"I don’t mean absolute probability, but if there is a lot of data to support it, I can get the probability closest to absolute probability."

"Great little wind, you know? You will be a subversive to this game. Xiaofeng promised me to play League of Legends and lead the national team to defeat the H team. "
"But brother, my goal is to be a mathematician. I have no interest in games at all. I can’t type except programming languages!"
"Xiao Feng, I believe you are a genius, and I have a feeling that you are born to belong to this game. Otherwise, what would you do to calculate those probabilities? Xiao Feng, give yourself a chance and give me a chance to complete my dream instead of me, okay? You know I can’t play any more … "Liu Lei looked at Liu Feng and his eyes were a little dim. He really hoped to have a duel with Park Youhuan again, but it was a pity that it was no longer available.
"… good brother, I promise you I will fulfill your dream!"
"Great, Xiao Feng, let me introduce you to League of Legends" …
"Sir, please remember that Ann is taking off with the plane and the horse!" A gentle voice interrupted Liu Feng’s meditation. It turned out that the plane sister was awake and the passengers were wearing safety belts.
"Oh, I’m sorry. I was a little distracted just now."
"Well, if you need any help, you can press the help bell and I will be happy to help you!"
"Thank you!" Liu Feng nodded politely and took out an ipad to read League of Legends materials. Liu Feng is now reading all League of Legends heroes’ measurements skills and recommended loading materials to construct his own database.
Liu Feng is a person with highly developed IQ since he was a child. His IQ is as high as 22. At the age of six, he has taught himself all the courses from primary school to university. He solved Ma Da’s conjecture by himself before reading the materials. At the age of twelve, he was admitted to the juvenile class of the Chinese University of Science and Technology. At the age of fourteen, he was directly admitted to the master’s degree in mathematics. At the age of sixteen, he was admitted to Harvard University for a doctorate in mathematics. His doctoral supervisor predicted that Liu Feng might become a second Einstein!
Liu Feng’s research direction is that the absolute probability of big data is distributed in his idea. Everything in this world can be explained by data. A random must have absolute probability behind it. Because of Liu Lei, he bet on that game and because of Liu Lei, he decided to study the game well. He hoped to help Liu Lei complete this unfinished wish.
"You are also reading League of Legends materials. Great. I didn’t expect to meet someone who likes League of Legends in the first class." A crisp sound broke the tranquility of the first class. Liu Lei looked up and caught his eye. It was a delicate face, small facial features, sharping Ling glasses and a bumpy figure. A casual dress still couldn’t cover up the fiery eyes around him
Unfortunately, in Liu Feng’s eyes, all this is not as good as a bunch of numbers to make him energetic. He casually nodded and then looked down at the information in the ipad.
"Hello, my name is Ling Xiaolou. You can call me Xiaolou!" Ling Xiaolou was very enthusiastic and held out her hand to shake hands with Liu Feng. This move made those men in the first class stab Liu Feng with fiery eyes.
"Oh, my name is Liu Feng. I don’t know you very well. You should call me by my name. By the way, the plane and horse are about to take off. It seems that your position is right next to me. Hurry up and do it." Facing the enthusiasm of Ling Xiaolou, Liu Feng calmly looked up and went on to look at his own information
"Oh, I went to this boy. He looks pretty. How can he be as beautiful as a piece of wood but take the initiative to say hello? Hum, you ignore me. I’m too lazy to pay attention to you." Ling Xiaolou’s own hot face and cold ass made her particularly upset. Now she wants to find someone to vent, but in the face of Liu Feng’s wood, she really doesn’t know what to do, so she can sit there and feel depressed and yy, and meet Liu Feng in League of Legends to abuse food well.
Ling Xiaolou yy Liu Feng didn’t think about it, or looked down at the data in the ipad. Ling Xiaolou was born for a while and sulked. I thought that there were still more than ten hours before the plane could sleep, so I just chatted and glanced at Liu Feng’s ipad. The data discovery department is full of basic data.
"Hey, who are you still a novice?" Ling Xiaolou was very surprised by Liu Feng’s calm expression. A poker face easily gave people an inscrutable impression. I didn’t expect him to be a novice.
"Well, I haven’t officially played a game yet." Liu Feng replied casually without looking up.
"So I’ll teach you how to answer League of Legends." Ling Xiaolou suddenly laughed like a fox stealing chickens and eating foxes, and her glasses sparkled. She seemed to see Liu Feng being abused by herself (please make up the scene of the leather queen holding a whip by herself …)
"How are you?" Liu feng is still don’t look up in ten thousand unchanged calm tone said
"You don’t know me?" Ling Xiaolou is very surprised that she is still very famous in League of Legends. She has explained world-class competitions and is also a diamond player. She is a master, and her beauty still has many fans.
"Do I have to know you?" Liu Feng’s poker face, which will remain unchanged for ten thousand years, added that the tone of course made Ling Xiaolou want to go on the rampage and endure a Ling Xiaolou quietly.
After finishing a mood, Ling Xiaolou looked at Liu Feng very gently and said, "My level is ok. Let’s play League of Legends in the airport Internet cafe for a while. It’s my treat!" If you are familiar with friends in Lingxiaolou, you will definitely shudder at this time, because this is the rhythm of Lingxiaolou’s violent walk …
Chapter 2 Who Abuses Who?
