"Pull …" To be continued.

Chapter four hundred and forty-five Into the gorge
Some people drink too much, and their thinking is clear, that is, their legs and feet don’t work. Xiao Wen belongs to this category, but he doesn’t know what 90 thousand is. First, 90 thousand has never passed. Second, 90 thousand really rarely drinks too much.
At this moment, his 90,000-sister’s speech is a little tongue-bending, which is not very neat, but it’s not surprising to bicker with Xiao Wen tit for tat …
Seeing that 90,000 people were shaking when they walked, Xiao Wensheng was afraid that she would fall. She reached 90,000 and held out her hands on the left side of 91,000, moving towards the outside of the restaurant step by step.
Both of them have gone out, and 90,000 people are still muttering about "so cheap", which obviously means that this meal is worth the money.
The bartender sent them out of the door until Xiao Wen and 90,000 went ten feet away before shouting "Be careful all the way, guest officer" and preparing to return to the restaurant for closing.
Xiao Wen, who is about to merge into the dark strip over there, also waved his left hand at the middle and didn’t return to the tunnel "thank you"
Because there are so many buildings in this lake that it blocks the moonlight, it is especially dark at night.
The lake road is made of bamboo and wood, which is not wide. When you walk on some narrow roads, you can hear "crunch" to your feet. It seems that people will leak when they stamp their feet heavily on the side … Although the lake doesn’t flow, it is not as calm as a mirror, but it naturally fluctuates. When the lake hits the wooden and stone supports on the road, it will make a subtle noise, just like a friend whispering around at night.
The moonlight occasionally shines obliquely from the building and will strike Xiao Wen and 90,000 shadows on the bamboo pavement, and sometimes it will be cast on the roadside. It is not high, and the guardrail looks quiet and warm.
Cool lake breeze with wrapped in water vapor gently brushed the body Xiao Wen became awake a lot, but 90,000 girls were just the opposite. After leaving the restaurant, they were attacked by alcohol, but their eyelids became heavier and heavier, and they wanted to go to sleep quickly …
90,000′ s fleshy left face rested on Xiao and asked how the right shoulder was comfortable. Xiao asked if he could grab her left arm with his left hand, and his right arm looped around her waist. His right hand grabbed her right shoulder and she slipped away …
90,000 people don’t have a scent, but her body smells more. When Xiao Wen leans her head to touch 90,000 people’s hair deliberately, she seems to have heard several tiny "cracks", and she can also fill another picture in her mind. In the red light, 90,000 people’s body emits a faint red light, and several bright sparks fly outward.
Can the originator of playing with fire be ordinary among thousands of creatures?
Because Xiao Wen and 90 thousand are Tao companions, this feeling is even stronger
Although 90 thousand girls are really attractive after plastic surgery, Xiao Wenxin’s attitude towards her has never changed
There are also moments when he has to hug 90 thousand two people for intimate contact, especially when 90 thousand has been arching his shoulder and neck, so that his body can react subtly
Speaking of which, this girl is about twenty when she is in taxiing. She is well-proportioned and well-developed. It would be strange if she didn’t respond when she hugged her tightly.
Ninety thousand people are not honest when they walk, and they will spray hot breath on Xiao Wen’s neck from time to time, which makes him even more miserable. Fortunately, the road is not long, and it was not long before they rushed back to the inn.
After returning to the inn, Xiao Wen carefully remembered the location of their room to prevent him from getting drunk again for 90 thousand times, so that he could teleport back directly
Then the problem came again. There was a bed in their room …
Ninety thousand has always rested in the blood mark. If you are drunk, you can’t go back. But although that bed is a big one, Xiao Wen can’t sleep hard with ninety thousand. In that case, ninety thousand may strangle him the next day …
Let 90 thousand lie in bed, Xiao Wen covered her again, and was simply taken out of the ring by himself. When they were sleeping outside, the bedroll was laid on the floor. After all, he drank some wine tonight and was not ready to practice, so he had a good sleep.
The second time, Ri opened her eyes in a daze at 90,000 in the morning and suddenly found that Xiao Wen was actually on the floor and suddenly everything was white.
The girl’s first reaction was not to be moved, but to be "bad". When she turned around, Xiao Wen was sure to take her drunk last night to humble her …
More and more awake, 90 thousand simply carefully lifted and sat up without making any noise
I was just about to pretend to meditate and close my eyes when I looked at Xiao Wen over there. I didn’t know when Xiao Wen had opened my eyes and looked at her calmly …
Ninety thousand was startled patting his heart didn’t good the spirit way "want to frighten dead? !”
Xiao Wen just wanted to scare 90,000 people, so he sat up with a smile and asked, "If you wake up, go out and find out?"
In an instant, Xiao Wen and 90 thousand stayed in Wukui Lake for three days and really got a lot of news.
But the most important thing is that they asked the location of the burial gorge!
The fourth day early in the morning, Xiao Wen and 90,000 people left Wukui Lake and hurried in the direction of burying the magic gorge.
That place is in the extreme south of Yuan Daoxian, and it will take at least half a month for Xiao Wen to get there quickly.
However, it is necessary to bury the magic gorge, which has been listed as a forbidden area by the world God Union, and people are not allowed to enter without permission.
Twenty days later, Xiao Wen came to the north of the Buried Magic Gorge. Try to keep a low profile. He has already quit the magic streamer.
It is said that the forbidden area is guarded by the root people, so the reason why it is listed as forbidden area is that it is not suitable for human monks to stay in the "forbidden area", which is a sign of jǐng
After stopping in the middle of the school and looking south, we can see that the mountains in the south suddenly become strange and all the mountains smell purple and black. That vast area is like being forcibly moved from another world, and this environment is out of place.
But that area is really much bigger than stopping at Qianzhang High School. Xiao Wen can’t see the burial magic gorge at the other end. The purple and black breath rises from that area and goes straight to the high shadow to dye the sky. It circles out its own unique territory, and even the sun shines straight into it.
It was in broad daylight that Xiao asked and looked at the buried magic gorge, but a chill rose.
Even if Nan Yunqing stays here, it must be imaginary to find such a big place.
After taking a deep breath, Xiao asked without hesitation to teleport to the buried magic gorge.