Although Beckham used to play for Manchester United, he is also highly respected among Manchester City fans.

For example, Ibrahimovic was booed as soon as he appeared on the court.
Obviously, before the game, Ibrahimovic ignored Sun Yao’s remarks and yjng angered Manchester City home fans.
Many Manchester City fans took out huge banners to ridicule Ibrahim.
"Sun Yao is our Mr. Golden Ball. Who are you?"
"Did you win the Champions League in Sun Yao?"
"shme didn’t see you at the awards ceremony?"
These banners are directed at Ibrahim.
After talking about Paris Saint-Germain, look at Manchester City, which is also the main force of the nebula
Sun Yao still appeared on the side.
This time Aguero started with méyou because of YD ? n minor injury.
But it doesn’t matter whether méyou hinders Manchester City or nénggou poses a terrorist attack group.
Zhe Ke carries the arrow, Nasri carries the front waist, and David Silva carries the right side.
Needless to say, others are the main players.
Local tyrants versus local tyrants!
Just now, Paris Saint-Germain team showed that they wanted to compete with Manchester City. bjng is also a team with deep pockets. Of course, méyou has no fear of teams like Manchester City.
Speaking of history, Paris Saint-Germain seems to be more brilliant than Manchester City.
Less than five minutes after the game, Paris Saint-Germain made a subtle attack.
Lucas Jr. crosses the road and pastore’s chest makes the ball to Ravich in the penalty area.
Ravich stopped the ball and went straight in.
In the face of Lescott’s tackle and Ravich’s direct and clean spike, Lescott was deducted.
Keep your left foot close to the far post of the goal!
Joe Hart is also capable of shooting at such close range.
But at the crucial moment, the post helped Manchester City a lot. The ball bounced off the post and was quickly cleared by Kong Pani.
It’s really dangerous for Manchester City to get away with it.
At this moment, Manchester City, but YD m: n, dare not look down on this team.
At the beginning of bjng season, shhou Paris Saint-Germain was crazy about it, and stole the limelight of all teams before the season, including Manchester City, the local tyrant of the Premier League, and Real Madrid, the rich and rich in La Liga.
Ravitch and Ibu are famous!
Then pastore’s powerful long-range shot tested Johart again. Fortunately, Johart held the ball firmly in his arms when he saved.
Of course, although Paris Saint-Germain has a posture that newborn calves are not afraid of tigers, it can’t hold Manchester City down and spank.
Manchester city also has a strong attack, and they responded quickly.
Sun Yao started shooting directly after the breakthrough on the flank, and the ball went straight to the goal with a strong spin.
Sirigu, the goalkeeper of Paris Saint-Germain, made a save but couldn’t seem to reach the ball.
However, it seems that the rotation of this shhou ball is still lacking YD m: n, and méyou still rotates into the goal and flies out of the post.
This ball also made the Manchester City fans sigh at the scene, but after that, they sang "Song of Sun Yao"
Bjng’s goal is very imposing. The fans are uneasy about the attack of Paris Saint-Germain, but after this goal, many fans seem to be very relieved because they are still present and in good shape. If he is in the team, he will not be afraid of opponents!
Sun Yaoge is also a fan dedicated to encouraging Sun Yao.
After Sun Yao won the "Golden Globe Award", this song often played in Etihad Stadium!
Da Feng first kicked the ball hard and didn’t let the others in the Paris Saint-Germain attack group dance alone. zj’s kick was so heavy that Joe Hart saved the bottom line.
From the scene, I went to Paris Saint-Germain, but YD M: N is not weaker than Manchester City.
This is not a good situation for Manchester City.
But you can always see the value of a star at the key moment.
Local tyrants vs. Sun Yao will naturally show off!
The score was rewritten after 30 minutes of the game.
Nasri Miao directly penetrated the instep from the outside of the restricted area to the small restricted area. Sun Yao’s speed advantage was very obvious at this time, and two defenders of Paris Saint-Germain were directly thrown to arrive.
In the face of Sirigu directly from the left foot ling volley!
The ball should enter the net.
The field is boiling!
Manchester City beat Etihad Stadium one-on-one, shouting Sun Yao’s name, which seemed to be heard all over Manchester, even at Old Trafford Stadium next door.
Nasri’s shoulder is also a wonderful gift this time. Nasri, a competitor of two teams, has always been a substitute role for Sun Yao, but when it comes to the key moment, he can always give a subtle performance. At this time, the two players embrace together and celebrate the goal.