Si Nian, facing the flying scabbard root, can’t avoid the bright white light at the tip of the longevity sword. "Bang!" The whole scabbard was instantly shattered before the longevity sword touched it.

Feng Yue was not surprised to see the scabbard shattered, and her feet leaped lightly to the sword in her hand "shuashua shua!" And the purple shock wave that resounds all over the sky conjures up thousands of sword lights to envelop Si Nian with "whoosh!" In an instant, dozens of white sword mans penetrated the romantic purple sword light and shot at him. It was so easy to break this recruit without defense and panic. The left shoulder of the sword mans was stabbed by a sword mans.
"The moon is so small!" The rising sun didn’t want the romantic to be injured and fall into the wind for a moment.
"You see Si Nian" Nine Yan said to the rising sun.
The rising sun’s side eye saw nothing, and then looked closely and finally found that Sinian was hidden in the sleeve robe. Although there were not many drops of blood in his left hand, he could find that his left hand sleeve robe was shaking slightly.
"The first round was a tie," Mochow said flatly.
"Well" Han Xing’s mature charm lips are slightly lighter.
However, when I saw Si Nian’s blood dripping, I couldn’t help praying and praying in my heart.
Romantic didn’t look at the left shoulder spilling blood, but the corners of his mouth showed a strong belligerence. * * He hasn’t felt bleeding pain for many years. At this moment, bleeding is not an injury for him, but a stimulant to cheer himself up.
"when!" Si Nian quickly blocked "Dang!" Behind romantic SiNian stabbed a sword again and was blocked by his backhand "shua! Hey! Hey! " Si Nian’s ghostly figure flickers around the romantic moon, which is not as fast as he is, but each sword can just stop Si Nian’s attack, but if it has been passive, it will eventually reveal flaws, so the romantic moon moves "whoosh!" Romantic fierce sword split Si Nian chop to a sword. After strong strength, Si Nian can’t help but be forced to retreat. Romantic took this instant opportunity to retreat rapidly, and Si Nian pulled a distance. Now he is ready to attack. He made it once famous. There are not many fancy and dazzling swords. Romantic is an understatement to stab a sword. Si Nian is indifferent and is preparing to attack, only to find that it is suddenly wrong! Just now, the seemingly peaceful sword of the romantic moon actually hides the killing tactics, and the ten percent of the sword light actually separates several real shadows from the sword in the hand. The sword body Rao is the speed of Si Nian, and the Ministry of Justice hides from Si Nian and grinds his teeth with his right hand, and the immortal sword sweeps away the whole person and turns back with inertia. "Poof!" Blocked several swords, but there was still a sword piercing Si Nian from his back. When he was about to fall to the ground, he quickly made up a sword to see that the posture was actually to kill Si Nian.
Now Mochow was about to help, but she saw Si Nian thrust the sword to the ground abruptly, and the whole person jumped with the blade, turned around and stood in the sword 20 meters away, raised his gloomy eyes and stared at the romantic.
Nine Yan sighed lightly. "Si Nian’s little murderous look seems to be killing too many monsters, and there is still less experience in Jianghu. I don’t even understand the sudden change of Xi Yi’s sword. If Xi Yi’s deity has a casual exposure, it’s the secret of Xi Yi’s sword, but he has just raised it."
"Nonsense! Aside from the rising sun, I despise "Feng Yue’s fellow has made the sword of Xi Yi superb, and even if I know it, few people can avoid it."
Nine Yan didn’t refute the rising sun this time. It is true.
"The same humiliation won’t happen for the second time, I swear …" Si Nian muttered, and the swordsman gently raised his face and looked straight at it to restore the cold romance.
"Damn you …" SiNianYin is very light and cold, like hell calling.
Chapter 30 Sunset shadows
The setting sun is rushing, the afterglow falls on the lonely alley, the white awn fades, the long body stands upright, and the black gauze dress dances gently. In the battle just now, the white gown is stained with dust and slowly floats, and the gown is still as pure as snow.
Si Nian now fills the air in the faint white mountain, like a sculpture standing in an alley forever. The sword is cold. His heart is colder. A spring breeze blows, but the autumn wind is bleak. The roof is slightly inferior in martial arts except for the nine-faced four people. The five Wang and the desire can’t help but feel chilling from the heart. It’s timid and chilling …
Si Nianjian is faster, with a qualitative leap, and the amplitude range of the sword awn is wider. Facing Si Nian’s murderous look, Feng Yue deeply feels that he has changed his eyebrows and replaced Feng Yue with even breathing. There is a feeling that he will win the battle with Si Nian in three strokes all the year round. He can’t say what he will feel this way, but this intuition is very accurate. He has never miscalculated …
Nine Yan and others stared at the white mountain on the body like a sculpture standing in the wind, and the body was filled with rich purple gas like an iceberg. Both of them were staring at each other, and now they are all saving their strength to wait for that instant moment.
