The commando officer looked at the fleeing enemies and laughed coldly and shouted, "Chase for one kilometer and then return to the fortress to wait for the rear troops to arrive!" "

"Yes!" People listened to orders and immediately started to chase after the enemy lines.
And before the officer reached the pursuit order, the night wind had already launched a "blink flash step" to rush to the center of the monster army, and once again "blink flash step" took one of the lizard people to a hidden corner.
No nonsense. The night wind flashed magic to create a needle-like object and insert it into the back of the lizard man’s head.
[Puppet art!
Create your own skills and start the lizard man’s eyes. He suddenly stays motionless and becomes fascinated. This trick is created by the night wind. The skill can be used to remotely control an enemy. If you want your own magic to pay for the control output, you can always control the other party. Because this trick is highly skillful, the stronger the control, the greater the enemy’s consumption of magic. Even the gods can detect the night wind and make puppet art work in NPC.
The spell succeeded. Night wind flicked his finger, and the lizard man was suddenly shocked and immediately recovered his spirits. However, he didn’t look at the night wind, but turned around and went after his friends. Night wind didn’t worry that his magic would consume light because he manipulated the lizard man, but it was only 1 o’clock per second. Even if he wired puppet art, he would not be relieved.
"The success of the war will wait for the arrival of the human army dragon." The night wind revealed the elusive chuckle, and at the same time, the commandos’ pursuit instructions have been withdrawn from the fortress in succession.
Soon there were many torches on the mountain, all of which were human troops, and there were at least 3 thousand soldiers.
Two thousand of these soldiers set up barracks in the mountains, and one thousand of them entered the fortress to rebuild the large military fortress that had been burned by fire. At the same time, the general commander of the legion also rewarded the people of the assault team for their merits-how many enemies the soldiers killed in the battlefield will automatically record, and they are not afraid that the chief executive will grab the credit of the Ministry.
As a result, the night wind stood out when the record of the results was published-it recorded that although he didn’t kill many enemies, he killed almost captain-level characters. This record almost made everyone in the assault team look at the night wind with a surprise and reverence.
Later, when corps commander asked the night wind when he wanted it, the night wind did not hesitate to leave the assault team and asked to be the only one in the legion to act alone and have some soldiers at the same time, but he didn’t want it.
The commander is very surprised at this request. The first two requests make the commander think that the night wind wants to be more profitable. The latter one makes the commander reevaluate the night wind. The few people who recognize the night wind are just rangers who want to protect their homes-he would never have thought that there would be people who would be disloyal to their own race in the racial war, because different races would never agree with another race, which is even worse. It is not good for him whether the night wind or a player sells his race …
Everything works according to the night wind, and the night wind continues to carry out his plan in the dark.
On the morning of February 20, the night wind came to the military fortress early, and at this time, hundreds of soldiers were surrounded by the square as if watching something strange.
Curious about the night wind, I simply walked over and looked at it. The result immediately froze-what everyone was surrounded by was a modern cannon-like thing, but its whole body was made of precious magic minerals, and the whole body shone like blue crystals; Its barrel is three meters long and has huge supports. At the end for the cannon; there is the black and red magic spar connected by several lines; which seems of be the cannon hub. The whole cannon is about the size of a van, and it looks more like a small mobile battery as a whole.
"What is this?" The night wind asked the people around him
Without looking at the night wind, the man casually replied, "What’s the name of the weapon brought by the Chinese Empire? I heard that this thing is powerful enough to give a small hill a special assignment to our legion special weapon! Haha, with this thing, even if the dragon comes, it will not be afraid ~ ~ "said the man, who had fallen into delusion.
After listening to the man’s explanation of the night wind, he was immediately silent. After taking a deep look at the crowd, he quietly retreated and came to a hidden tree in the forest by relying on the’ blink flash’.
"I can’t believe that humans actually made this weapon." The light female voice rang, and the hostess just turned back to the black hawk night.
