Sunglasses backward boots on the edge of the altar a knock he also planted back.
Mad dog dragon just turned to face the metal melting pot of the hexagonal god case. It’s a pity that he doesn’t know what to do with this thing.
At the key moment, the widow growled, "Just turn left three times and then right three times!"
Mad dog dragon rushed forward with a shock and found that the metal cover of the furnace had a small handle that stood up. He forced the furnace and really couldn’t hit it.
He shook the handle cover and it really turned, so he turned counterclockwise and then clockwise according to the widow’s method
After three turns, the whole furnace made a "click" sound.
After uncovering the lid, I found a naked white celestial sphere lying in the furnace. What else can it be if it is not energy?
However, he was about to take it when the unified tone rang in his ear inexplicably.
"Brave player, you have started the purgatory furnace. You can choose to release the seal or not. Please return the furnace to its original position."
What do you mean?
Does this mean that taking the energy is to break the seal?
Dude, it’s hard to come here with two good friends, and you can’t go home without a hand!
Mad dog dragon almost didn’t hesitate to reach for the celestial sphere, and at the same time, the unified tone sounded again.
"Brave player congratulates you on breaking the Satan seal of the Crusader and getting a personal achievement upgrade-‘Braveheart’!"
The mad dog dragon didn’t feel happy this time because he smelled a trace of ominous from the unified sound. What’s the name of this unsealing? Satan? That’s not a good person.
What’s going on here?
Mad dog dragon suddenly found that the celestial sphere method was put into his own baggage and took a closer look at the celestial sphere.
Energy with unknown attributes;
Remarks: If you want to take this energy, please put it into the furnace and take it with you until it leaves Damascus. Before leaving Damascus, the energy of the altar and furnace can still produce new seals.
Holy shit, there is such a strange rule that mad dog dragon can put the celestial sphere into the furnace and wrap the furnace cloth over his shoulder.
When all this was done, his premonition finally came true.
He suddenly found that the red light around him was fading, and at this time, it was not only his surprise, but everyone on the ground was uneasy.
The water level of the magma in the pool is visible to the naked eye, the speed is decreasing, and the temperature around it is also decreasing. It feels colder than the impatience, and the magma seems to be shrinking rapidly, as if there is an invisible suction in the pool to suck the fiery magma into the cracks and suck it deep into the center of the earth.
Of course, with the disappearance of the magma bit by bit, the darkness returned to the cave. Players re-played various facilities and took pictures of sticks, hand barrels and iodine tungsten lamp.
Suddenly there was a very low hissing sound from the ground, but everyone could hear it clearly.
The widow looked excited, and the sword was already in her hand. "Did you say that the water beast was coming out?"
Jin Wu smiled and nodded, and also held the staff tightly. "It’s finally time to pay back after so many days of hard work."
Fortunately, Mad Dog Dragon can’t see them, otherwise it will vomit blood. It is obvious that the furnace is sealed with a boss by the altar machine. If you want to get energy, you must forge the furnace. When you forge the furnace, your technologist can’t resist the temptation of energy, and once you take the energy seal, it will be unsealed and the boss will be released.
It is very dead that the Golden Dance suspects the mad dog dragon. Only those who can fly over the eaves and climb the wall have to go to that altar, so that there are few people and they can win among many competitors. She believes that only the mad dog dragon can do it.
This shows that Mad Dog Dragon has once again become a golden dance tool.
Sure enough, after the bray, the bottom of the pool suddenly radiated bursts of ice blue light, and the light became stronger and stronger.
Everyone is curious and can’t help but visit him in succession.
Chapter three hundred and thirty-three Old White Conditions
The boss in the pool appeared in 3 seconds. Strictly speaking, the boss didn’t look like a monster this time.
Because a translucent lamb came running happily and looked around at the instep of a statue, it looked very cute. The difference between ordinary lambs is that its body color is white and blue, and its tentacles on the top of its head are particularly long.
Han Xinyi couldn’t help saying, "This lamb is quite cute!"
"Things come to hand! Let’s go! " I don’t know when the mad dog dragon came down again.
