Si Nian said, "In that case, go and get one."

Romantic way "that’s what I’m thinking."
Two figures step on the river and disappear, leaving only a few laps of ripples floating on the river after dusk …
"Hey, hey, boss, I didn’t expect you to scare the monk, and he was afraid to give us two ribbons in his hand." A sly smile at a middle-aged man around him.
"Hum, I didn’t expect him to get two ribbons for a monk who doesn’t know any martial arts." The middle-aged man next to him seems to be puzzled by the fact that the honest monk actually has two ribbons, but although he can’t figure it out, the two ribbons he got are real. He didn’t expect that he, the tenth master of Sun Moon Shinto, could be lucky enough to get two ribbons, so it’s cheaper for him to be a loyal younger brother.
At the moment, they are on their way to the imperial city. Hurry up and arrive at the Forbidden City. They take a short walk and shuttle through the dark alleys.
"Hey!" A figure flashed across the roof and rowed directly into the alley.
The middle-aged man and his younger brother couldn’t help wondering, "It’s you!" "
"bang! Hey! " Two sounds like palms smashing watermelons, and then they lay in the alley …
Romantic turns in the alley, and a white gown on the roof flutters gently in the cool breeze, while Si Nian leans leisurely against the wall of the alley exit with his hands holding swords, and his eyes are slightly closed.
At this moment, a big monk in a gray robe with wide face and ears ran out of the alley with his head down like a child who had done something wrong.
"Honest monk" Si Nian opened his eyes and stared at the monk running near him and said.
The monk paused, a little flustered and afraid to look into Sinian’s eyes. His novel said, "How do you know the name of the monk …"
Si Nian said, "There is no second monk who looks so honest."
The honest monk shook his head fiercely. "The monk not only looks honest but also has an honest heart."
Si Nian said, "Really honest? Then you ran out of the alley in such a hurry?"
The honest monk seems to be guilty. His speech is weak. "The honest monk has to go to see Simon benefactor and Ye benefactor duel."
Si Nian said, "We’re going too. Can we go the same way as the monk?"
The honest monk must keep his eyes fixed, nod his head first and then shake his head violently. "You can’t enter the imperial city. You need a ribbon donor, but there is no ribbon."
Si Nian said, "Monk, don’t you have three?"
The honest monk suddenly stopped and then panicked, "No, no monk has one …"
Si Nian smiled indifferently. "The monk didn’t tell the truth. Didn’t the monk just add two more?"
The honest monk flashed like a ball and then his cheek passed like a liar. The child was caught for a long time. He looked up and Nuo Nuo said, "There are two monks, but that’s what the monk friend prepared …"
Si Nian asked, "Who are the monks’ friends?"
The honest monk said, "Master Lu and the thief."
Si Nian said, "Lu Xiaofeng and Si Pick Stars."
The honest monk nodded. "It’s just that the two of them like to tease monks and play with big bastards."
Si Nian said, "They already have it."
The honest monk was surprised and said, "Really?"
Si Nian nodded "Really"
The honest monk said, "The monk believes you, and I’ll give it to you." Then the honest monk took out two ribbons from his sleeve and threw them to Si Nian, and then he disappeared into the night with his hands on Si Nian slightly.
Feng Yue jumped from the roof and stared at the place where the honest monk went away coldly. "Do you believe he is really honest?"
Si Nian said, "An honest monk seems dishonest."
Feng Yue said, "But it’s very kind of him to give you the ribbon so easily."
Sinian looked at romantic indifferently. "I guess if you weren’t here, he would have done it …"
Si Nian and Feng Yue appeared together outside the imperial city, and the leader of the imperial guard took the ribbon and let them go.
Two people quickly passed around the Forbidden City, and there were already more than 30 people. Lu Xiaofeng was full of flowers, honest monk Qingfeng Demon Ji Xiao Beggar Qin Gu Yue had arrived, and an unexpected person appeared in Si Nian’s eyes-he was still in a purple robe at night, and his handsome face was as cold as frost, with a white hair and white beard next to him, and the rest of Si Nian no longer knew each other.