"This guy or a person? It feels like a machine. It’s been almost ten hours. I haven’t seen him rest except for eating and going to the toilet. Is it that hard to understand? " On the plane, Liu Feng found that he had been watching the information for almost ten hours, which was incredible in the concept of Ling Xiaolou, but I’m afraid she would go crazy if she stayed in a place for three hours and did the same thing without flying.
"Liu Feng, have you been reading materials and not chatting? These materials are not so difficult to understand, are they? "
"Well, I’m building a hero database in League of Legends." Liu Fengfeng pointed to his head without lifting his head. "Only on the basis of a large amount of data in the database can I get the absolute probability. Now I have just established three hero databases. Unfortunately, there is no game now, so I can’t go to the game to verify it."
"Absolute probability. What is that?" Ling building some curious asked
"What, are you interested in math?" Liu Feng heard Ling Xiaolou’s question for the first time and turned to look at it carefully. Ling Xiaolou’s eyes shone with enthusiasm. Next to him, Ling Xiaolou put his hands on his chest to prevent Liu Feng from becoming a pervert.
"Ha ha, forget my math, but the art teacher taught you to give me a break." Ling Xiaolou was frightened by Liu Feng’s fanatical expression, shook his hand and hurriedly closed his eyes and pretended to sleep.
"Oh, what a pity!" Liu Feng’s face resumed its poker face tone, but I couldn’t hear the pity at all.
The atmosphere was so quiet. When I came to Lingxiaolou, I really felt tired and fell asleep, while Liu Feng was still looking at the information in the ipad with a poker face. No one knows what kind of brainstorming Liu Feng has in his brain now, and this brainstorming will definitely bring a violent storm to League of Legends! ……
"Hello, ladies and gentlemen, I’m glad to inform you that Flight m324 has successfully arrived at the Imperial Capital International Airport. It’s a great honor to be able to look forward to your meeting. Please take your luggage and wish you a pleasant journey in sequence."
"Liu Feng, let’s go to the Internet cafe to play a few league of legends!" Getting along with the plane Ling Xiaolou found that Liu Feng was not good at dealing with people, and she didn’t mean to look at herself. Moreover, she found that Liu Feng was really a good person through simple chat. Her senses have changed a lot. Now she really wants to play a few games with Liu Feng. The League of Legends just now has a lot less mind about abusing vegetables.
"Well, I’ll make a message and wait a moment …" Liu Feng made a sorry gesture with the plane behind Ling Xiaolou and took out his mobile phone and dialed a word.
"Mom, I’ve arrived in China …" Liu Feng’s mother’s name is Jiang Feng, and she is the world’s most powerful liver disease expert. Now the director of Sufi Notre Dame Hospital in M country satirizes that she is a liver disease expert but can’t save her own life.
"Well, Xiaofeng has always hoped that you can choose your own way. Xiaolei entrusted your hopes to you. Since you have chosen it yourself, you must finish it well. Remember that you are a man." Jiang Fengyin was hoarse and made Liu Feng feel a little distressed, but his face was still that poker face. This head was silent.
"Xiaofeng, I know you still hate your father for not seeing your brother for the last time. Please forgive him. He is now developing the latest hiv vaccine, which has reached the last moment. This is a contribution to mankind." Liu Feng’s father, the most powerful virologist in Liu Guodong, has been engaged in hiv vaccine research.
"Mom, I know my brother understands him, and he is our pride."
"Well, it’s good that you can understand. I have another operation. Let’s not talk about it. Take care of yourself in China. Your aunt will meet you at the airport."
"I know, then I’ll hang up!"
"Well bye take care of yourself!"
Hang up, Liu Fengchang took a long breath and looked up at the sky. Today, the weather is very good. Touching the Logitech mouse button suit, Liu Feng’s eyes are a little blurred, but it was quickly replaced by firmness.
"Brother, let us complete your dream together!"
The plane internet cafe is in a conspicuous place in the waiting area. At this time, it is still early. Not many people are familiar with Lingxiaolou. When they find the vip area, they take out a card and brush two machines that are close together, and they greet Liu Feng to sit down.
"Do you have a qq number? In the country, it is natural to go to the country. If you have a qq number, you can log in to the game directly. "Ling Xiaolou skillfully plays games and enters a string of qq numbers to log in to the game.
"I have" Liu Feng took out a piece of paper from his arms and had a qq number. This number was left to Liu Feng by Liu Lei. This was the trumpet that Liu Lei applied for when he was practicing. Liu Lei hoped that Liu Feng could use this number to create something that belonged to the two brothers.
"Hum, you lied to me. It’s already level 3, and you said that you’ve never played a game. Hmm … Sanshi’s strange name, etc. I’ll add you as a friend!"
"I’m sorry I don’t add friends to this number." Liu Feng seriously refused the invitation of Ling Xiaolou’s friends. This is Liu Lei’s number. Liu Feng hopes that the noodles will remain the same.
"Hum who wants your friends!" Although Ling Xiaolou is a little angry, I think that Liu Feng has always been this irritating posture, and there would be no further investigation.
"All right, let’s get into the game. I invite you to come to the middle solo!" Ling xiaolou some forced to stay just Liu Feng refused without hesitation and reminded Ling xiaolou of the flame in his heart.