Or once the big leader almost couldn’t hold it, and after returning to absolute being, he quickly asked Mu Xiang to cover his cheeks with a veil.

Get along with each other day and night, so do the big leaders, let alone others.
The former prefect’s guard has won the prize.
The concentration difference is not only the saliva turbulence, but also the whole body is tender and can’t afford to fall to the ground at a glance.
When I was two years old, Muxiang’s charm was almost great, but in return, not only was her charming taste, but her strength was very serious.
Seven-year-old girls can get up and enjoy incense by themselves.
Ten-year-olds can kill her.
Two years ago, Muxiang was ten years old, and the big leader also struggled to choose a husband for Muxiang.
This time in Le Lang, in addition to the big leader’s own desire to participate in the construction of ten thousand ships, he also wants Muxiang and Lingyun to get in close contact with each other.
From Zhending to Le Lang, the big leader spent three months not only traveling with Muxiang, but also taking Muxiang to observe those big people everywhere.
All the way, the satrap, the great leader of the country, took Muxiang to see it.
Even the general Lombardi and the leader of Gongsun Zan in Youzhou also let Muxiang look at it in the distance.
It feels good to have big leaders like Yuan Shao and Gongsun Zan, but everyone you meet is not satisfied with Mu Xiang.
If it is a former Lingyun, it is not considered by the big leader.
Although Lingyun killed his black skull mountain thief, Lingyun is a small county magistrate. In the eyes of the big leader, the root can’t protect Muxiang.
But now it seems that Lingyun has been initially satisfied.
From the fact that the leader of the 10,000-person ship is building the wharf, it is also seen that Lingyun wants to make great achievements here.
So he is willing to give Lingyun a chance.
Yes, it seems to the big leader that it is to give Lingyun a chance.
In the opinion of the big leader, it should be Mu Xiang who chooses her husband now. Mu Xiang, the hero of heaven, can choose whoever he wants, and no man will refuse.
If Muxiang chose Lingyun, it seems to the big leader that Lingyun is taking advantage of the big deal.
Lingyun already has two women, but which of all heroes is not three wives and four concubines this day?
Lingyun has two at least, even if ordinary county magistrate owns more women than Lingyun.
Lingyun doesn’t know the big leader’s mind. In Lingyun’s view, Muxiang is beautiful, but he already has two good women, Feng Wu and Zhang Xue.
Lingyun never wanted to find another woman.
There is a wind dance and Zhang Xue Lingyun is already very satisfied.
Although I was surprised by Muxiang’s beauty two years ago, Lingyun has never been crazy.
Take MuXiang back to the satrap mansion and arrange her residence. Lingyun didn’t ask much.
Have your own maid to serve Muxiang.
With Muxiang living in Lingyun, I suddenly want to take Zhang Xue and Feng Dance to Le Lang.
However, nowadays, Fengwu is rarely returned to the game every day, and it is online in the middle and late hours of the game.
Some time ago, Lingyun sent someone to find Bai Sheng. When he came back, he also told Lingyun a good news.
That is, Zhang Xue has already been pregnant, and she discovered it shortly after Lingyun left the real decision.
It’s only a month or two before the calculation, and it’s not advisable to travel by boat.
Lingyun can temporarily give up connecting two people.
There are Bai Sheng, Chen Qiufang and others in Zhending Lingyun who are not too worried.
It is expected that the 10,000-person ship will not be completed until June 2008, which will be faster, but it will not be until April 2008.
The horse is coming to the end of the year, and in the spring of next year, you and Jizhou will ignite the war.
History is Yuan Shao’s victory. According to Lingyun’s analysis of Yuan Shao and Gongsun Zan’s strength now, if there is no accident, Gongsun Zan is still Yuan Shao’s opponent.
The overall strength gap between Youzhou and Jizhou is too big.
The whole deep and remote state can barely reach a million soldiers and horses. Now Gongsun Zan claims to have a million soldiers, but there are actually hundreds of them.
And owns the whole Jizhou Lombardi, although it is now said that there are millions of troops.