Romantic low said to Si Nian, "My master and your master haven’t come yet."
Si Nian nodded indifferently and immediately found a wall that could see the Hall of Supreme Harmony in the Forbidden City. The wall leaned against the wall, closed its eyes and taught itself, and it happened to be the same thing.
The wind blows his beard lightly, looks at Si Nian indifferently and asks the midnight, "Is that your brother?"
At midnight, I glanced at the sadness and joy in Sinian’s eyes. "It’s just before."
Feng Qingyang said, "He’s really good. He’s the first person I’ve ever seen who went to kill a sword but wasn’t killed and abused to take his mind away."
Silent at night, he doesn’t want to be this person again.
When the full moon hung high in the Supreme Hall of Harmony, the tallest building in the Forbidden City, silver mist was sprinkled on the earth. Two figures came from one east and one west, and their feet jumped into the Hall of Supreme Harmony with a few taps. They were all dressed like snow, and their faces were as cold as ice that had not melted for thousands of years. Ye Gucheng looked at Ximen Chuixue coldly, but his eyes were a little excited, while Ximen Chuixue was equally indifferent, and his eyes were sad and happy. He was staring at Ye Gucheng in front. At the moment, his heart was the same, and his blood was pouring at each other. At that moment, it seemed that loneliness in his life was swept
Chapter sixty-seven Said the cloud
Ye Gucheng looked at Ximen Chuixue’s way ahead, "Don’t be ill for years."
Ximen Chuixue cold eyes can’t see the color cold voice slowly and said, "Everything is all right …"
The two swords have not been drawn yet, but they have exuded a cold chill. At this moment, Ximen Chuixue’s eyes are passing through a different color. His right hand is like a phantom, and the sword is drawn out suddenly. A cold sword light flashes and then suddenly disappears in the silent night.
A cold sweat seeped from Ye Gucheng’s forehead. He didn’t react just now …
Ximen Chuixue stared at Ye Gucheng coldly. "Do you know that you have committed a capital crime?"
Ye Gucheng’s body trembled slightly. "What capital crime?"
At this time, all the spectators in the distance were instantaneous, and Ximen Chuixue suddenly drew his sword.
See Ye Gucheng face skin suddenly broken, but there is another face inside-it’s a skin mask.
Suddenly! Lu Xiaofeng’s eyes are dignified, like thinking of something, and he jumps rapidly and flies off to the south room.
SiNian romantic and others at the same time one leng this person was not Ye Gucheng!
At the moment, playing Ye Gucheng also found that his face changed, and his eyes were shocked. He couldn’t help but step back slightly and look at Ximen Chuixue in horror. He didn’t expect Ximen Chuixue to find himself pretending to be a person …
The man said, "How did you find out?"
Ximen Chuixue said, "Although your flying swordsmanship is very high, you still can’t imitate Ye Gucheng’s loneliness’ I’m afraid that Qionglou Yuyu will be too cold at the top’ …" Then I didn’t wait for the man to reply. Ximen Chuixue bowed her head and whispered, "Since I don’t want to fight, I’m invited here again …" Bleak loneliness is like the maple leaves in the autumn wind. Ximen Chuixue drew his sword again and then turned and swept into the eaves.
The man stretched out his right hand and was about to keep Ximen Chuixue. Suddenly, his eyes slammed his neck and his pupils contracted, but no matter how hard his hands covered them, they couldn’t stop the blood … "Dong!" The man fell to the ground and rolled "bang" and fell to the Hall of Supreme Harmony.
Romantic frown SiNian indifferently looked at romantic light way next to "let’s wait" and then SiNian closed his eyes again.
Nanfang Today, the emperor reads the land, and he never tires of reading it. He stays in Nanfang to rest every night.
When the young emperor woke up from his dream, the moonlight was shining in from the window and shining in front of his bed. In the moonlight, it looked like a cloud, as if there was a figure in the fog.
As soon as the emperor straightened up, he jumped up and kept calm. "Who?"
The caller’s voice is very cold, just like the ice "guide" in the palace freezer
The emperor asked, "Guide?"