This is her home. She is afraid of the outside world. Although she has dreamed of it, she has been through something like that. She is really afraid that it will be dangerous for her mother to stay alone.

So even if she wants to leave again, she can’t go with him.
"My family lives in Liuyun Village. Remember to come to me! I will be responsible for you! " Words shouted at the back of battery Zheng.
She ran too far, like a gust of wind, and he didn’t know whether she heard it or not. He looked at her in a lost direction as if waiting for her to run back.
"Let’s go! This is also a big guest. We can’t afford to offend. Maybe even life will follow. "The companion urged.
But he still felt very uneasy.
She’s a girl’s family. After all that, will she be okay? ? Even he feels flustered and dare not continue to live here. Arguably, if he doesn’t dare to live, he will want to run better and better. Why would he want to leave? Chapter 847 Let me accompany you.
Is it because of that hasty and thin back? That thin back seems to be scattered when the wind blows …
If anything happens to her, he will regret it! Yes, even this kind of emotion, he is not worried for no reason! Worried that she would be like foam, his fingertips became a phantom and disappeared
"I’m not going. You can go without me!" Words suddenly said
"Are you crazy? There’s no shop in the middle of nowhere here to die!"
"Just be crazy!" Words said the hammer a companion shoulder is crazy after saying goodbye to chase the battery Zheng.
"Hey, he’s not something you can offend. Stay!"
"If you offend, just offend. Don’t do business after the big deal." Words and sounds drifted away in the middle.
Yanxu chased the battery Zheng all the way.
It’s not cold in this season, but I don’t know what makes her feel particularly cold. It seems that no matter how many clothes she wears, she can’t resist such cold.
Riverbank willow yiyi
"Why don’t you go?"
She is so calm, but he seems to feel her trembling
It is she who is shaking and getting worse.
"Don’t be afraid of me," Yan Xu said solemnly. "I will protect you."
Qi Zheng turned around in surprise, and for the first time, she looked at her face seriously. Too many emotions poured in, and she knew that he should push him, help him and sympathize with him, because it might not be redemption, but a wrong decision that brought him closer to the abyss.
But she was bewitched by the firm eyes.
It seems that someone appeared in the dream … Can she really trust him without reservation? Reveal that she has been carefully hiding her fears and relying on him! ?
Words seemed to read a thousand words in her eyes and pulled her into her arms.
He doesn’t know why he would do this, just as he doesn’t understand that she is afraid of going crazy, but she pretends to be what she is. He is afraid that she will pretend to be strong and will fall apart after he leaves.
Maybe this is his wishful thinking, but a strange feeling suddenly came into his mind.
He can’t leave her, not now, not ever! Yes, he knows what she’s been through and that she used to tremble!
Qi Zheng struggled gently-maybe they got too close last night. She didn’t feel strange to him, but felt inexplicable warmth as if she was about to cry.
But she knew that she must not cry!
I feel that once her fears are revealed, she will never be able to withdraw from this warm embrace. If she will eventually lose them, she would rather never get them, so that she will not feel pain …
"Didn’t you say you were leaving? What’s back here? "The sound of the battery Zheng is very light. It seems that if you are afraid of being too big, you will wake up from your dream.
When she was at her worst, she was beside him. When she felt abandoned by the world, he warmly embraced her and took her to the bone.
She met him as if she had met the sun. She knew she shouldn’t get too close, but she seemed to be greedy. She wanted someone to warm her and illuminate her so that she wouldn’t feel afraid. She was as lonely as if she were alone in the world. Chapter 848 The murderer became a stepfather.
"I’ll leave tomorrow" said hesitantly. I don’t trust you, but I think so in my heart.
Really? The day will go. Qi Zheng was silent. Once she didn’t speak again, then God forbid. It would be good to make her warm for a moment.
The night is getting late.
Soon the so-called stepfather came.