It’s almost five-to-five situation awakens. Five masters are fighting five resurrection palace lords there.

The world is very lively and the energy is also very strange. Except for Qiushui Iraqis and Jiu Jianxian, they can take advantage of some things. Others are frustrated at all.
The Nangong, an Italian and the owner of the mountain fan are weak, but the situation is still not very good.
At this time, a woman with a string of beads hanging around her neck suddenly flew up and supported the beads directly with her hands. "Wow!" A bead chain is broken.
But instead of falling, it stopped there.
The sun has come out to shine on the rays of the sun. "Break!" Smashed up one by one like a meteorite in hidden weapons.
Rock-breaking and powerful.
Wine sword fairy shouted "hide this trick is not easy to deal with" and dragged Qiushui Iraqis to hide behind.
Nangong and others did not dare to quickly get rid of the enemy’s retreat, but the result was a direct smash "boom!" When the dust is flying, the awakened ones are directly killed on the spot.
And there are cracks all over the floor. You can imagine how tough this move is.
We had to back off again and again, fanning the dust in front of us, and shouting, "These five are better than we thought. Back off, don’t try to be brave."
Call Pang Bo several people.
I immediately retreated to my side and stood by, because the situation was far from what we thought, and the overall situation was settled.
Still anxious, I feel that I trust Jiu Jianxian and others too much. They can be eliminated. I didn’t expect it to be like this. I should ask Ganlong Hongzhi if I know this.
But he also said that Kangxi and Shunzhi were not able to live, and praised Jiu Jianxian as a master, so he was confident that he could kill them.
The result is not, and then Zhu Yeqing suddenly shouted, "Qianlong is gone, he is not there."
One, we were all surprised and turned to look. Sure enough, just now, Qianlong disappeared and our hearts sank.
Thinking about what I said just now, take a good look at the situation there. I don’t have the skills to get familiar with how to run first
I was furious. "Uncle Cao also said that when kindness comes out, what the fuck is this?" He also wanted to scold the system.
Say it’s reliable. Depend on your uncle! Put us together
Besides, he said we could destroy it. Now it seems that he is afraid that we can’t destroy it before he quits.
Pompo scolded "son of a bitch, don’t let me see him again and I won’t kill him." Anyway, it was a mess
Lin Weiwei, Ning Xi, and Young Xi don’t know that killing the zombie grave keeper around them is not something they can deal with. They shouted, "Don’t worry about keeping your heart and keeping your formation in front of the enemy."
As a result, a voice suddenly sounded, "Yes, hold the formation. I understand that you are just a mess. You are not as United as I thought, so I have to help you."
The sound suddenly appeared behind us.
We are all looking back in a daze. It’s really dry, but we are still looking at it with a folding fan.
"Fuck you, big ye, why are you like a ghost? I don’t see you for a while and then I come out again."
We ran away from him and ended up here helping us.
Hongli also said, "I’m not good at it. I naturally have to hide my eyes and ears when I run in. What do you think? Hurry up. I’m the emperor Qianlong."
I also gave Pang Bo a head. "The little doll made it clear that he was talking, but my grandfather was joking with Kangxi." Then he said, "That is a handful of beads that will be taken back after bombardment. If you can’t fight, you still have to let them go back first."
We have been withdrawing money, but the situation is getting worse and worse, because as he said, the hundred beads were taken back and the loess disappeared.
There were five people with fine silk and fine silk, smiling and proud.
JiuJianXian, colchicine iraqis rushed over at this moment, saying, "It seems that you can’t win if you don’t make a vicious move." His big sword like a door panel has a scabbard.
Want to pull it out
Qiushui Iraqis also grunted with their teeth, "Try my stars falling first."
Just now, Wan Jian, the wine sword fairy, returned to the Sect and killed several Iraqis in Qiushui. "Swish!" One day, the emperor’s face was generally windy.
After people were blown unsteadily, there were stars in the blade, and there was a scene behind it, which was very similar to the wine sword fairy rising in the sea and the moon.
It’s just a lot of stars, and there’s a vortex, and something "kills" a few stars, and she rushes out of the phase with her sword.
Directly attack and go to a very large area and directly kill those five people.
There are two or three Qingcheng Sect brothers left behind. The Qingcheng Sect suffered heavy losses and the so-called seven chivalrous characters of Qingcheng Sect disappeared.
I don’t know whether I died in the underground palace of Shunzhi or was injured and was taken away first. Anyway, it is gone.
At this time, I still cheered up and shouted, "Big Senior Sister is very sharp and capable."
Those five people are so good at retreating that they dare not resist the hundred beads to stop them, but they are directly broken. "Ghosts and shadows have to die."
Killing skills are naturally extraordinary.
Hongli said, "Qingcheng School is really a gathering place for young talents, and this generation also has good masters." He walked over and slapped the folding fan.
I vomited, "Aren’t you here to help? Don’t pack to force, hurriedly say how to kill. "
"Yes, when you were in the coffin, didn’t you say that you helped us blow cows for a long time? You should be serious."
Bamboo Ye Qing also repeatedly said
Because of the situation, I have been fighting against hundreds of grave keepers around me, but I can’t kill them, even if some of them are not bad masters.
Hongli said, "These people’s individual strength is actually not strong, but you are fragmented. It seems that many things have been lost, such as their formations. You see, if they are nine people, they are Jiugong Array, seven people are the Big Dipper, and now five people are the Five-Line Array, which is a bad place to fight.
You feel that it’s five big five, but it’s not, but that everyone is helping each other in a fight. "
At first glance, it’s true that five people always keep a certain distance and haven’t changed
We don’t know if we can say this, so we just scold, "Can you be practical? Don’t drop the bag."
Hongli sighed, "It’s very simple to put the words bluntly. The shortest answer is to mess up their formation. It’s easy to hold one and so many people besieged one. Although it feels like there will be some problems, it’s the fastest way at present."
A hug? !
It seems to be good, but no one listens to me. Besides, Qiushui Iraqis are out of phase. Although fighting five people can’t be chaotic, they didn’t kill one, and five of them are fierce, which makes Qiushui Iraqis have some resistance.
And Jiu Jianxian has already pulled out a knife, a common knife. Yes, it’s not a knife, it’s a big knife, it doesn’t have a blade, and it’s red and white.
I rushed over and one or two people set up five, which still didn’t work well.
While other awakened ones are counting the zombie siege, the situation is getting worse and worse.
Hongli gave me a kick and kicked me out, saying, "Listen to me to help you through this" and kicked me directly to the battlefield ahead.
I’m confused. I’m not capable enough, but since Ganlong said it, I’ll go and chop it.