Sao ha ha and eyebrow eye smile "or melon brother badly! It’s really flexible! "
"Do you still have the mood to play boss?" Mad dog dragon noticed that Jin Wu and widow were on the edge of the central altar. I don’t know when and what strange methods were used, but now he has cheated this woman for nothing.
In fact, it’s not too much to say when. Anyway, these two guys always know everything and just don’t tell themselves.
"Let’s see!" Han Xinyi obviously unmoved.
"You listen to me. I feel very wrong this time. It’s better to go first. The city-state really belongs to us when the energy comes out." Mad Dog Dragon patted the cloth.
However, Han Xinyi and Sao Hehe obviously didn’t mean to leave. According to the mad dog dragon character, you can see that you can’t leave. I’ll leave first, but the thought that these two have taught themselves a lot of knowledge and skills privately in the process of learning just won’t harden my heart.
Boss doesn’t attack people when he appears. Many players are curious.
But all of a sudden, a huge ice cone fell from the sky and smashed into pieces on the lamb’s head, and a big blue chill suddenly spread to the golden dance. This ice cone perfusion mana is really not weak.
As soon as the lamb ate the pain, it jumped up and jumped out. After a long distance, it suddenly raised its hoof and hissed a long whistle.
Strange pictures appeared in the pool, and dozens of soldiers dressed in armor, helmets and spears appeared. Each soldier’s equipment was in tatters.
Sao ha ha exclaimed, "These … these are the crusaders who attacked Jerusalem in the dark ages of Europe."
The mad dog dragon hand took a photo and found that every soldier had no flesh and blood at the root, and his face was a skeleton, holding a shield and a spear hand was a skeleton.
Sao Hehe seems to think of something again. "I know this place should mean that the hell furnace specializes in killing people and complaining about their souls. The sheep raised these undead."
Sure enough, the soldiers made all kinds of strange screams in their throats, shouting and raising their weapons. The first attack was that Hong Wuyi and his gang, two wind mages, rolled out of the blockbuster "Wind and Waves", and several archers behind them fired arrows one after another.
When hkk people started fighting, everyone moved for a while. Lei Guang’s various skills seemed to be smashed into the pool without money
There are four undead guards killed by Mad Dog Dragon. Han Xinyi finally doesn’t think boss is cute. With a wave of his hand, a thick flash falls from the sky, "bursts bursts bursts" and hits the ground, then splits forward and crashes.
Even the rocks were split where they passed, and four soldiers were directly shot off, but they got up quickly after falling to the ground and continued to move slowly.
Han Xinyi looked a little pale. "I’m strong in 4 laws and 35 subjects, and I can’t kill these monsters in seconds."
"Stop looking and go!" Mad dog dragon found that the mirror image of the undead soldiers in the pool is now in pieces, and the pool has become a place made by the undead, and the soldiers are being refreshed crazily.
"Go ahead and I’ll break the back!" Mad dog drags out ak47.
Han Xinyi glanced at his pike and left the pie mouth, and finally said nothing, followed by SAO SAO, and went into the tunnel.
It is more scientific for a mad dog to break after a long break. Han Xinyi is a mage who can’t run fast, and the speed is even slower. I guess I was scared all the way.
However, it was not long before I ran out, and the watch called the police. "Someone is chasing us right behind us. The distance is 194 meters. The danger index is as high as … Fuck, it is as high as 121 o’clock. I am afraid that this person is level 5."
Mad dog dragon heart sank, and he also saw a red dot flashing on the detector screen. At this time, someone came to ten * * instead of running away, he stared at his three.
"SAO elder brother, you are not a fighting profession. You run Xiaoyi first. You take the energy and run directly to the delivery door. I’ll block the man behind you." Mad dog dragon handed the cloth to Han Xinyi.
Han Xinyi hesitated, but still took the cloth and ran away.
Anyway, at the key moment, teammates still give strength, at least people believe in you
The two of them arrived as soon as they left behind. It was the camouflage sunglasses.
How do sunglasses come alive? This question has come without thinking, because the mad dog dragon saw that the sunglasses hand was holding a straight army stab, and his waist was inserted with a baton, and the general’s stab face was flushed.