two men, "Well, don’t touch the scene. Let’s follow them upstairs quickly. There should be something new."
The decoration on the second floor is also magnificent, and everyone feels like they have come to the palace. Prince Andrey took the lead and walked into the first room of the corridor. They looked around the corridor for a while and followed them.
"Anyway, if I live in such a big room, I will get lost," said the spokesman of death honestly. "I don’t know my hygiene and my bedroom," agreed Coke with ice.
"Duke, who is the best candidate for this competition in your mind?" A young man with brown hair behind the duke asked the duke, how many people waved their hands and sat down on the golden stool. It can be seen that these people should all be from regular troops.
The duke slowly poured wine into the golden glass and said, "I think it should be Dahl." They were secretly taken aback. I didn’t expect to find traces of Dahl here. Several people cocked their ears. The duke took a sip of the glass and then said, "No matter from people to ability, Dahl is the best rapid dragon rider I have seen in so many years." The duke’s eyes are full of longing, his face is slightly flushed and his expression is like a father.
"Duke, you wanted to see me?" A burst of bright sound came in from outside the room, and Prince Andrey’s face became radiant by the way. A tall and handsome young man came in, with smooth blond hair and a high nose and blue eyes.
"This is Dahl?" Inclination eyes instantly turned into hearts, and thumped to the ground. Is there a big gap between that dragon knight riding a skull keel? ? ?
Chapter one hundred and forty-seven Crossing & Revenge (in)
Following Prince Andrey’s young people is definitely the best among the people, but Darby, who just came in, suddenly lost a lot of light, and the whole room seemed to be attracted by Darby.
The duke strode forward with a heart, grabbed Dahl’s hand and said with kindness, "Dahl, you are a young man. You are proud. I have seen you defend the mercenary group in a very unfavorable situation."
Dahl’s face showed a shy smile. At this moment, Dahl looked like a big boy next door. The cute duke looked at Dahl’s sample and burst into laughter. He patted Dahl’s shoulder and said, "Haha, good boy, now let’s go to eat noodles. I think you must be hungry. This time, Hungarian braised pork chops are your favorite."
Glen’s face turned white, and the veins stood out in his temple, which looked scary.
"Glen, in this case, we can help Ron win by hook or by crook." Muriel’s face suddenly became extremely gloomy. She stood on tiptoe and whispered a few words in Glen’s ear, but the voice was too low for everyone to hear.
"It turns out that they want to play dirty, so it’s no wonder that Dahl will lose." The spokesman of death slammed his hand angrily and said angrily, it seems that he has entered the role very much.
"We have been keeping a close eye on them now," said Forever Fairy Sword lightly. At this moment, Qing Cheng Lian suddenly said, "So we have been watching here? Is there so much time? "
Forever Xianjian took out something like a black pocket watch from his bag and said, "This is what Dahl called an accelerator when I came. It can speed up at this time so that we can speed it up until we see what the weather will be like."
Coke with ice, but he didn’t think so. He was a little lazy and said, "Now that we have figured out which Glenn and Muriel conspired, why don’t we just go back and tell Dahl now? Isn’t that finished?"
"But what if Dahl asks about the cause and effect? When asked about their conspiracy plans, ah, things are not simple. "Forever Xianjian retorted that coke with ice was never opened again.
"Let’s go out and see if there is a need to make a time accelerator," said the spokesman of death in a conciliatory tone. They followed Muriel back to the hall.
Returning to the dining table, Glen seems to be particularly enthusiastic about Dahl, and his personality. Although Landard doesn’t know what Glenn’s plot is, he is full of interest when he sees Glen as a nice person.
"Dahl, an idiot, doesn’t know that this guy is planning to harm him." Coke with ice saw two people chatting happily and some uncomfortable, saying that they threw two ice cones at Glenn’s head conveniently, but now Glenn’s stereoscopic image is different. The ice cone is straight through Glenn’s head but it didn’t cause any harm.
"The ice devil’s adult seems to be more idiot." Cheng Lian sarcastically said mercilessly after seeing coke and ice.
"I’m expressing my feelings," retorted Coke with ice and double eyelids.
Just as they were bickering, a young girl dressed in a beautiful appearance came in at the main hall door again, while Muriel followed the girl like an old pug.
"Dahl asked me to introduce you to my baby daughter Naxi," Prince Andrey said to Dahl in a show-off tone again.
But Dahl seemed to react that he was standing there like a wooden stake with a knife and fork in his hand, and suddenly forgot that now he was keeping his eyes on Naxi, as if she would disappear from his eyes if she lost one second.
You can’t blame Dahl for being stupid, because even a few guys who come to do it have entered a state of ecstasy. The coke ice mouth is half-opened, like a gyro, and the soles of the feet turn with Naxi’s action.
"The ice devil’s adult is really a good emotional appeal." Cheng Lian laughed at a kick and woke up the coke with ice. The coke with ice shook his head for a long time and said, "There are beautiful women in the north, but they are independent and care about the city and then care about the country." Cheng Lian felt a top-heavy fall to the ground.
"Look at Muriel’s eyes" It’s hard to imagine how the immortal sword can resist the temptation of beauty and concentrate on looking at the old and ugly Muriel beside Naxi. Muriel looks more like a vulture.
A few people turned their attention to Muriel when they heard that the fairy sword would wake up forever. Muriel looked like an old spider caught a delicious fly. The greedy eyes were straight at Naxi, which made people see the hair stand on end. Unfortunately, the whole hall was witnessing Dahl and Naxi’s eyes staring at two of a kind. No one noticed Muriel’s terrible eyes.
"Do you think he will be bad for Naxi?" Looking at Muriel with coke and ice is a little scared and can’t help but ask all the people.
"It’s impossible for Naxi to know that it’s Prince Andrey’s palm. Once she is hurt, Muriel will not be better than saying that her goal is to kill Dahl." A death spokesman rationally analyzed that everyone thought what he said was reasonable, but what should I do? Muriel will also make some articles on Naxi.