Nine yan immediately scold a way, "mom, do you want to play hard? !”
Mochow frowned. "Get ready to shoot."
The rising sun wry smile way "I’m afraid we can’t stop …"
Han Xing said indifferently, "If you can’t stop them, you have to stop them. It doesn’t matter who dies."
Looking askance at Nai’s four people staring at the lane again, Sinian bit his teeth. Without words, he is worried.
Si Nian moved like a flying rainbow towards the romantic blaster, and the sword in his hand pointed at the throat and the romantic moved step by step at the same time. Although it was slow, it seemed like a lost track. The alley walls were suddenly moving forward and backward, which made people ponder that two light and shadow were intertwined. The white mans were suddenly strong and weak, and the purple gas soared and retreated sharply. The figure method distinguished the sword attack and kept breathing, so he fought more than ten swords. Si Nian waved a sword and the sawdust in the alley was rolled up by its gas strength, which seemed to be like a flying knife. The romantic did not hide from the purple shock wave and shot it down several times. At this time, the blade cut through the air, and Si Nian used his fastest sword. The blade was wrapped in a murderous sword, and Feng Yue quickly withdrew the sword and retreated sharply. However, the tip of the sword with strong white light was getting closer and closer to him, and Feng Yue finally gritted his teeth to deal with Qingfeng’s hidden trick. The whole sword was instantly wrapped in purple air, and a low-pitched roar mingled with the rush of Lei Yin Si Nian’s sword, and both of them stabbed the strongest sword with mortal heart.
"mom! Fight! " The rising sun, Yunlong, folded and flashed again, and the treasure fan made by King Kong came out with a wave of his hand, followed by five rounds of da method, and then a great curse of mercy was printed on two people, Mochow Tianshan folded plum hand was a magic hand, and the return air of Han Xing brushed Liu Jian, once put into use, it seemed like a willow branch wrapped around two people, and in an instant, the whole alley was full of colorful gas, and the lights flew up to lure people from afar. Five Wang’s physical strength was not enough, and they didn’t make a mess. At this moment, five Wang’s hands and desires were I can’t help but step back for fear of being harmed by these masters’ strength. The fierce battle gang leader licked his dry lips and his eyes rolled round. He said in horror, "Mom, the four of them let go of all their unique skills. Aren’t you afraid that the romantic and the little one will die without fighting, but they will kill them with their big moves?"
"fuck! Why are so many people running over? " The valiant soldier’s eyes immediately saw a sea of people in the distance attracted by all kinds of gas.
"Mom went to stop them!" The valiant soldier immediately jumped into the room and shouted to the gang members, "Bring me a group of people!"
If Shuibang Wang Weak Water 3,000 and Feiyan Gang Wang Play Feiyan at one another, they will no longer continue to pay attention to the situation and get rid of this matter immediately.
Finally, Thorn, the leader of the Iron Blood Gang, and Jinjiang, the owner of Jinxiu Mountain Villa, also jumped and left a person anxious.
The whole alley has been destroyed, and the houses on both sides are broken and the dust is gradually dissipating. Nine Yan and others’ unique skills have not hindered the two people, because they were deadlocked by two people when they hit their unique skills. Their unique skills are to reduce the damage of two people.
Si Nian’s mouth is full of blood, staring at the romantic expression, still cold, but his mouth is a little bitter.
"I lost" romantic mouth slightly.
See two people at this time are holding swords at each other’s throats. The sword touches the romantic throat, but the romantic sword is broken …
Si Nian didn’t want to kill him after they hit the last sword. He saw the romantic eyes in the moment of life and death just now. That’s unwilling eyes. There are still people who haven’t defeated unwilling Si Nian. Because he is also full of that kind of eyes … If you didn’t have Jiu Yan and others just now, you will be reborn at the same time.
Si Nian gently put his sword into its sheath and said indifferently, "You know that we have both been born again without their intervention."
"But the fact is that I lost." Romantic shook her head coldly.
"The fact is that your sword is not as long as your sword …" Si Nian struggled to leap to the side of Yu Yu, and the right hand took her to jump while the two headed for the Snow Mountain Villa.
"Romantic …" The rising sun wants to comfort the romantic defeat to his opponent.
Romantic looks pale and his expression seems to be unusually low. He gently waved his hand. "There is no reason to lose if you lose …"
"But you didn’t lose! If you fight, you will end up in a tie! " Nine yan see romantic a vicissitudes of life expression in the heart can not help but sour roared.