The night wind looked at the night and smiled lightly. "Ha, you are too underestimating human beings. This kind of weapon will certainly be made by human standards, but I didn’t expect it to be made so soon." Speaking of this night wind, the cold seal figure flashed in my mind and my smile became meaningful. "It seems that you have long planned to develop your strength in this way, right? Cold seal … "
After squinting for a moment, the night wind closed his eyes quietly on the trunk and manipulated the lizard man through puppet art-the creature manipulated by puppet art will keep its original memory and wisdom. It is the law to disobey the night wind’s orders and he must do whatever he wants. That is to say, puppet art is actually to turn the enemy into a loyal dog who listens to his own orders, and what he sees by closing his eyes during the manipulation is what he sees by the * controller.
What the night wind can see now is a dense forest surrounded by monsters, goblins, lizards, cats, demons and dogs … They are doing their own things, and no creature dares to be lazy. In the distance, a huge red body is lying quietly on the ground, and a pair of golden giant eyes are staring at the small creatures around them coldly. This huge creature is called the fire dragon and the evil star!
"Is it the red dragon …"
The night wind laughed coldly at the lizard man, who got the order and immediately walked to the front of the fire dragon.
"What can I do for you?" Asked the fire dragon sink.
The lizard man immediately said something to the fire dragon that the night wind couldn’t understand.
Listen to the lizard people’s words. The pupil of the fire dragon suddenly widened into a contraction, and the filar silk flame was low and the angry voice sounded. "Is that true? Is the man who killed my brother really in that fortress? "
The lizard man nodded and admitted and made some moves as if to say that he was not lying.
The fire dragon was completely angry and roared upwards. As soon as it spread its wings and flew directly to the military fortress where the night wind was located in the southeast, it ignored the little monsters’ incomprehension and worry. At this time, there was anger in the eyes of the fire dragon. What it had to do was to tear the small human who killed his brother, the wind dragon, to pieces.
After watching the fire dragon go away, the night wind lifted the puppet art and stopped quietly at the corner of the trunk with a faint smile-the fire dragon was really enough to "fire" and lost his mind with a slight shock. This opponent is a brute idiot for the night wind, and even if it is strong, it will not treat him as an "enemy" …
The sixth gods dusk Chapter one hundred and twelve The army dragon fights.
The sixth gods dusk Chapter one hundred and twelve The army dragon fights.
Walking every minute, the night wind is hidden five kilometers away from the military fortress, and a big tree is quietly waiting for the arrival of the fire dragon. In that distance, all the sergeants in the military fortress hill barracks are doing their own things, ready for the enemy to fight again.
At that time, it was about noon, and the clouds in the sky suddenly changed-a large white cloud in the military fortress became as red as a flame, and the temperature in Fiona Fang for three kilometers also rose rapidly. Within a second, the temperature exceeded 4 degrees, and everyone felt thirsty and sweaty.
No one knows why the climate here will change so dramatically and strangely, but everyone knows that it is definitely not a good thing that the climate will change, and they also know that a huge crisis is approaching them.
"Ang ~ ~ ~" There was a deafening roar from the clouds, and then the red clouds broke a hole in it and kept expanding until they reached a diameter of 500 meters.
A red dragon with a length of more than 200 meters and a wingspan of not less than 100 meters emerged from the clouds and slowly lowered its head. It seemed to spray anger and stared coldly at its tiny human-the fire dragon malefic finally arrived.
Everyone on the ground was frightened. They never dreamed that the fire dragon would appear directly in front of them-in the past, no matter when the dragons appeared, there were many monsters who would attack first and wait until the fighting between the two sides reached a certain level, but this time the fire dragon would appear so suddenly, which made people feel unprepared.
"Finally, the fire dragon is here. Let me have a good look at your performance …" The night wind reminded me of a smile like a beautiful movie.
The fire dragon’s eyes swept past thousands of ants-like soldiers and opened its mouth, and it roared like anger, "Ang ~~ ~"
Everyone’s heart was shaken by this Long Yin, and thousands of soldiers stared up at the fire dragon in the sky, breathing more and more rapidly and uneasily, and fear also eroded their courage.
