"Come out, Undead Knight" summoned two Undead Knights, Tiger Whispering and Bo Qi, to speed up life recovery and 2% attack power. I pulled the white snake’s forehead again, opened sharingan’s two-wheeled hook jade and quickly spun up. While I was still protected by the system, I disappeared into the competitive ring.

Chapter 10 Magic Warrior VS Avengers
After the unified protection, when the defensive shield was detached, Qinglong took the lead in the action. "O wing, wake up." Black wings emerged from behind Qinglong, followed by a vibration of wings. Qinglong actually … actually flew. Yes, he really flew and danced in the air relying on the black wings behind him.
"Death Song!" Stay in the middle Qinglong took out a black piano from the bag and played it in the middle.
Although I don’t know why Qinglong suddenly started to play music in the sky, I clearly remember that’ you are the player I recognize and let me contribute to World War I-I will do my best to deal with you, but I also hope you can do your best’. Since Qinglong said that he would do his best, it must be a terrible trick to play the piano now.
1, 1, 1 ……………………… Sure enough, after playing in Qinglong for dozens of seconds, I immediately lost 1 point of damage, and this damage still drifts once every second, which means that the magic sound of Qinglong will cause 1 point of damage to me every second.
"ding! The player Dragon Soul has been detected by sharingan because you are playing the death song released by sharingan player Qinglong. Because this skill must have a magic piano to display, the sharingan method can be used to write round counterattacks, but it can be collected. Do you want to collect it? "
The advanced active skill of the death song consumes 5 mana. Playing the death song by the magic piano causes 1 damage per second to nearby hostile players, and at the same time, it can infect all negative effects for 1 minute, and the skill cooldown lasts for 2 hours.
Quickly chose to cancel! I can’t use my skills. What do I have to keep it?
Since all the negative effects have affected the epidemic, it seems impossible to interrupt this skill (some continuous skills can interrupt the dizziness). Vertigo seems to be impossible. In this case, let’s decide the outcome.
"Death is entangled! 」
The skill Death Wrapping attached to the Dark Bracelet is also the first time to make the effect not too low, although I don’t know the power.
1257 Four-digit damage floated from the top of Qinglong’s head. Hey, hey, it’s worthy that the power of death entanglement is really powerful. It is estimated that Qinglong should have lost about half of its health, but I was surprised when I detected the percentage of health of Qinglong in sharingan.
After eating death-entangled Qinglong, the percentage of life is still 7%. This … How is it possible that the total health of Qinglong is not 5? Ah, I remember that before Qinglong, he made a demon force with such high health. It seems that he should convert it into health.
I can’t help but feel ashamed to watch the dragon being filled with medicine while playing. I immediately took out the red medicine and drank it. Alas, the damage at 1 o’clock per second is not as severe as usual. Even drinking the red medicine can’t make it up. Xiaobai quickly came out to add blood to me, and then gave me a dragon. Never give me noodles.
The flying horse of the Holy Horn was summoned by me. First of all, it helped me to bless the therapy and then flew to the sky to attack the Qinglong. While I was drinking the red medicine, I prepared to break the Qinglong in frost wyrm. That little life is ridiculously high. If I don’t make the skills of mass destruction, I’m afraid I may be consumed by his magic piano. After all, even with the addition of blood and red medicine to restore my life, my life is still falling rapidly.
You ask me why I don’t make the knight wave. After all, this move is very powerful. Then I ask you, what can I do to get close to Qinglong people in the forest? Wings? He did, but I didn’t ride. Xiaobai, alas, I can’t ride now because I’m one level short.
Frost wyrm Broken is ready, powerful and incomparable. frost wyrm swept through the sky in the past 256 injuries. Hey, hey, the primary frost wyrm Broken can kill the remote mage. Now it has risen to the intermediate power, which is even more ignored. Even a warrior like Qinglong who meets frost wyrm Broken will lose two thousand health points.
It’s a pity that frost wyrm broke the cooling for three minutes. Now I’m afraid I can’t support it at that time. It’s really hateful to fly in the sky so meanly. Do you want me to use the last secret weapon-Dionysus?
But Dionysus can do it nine times. Once he has done it nine times, there will be no chance to perform this super stunt again. Now, two opportunities have been given to the dark wizard and Emperor 7 respectively. Is it true or not?
Just when I was thinking about whether to make Dionysus, my life value had dropped to 1/3 in the continuous consumption of death songs, and now there are about 14 o’clock left, and it is still dropping. Judging from the speed, if I can’t save the crisis in less than 1 minute, I may die.
That’s all. Let’s fight it out.
I took out the magic value of the wine gourd from my baggage. It was unimaginable that the speed dropped rapidly. When my wrist shook, the wine gourd was radiant and quickly smashed at Qinglong.
