"Take them away, will there be trouble?"

"They seem to be numb. No matter who they came from, they still go."
Tian Tang immediately called someone to deal with it after the control of the bottom people’s department, which would have been hindered. Who would have thought that these people would cooperate even more than she thought?
This is the situation of many people now.
"Mother … please, don’t take my mother away, I beg you," the woman hugged the old man around her and knelt down to kowtow for mercy. "Please, I beg you, my mother’s body is just a little uncomfortable. She will soon be well. Please don’t take her away."
"Don’t! ! ! If you want to take my son, you must take me with you! " On the other side, a woman was holding a child of two or three years old, but she looked stubborn.
Mei qi looked back and asked Tian Tang for advice.
Tian Tang approached and first came to the woman holding the old man. "Is she your mother?"
The woman was stuck
Looking very weak, the old man struggled to sit up from the woman’s arms first. "She is not my daughter. She has nothing with me. We have nothing. You take me away. You take me away. Don’t take her with you!"
At this time, the woman also came back to God and hugged the old man again. "But she is my mother. She is my own mother. I said I would take care of her generation and I would never lose my mother."
Then the old man suddenly hugged her and cried.
Mei Qi came here to listen to Tian Tang’s order to take away the weak and old people among these people. In his view, this is kindness. After all, these people can only live if they go to Tian Jiacun.
But in the eyes of those who are about to be taken away, this is the death warrant.
The weak, the old, the seriously injured and the young children will be taken away. The first feeling in everyone’s heart is sadness.
They are numb to this point, but they still have to face the cruel reality.
Miss mei qi turned "god … both of them …"
"Take her with you." Tian Tang pointed to the young woman.
Almost as soon as Tian Tang’s voice fell, the old man held the woman and shouted "Yinger" and then passed out directly.
Tian Tang frowns. It’s not that she can’t tell the truth directly. It’s that there are too many people in this group, which is much more than the number of villagers in Tian Jiacun now. Many people in Tian Jiacun can’t finish their consumption now, and they need to come in batches.
Directly exposing the situation in Tian Jiacun now will definitely cause a lot of trouble.
But if it is to add a few people to go to Tian Jiacun first, it is not a big problem
Tian Tang looked at Mei Qi and said, "Take the whole family away if you don’t want to be separated, but you may have to walk there."
There are not many carriages in Tian Jiacun. How many carriages did Tian Tanglai bring this time? It is impossible for everyone to go to Tian Jiacun by carriage.
Okay, it’s not far from Tian Jiacun here, and even if you walk there, it won’t be too long.
In the end, the first batch of these people went to Tian Jiacun, with a total of seven people, some of whom were really weak, and arranged for the carriage to be brought back to Tian Jiacun, and all of them walked to Tian Jiacun on foot when they were slightly better.
The rest of them were temporarily taken to Fengshou Town for management.
Tian Tang specially asked Li Erzhu to count the number of these people and count all the escort soldiers. There were 756 people in this group, MINUS 7 people who were sent to Tian Jiacun, leaving 684 people.
Nowadays, most houses in Fengshou Town have come out, and these people are just sent to these houses to be temporarily detained in batches.
A group of refugees came here in Fengshou Town. Suddenly, many people were arrested and detained, and they were so worried that they didn’t dare to talk again for a long time.
On the other side, the people who were sent to Tianjiacun finally came to the edge of Tian Jiacun.
The former "mother and daughter" are also in the crowd.
The old man was in a coma for several hours, and after waking up, he asked the carriage to go to Tian Jiacun with the young woman.
The old man who is about to live in Tian Jiacun holds a woman’s hand tightly. "Yinger is a mother. Sorry, your mother should let you remarry early. If it weren’t for her drag, how could you suffer with her now?"
The "mother and daughter" are actually "mother-in-law"
Yinger took the old man’s arm. "Niang Yinger didn’t suffer. Yinger is very happy to be with her."
The old man sighed and looked at the front with muddy eyes. "Ying Er, no matter what happens later, you are hiding behind your mother … You don’t say that your mother is old enough to do it, but it’s a little less for you to let her go ahead of you."
Yinger nodded slowly with tears in his eyes. "Niang Yinger knows."
Then they turned the mountain to cover the corner.
"Where does the fragrance come from?"
"It smells good. It smells like rice."
"You see there is a village? How can there be such a big village in this place? "
The son mother and daughter also looked up and their eyes were dull.
They will go to a hell by themselves, but I didn’t expect it to be such a peaceful place.