The commander-in-chief of the Legion has already experienced this kind of thing, so he was the first to come to his senses. He immediately took out the stone and made an order to the soldiers. "The archer, mage and gunner will be ordered to attack the giant crossbow immediately-all brave soldiers, the goddess of victory will always smile at us and ask us to kill the dragon, so there will be countless wealth waiting for us!"
Hearing the words of the commander of the legion, thousands of soldiers suddenly felt a shock, and their fears immediately went away. Instead, they were excited about fighting, profit, victory and wealth. Everyone saw something else in the dragon’s eyes, and these things would never be fear.
No more hesitation, bow, mantra, gun and other lines quickly appeared, and everyone listened to the commander’s command to face the fire dragon
In an instant, arrows, shells, magic, etc. were fired one after another, with the exception of dozens of small explosions that hit the huge body of the fire dragon, and smoke appeared in various parts of the fire dragon’s body and quickly swallowed up the fire dragon.
However, the army attack did not stop because of this. After all, what they faced was the ancient dragon, and it was impossible for them to die so easily. Their attack continued without any intention of stopping.
Suddenly there was a red light in the smoke, and then a huge pillar of fire broke through the smoke and hit the barracks in the hills. There was a serial explosion in the barracks. More than 100 people were killed by the fire, and hundreds of people were burned by the fire and fled in a hurry. The overwhelming attack also stopped immediately.
The smoke quickly dissipated, and the fire dragon’s body was looming. From the faintly visible gap, people clearly saw that the fire dragon’s body had no scars.
"Ang ~ ~ ~" is another Yi Long chant, and it appears together with this roar, and there is a blazing flame from the mouth of the fire dragon.
"Bear ~ ~ ~" Instantaneous military camp has dozens of tents raging in the fiery breath of the dragon, and the burning flames have turned everything they met into ashes, screaming and exploding all over the area.
In the distance, the night wind silently looked at the crazy dragon with dragon’s breath and calculated the dragon’s fighting power-from the current situation, the fire dragon’s defensive attack power is still burning in the mouth of the wind dragon. Although it is not as high as the fire temperature of Hellfire’s magic body, the fire attack power is not lower than that of Hellfire’s fire power because it has the nature of dragon’s breath and has a corrosive power. Moreover, the fire dragon has not yet made the dragon language magic, and its real fighting power is absolutely in the preliminary calculation of the fire dragon’s power. In the ancient dragon, this level of power should be a low level
In the fire dragon attack, except for some people with high defense and strong strength, almost everyone else will be killed, and there is no chance to avoid and resist. In the face of this level of opponent recklessly, the only way to destroy this 3,000-person army may be to move that secret weapon-the magic magnetic gun made by the Chinese Empire.
"Take out the magic magnetic gun at once", the head of the military camp told the Ministry that he turned to an old man with white hair and long white beard and dressed in a white mage robe and said, "The care cabinet is bothering you."
The care giver nodded silently, closed his eyes and sang a long and incomprehensible magic mantra.
In order to win the incantation for the care giver, the head of this army immediately asked the soldiers in Yaoshan to attract the attention of the fire dragon. Never let the fire dragon notice the military side-at all costs.
Immediately, the mountain soldiers attacked the fire dragon crazily, and constantly attacked and released their strongest skill, the Ministry of Magic. Although this attack didn’t have much effect, it also left some minor scars on the dragon and attracted its attention.
Physical pain makes the fire dragon more angry than it roars. A deep voice says, "Small and humble people, you killed my brother and hurt my noble body. Today I will make you pay a painful price!" As soon as the words fell, the dragon croaked, and several glowing red balls the size of ping-pong balls appeared all over it.
When the head of the army saw this, he immediately understood that it was terrible, so he immediately warned all the soldiers, "Be careful that it is dragon magic!" "
Although the head of the legion issued a warning, it was too late-after the fire dragon roared loudly, several small balls of light rained down on the soldiers on the hill.