"Death Half Moon Sword!" In the sky, Qinglong seems to have sensed that the flying wine gourd is powerful, and at the same time, it also felt the Avengers’ belief of a decisive battle. Without hesitation, the magic sword was split rapidly, and at the same time, the fiend showed his body and quickly flew to the sky. It was time for the decisive battle. Whoever had the skills to fall to the other side first would be promoted to the final battle with God.
I don’t think my blood can support Qinglong to burst into the strongest skill (it’s time for a showdown, if it’s not the strongest, then he won’t be mixed up).
Sharingan!’ Two rounds of Gouyu broke out again in sharingan, running faster than before.
"ding!" Just at this decisive moment, the system actually sent a message that "the player’s dragon soul started the three rounds of Gouyu ability value in sharingan due to the excessive growth of sharingan, and the three rounds of Gouyu sharingan with special effects messenger can display the sky photos (endless) and copy the skill bar with five more positions, so it will lose 1 mana per second after the start because of the strengthening of sharingan".
The celestial care is a super artifact. sharingan’s final stunt has an inexhaustible realm because of sharingan’s excessive growth. The celestial light consumes 2 mana. The purple flame from hell is summoned to attack without extinguishing the fire. The power is extremely terrible. After the effect is not finished, it will cause 1 time of damage to a wide range of enemies. Unless it dies, it will burn 2 health points every 5 seconds. Because it has not evolved into the Wanhua mirror, sharingan will not finish the celestial light once a day. After three hours, all the ability values and mana limits will be reduced to 3%.
I can’t believe that excessive growth has taught me how to take photos, although it is endless, but this trick has caused double damage to a wide range of enemies, and there will be burns at 2 o’clock every 5 seconds. Unfortunately, this trick is also full of ambassadors, and all abilities remain 3% and 1/3. Whether it is leveling or playing equipment is greatly affected.
Ok, sharingan, let’s put things on hold, and then take a good look at me, sharingan, but that super-artifact wanhua mirror, sharingan, has made me pay attention to a lot. After all, it’s so bad if it’s the end of the day, isn’t it the enemy’s home?
Tsing lung’s trick, Death Half Moon Sword, hit me. At the same time, my wine bottle gourd also hit the high-flying Tsing lung. Because I was the first to be hit, 1235 floated above my head when I was desperate. Seeing this injury, I couldn’t help but have an impulse to laugh. Haha, I actually … I actually had 15 points left to live without hanging on Death Half Moon Sword.
Yu Tianzhong Qinglong, because I didn’t hang up, it was doomed that he would be defeated. After being hit by a wine gourd, 135 ultra-high injuries immediately rose on his head. Of course, such strong injuries came out, which made those players who were watching in five major city squares gasp for 1.35 million. What a powerful attack this requires.
Chapter 11 Coca-Cola VS Skyfire magic dragon
"ding! Semi-final Game 6 Magic Warrior Qinglong VS Avengers Name Hidden Winner Avengers Name Hidden 1 minute later, the semi-final Game 7 Magician Coca Cola VS Paladin Skyfire magic dragon will be held. Don’t miss it. "The outcome was decided immediately, and a game will be held in 1 minute.
Pulled up the white snake’s forehead and closed it at the same time. sharingan, while I am now 1 minute, I quickly brought up the equipment column and watched the three-wheeled Gouyu sharingan.
Sharingan Growth Artifact Attribute +2 Because sharingan can see through things, players can also make sharingan view monsters and player attributes. sharingan is a growth artifact. There are three rounds of hooking jade, and now three rounds of hooking jade have been started. sharingan loses 1 mana per second until it is exhausted.
A round of Gouyu sharingan with special effects copy sharingan owners can use copy skills to copy players, NPC monster skills and abilities. A total of 5 skill owners can delete copy skills twice, and the number of copy skills will increase with Gouyu’s growth.
The second round of Gouyu sharingan comes with special effects messengers who can display the skills of writing round counter-attack and copying, and there are two more positions in the column.
Three rounds of Gouyu sharingan with special effects messenger can display the sky photo (endless) copy skill bar with five more positions.
Sharingan’s own skill column, writing round to counterattack sharingan’s stunt, consumes 2 mana, which indicates that sharingan players can see each other’s skill names. Therefore, once they have writing round to counterattack, the other party can use their skills to counterattack before collecting skills. When there is no skill cooling, sharingan needs to be on all the time.
The celestial care is a super artifact. sharingan’s final stunt has an inexhaustible realm because of sharingan’s excessive growth. The celestial light consumes 2 mana. The purple flame from hell is called to attack without extinguishing the fire. The power is extremely terrible. After the effect is not finished, it will cause 1 time damage to a wide range of enemies. Anyone who is burned by the celestial light will burn 2 health points per second unless he dies. Because sharingan has not evolved into the universal mirror, he will not finish the celestial light once a day, which will reduce the remaining 3% of all ability values and mana limits to 5% after three hours.