Mo Yan bowed his head and said nothing for so many years. They all saw it in their eyes. Seven years ago, when he was a young knight, he took a sword and wandered the Jianghu alone. He never lost. Even in the face of Qin Guyue, the first master of Huashan School in those days, he was even tied until one day he suddenly broke into Gusu and asked for the first sword, Qingfeng, to fight. He lost. He knelt on the handrail and fell into frustration tears. From then on, he met with Jiuyan and others around Qingfeng. Although he had nine Yan, they were friends, he was always lonely. Self-study day and night is enough. I can defeat Qingfeng one day. It was a shame that year, but he was defeated by a rising star. After seven years of loneliness, was it another failure? He walked alone in the lonely sunset, dragging a broken sword in his right hand …
Han Xing, with tears in her eyes, stared at the lost figure stretching at dusk … She always liked Feng Yue and silently supported him to stay with him. Now he is trying to comfort him when he is in such pain …
Nine Yan is trying to recover a blue cloud falling "and"
"Qingfeng!" Nine Yan can’t help but call bearer.
Qingfeng’s indifferent face turned slightly sideways. "You go home and I’ll chase him." After that, Qingfeng jumped and floated gently and fell to the romantic side.
Romantic know bearer he didn’t speak is quietly enjoying the sunset yellow color as if this kind of sunshine belongs to himself "ah" he can’t help laughing at himself really like this afterglow?
"Come with me and I’ll tell you the gap …" Qingfeng stepped forward and blinked and disappeared in front of romantic eyes.
Romantic heard this dim eyes a bright, struggling to leap and go two rosy clouds gently across the sunset, red …
Chapter 39 Snow Mountain Villa
The pale crescent moon illuminates the gray-black sky, but the mountain peaks are heroic, but they slowly hang down in the just-closed night, and they fall into silence. The clouds press the peaks like tentacles, and the eagles hover and sing in the mountains for a long time … The evening customs are still full of vigor and vitality, and the trees are still coming to Ye Er from time to time. The wind blows sadly from the trees, and the sound is dim. Seeing the green leaves dancing all over the ground in the wind, the romantic cold face is more and more lonely …
Long gowns and wild mountain winds raise two people’s flowing long hair. Qingfeng stands at the front end of the mountain peak with one step. He stands tall in the face of nature’s fury. Qingfeng’s cold eyes look straight into the distance and there is a thin awn. The sunset and romantic moon are cold eyes behind him, watching his blue figure in this vast Gao Wanfeng. The clouds are at your fingertips. It stands like an eternal warrior, but the romantic moon has an illusion. In front of him, the small figure is like a heavenly king standing in the wind. The wind can not fall, and the ten thousand peaks can be stepped on by it. Feet for a long time, romantic eyes finally changed, and the wind cut his face. He suddenly realized the meaning of Qingfeng bringing him here. He didn’t want to tell him directly, but let him feel himself … He read the blue background, lonely and lonely, lonely and lost. He suddenly found that he had been wrong for seven years. He had been driving and defeating Qingfeng and taught himself day and night. He had been hiding his sword in hatred and pulling it out.
Qing Fengran turned and looked at Feng Yue coldly. "Did you find out where you lost?"
Romantic sigh gently cold face hanging limit self-mockery "seven years ago, if I hadn’t been looking for you, maybe I would have pursued my own kendo to the extreme end, but I was ruined by you …"
Qingfeng is indifferent. "You ruined yourself."
Feng Yue said, "At that time, I insisted on killing your target, but I got farther and farther away from my own kendo and was pointed at my throat by a rising star."
Qing Fengdao: "Si Nian was humiliated by Liu Dieyi two years ago, but he didn’t cling to the goal of killing Liu Dieyi like you. Instead, he’ killed’ to prove that everyone in the Kendo Jianghu was killed, but no one can be an exception. Even if the woman around him lost, you lost not to him but to your blind heart."
Romantic doubt asks, "You didn’t mean it seven years ago, but you didn’t tell me until now."
Qingfeng looked at the ground indifferently and circled the leaves. "You didn’t understand even if I told you …"
Feng Yue said, "Are you so sure?"
Qing duct "because you have touched the kendo at the moment"
Romantic after listening to one leng, then close your eyes, and finally feel confused and open your eyes. "What didn’t I notice?"
Qingfeng didn’t say why. He turned to see that the sunset had set, and the crescent moon was shining, silvery white and milky, and the fog was light and free and easy. The mountain said softly for a long time, "Because you and I entered the same kendo …"