Dong Zhuo was in a hurry to burn Luoyang, although news had already come out earlier.

But this old maid-in-waiting who has been helping Lu Xin has prepared some food for Lu Xin before.
It is impossible for her to take landing Xin Li.
If Lu Xin is alone, it’s easy to say, but having a child is too obvious to even walk out of the palace.
Dong Zhuo took people away from that day, and the whole imperial city was in chaos.
The old maid-in-waiting couldn’t take care of Lu Xin, and she left with the big troops without saying goodbye to Lu Xin.
Although there are still one di m: n people left in the palace, these people are either forgotten or they are not in a hurry when packing.
They have lived in the palace for many years, although their hearts are against moving the capital.
But they really moved the capital, and they still want to follow them.
Otherwise, they don’t know what to do from the palace.
Left behind in the palace, some of these few people rolled up a valuable thing left in the palace.
Someone stayed in the palace until Yuan Shao and others entered.
Lu Xin also stayed in the palace.
The old maid-in-waiting left her a lot of things a few days before she left, and her place was remote
In the original palace, there were many people who didn’t pass by, but now there are fewer people, so there will be no more
But as Yuan Shao and others entered the search for the imperial seal, they searched every place inch by inch.
Don’t say heavy di m: n hundreds of wells, even the small pool rockery in the palace will not be spared.
Lu Xin is very afraid, but fortunately, she has lived in the palace for several years. Although she is not as familiar as the old maid-in-waiting, it is very possible to find a place to hide.
But she didn’t dare to hide in any place for long. She wanted to leave the palace, but the gate of the palace was guarded.
Lu Xin didn’t believe in that troop of soldiers who appear in the palace.
She didn’t know what would happen if she fell into the hands of these soldiers.
Although she is a little maid-in-waiting, she has become different since she got the dragon seed.
Maybe the others who stayed in the palace were caught, but she was fine.
In the palace, I spent a few days hiding in the Middle East. Liu Xin went to Lingyun to enter the corner gate.
Although there was no guard, the lock on the door stumped her.
She can’t unlock or break the door.
At this time, she is in the palace, and she has no choice but to hide around here and resign herself to fate.
Liu Xingang was good to see when Lingyun broke in from the outside.
To be on the safe side, she waited for a while after Lingyun left before she ran out with her child in her arms.
But I didn’t expect someone outside to keep it, so it fell into Lingyun’s hands
Lu Xin told Lingyun about her life during her stay in the palace.
Lingyun was surprised that Lu Xin’s life became so miserable after she was pregnant with the dragon seed.
Lingyun see Liu Xin nervous relief way "don’t worry, I promise I won’t hurt your mother"
"What are you going to do in the future?"
Lu Xin said, "Life is very good now. I want to take my children and sister Su and sister Meng to live a dull life."
All three women have lost their husbands with their children, and living together can really bring great hope and confidence.
It’s much better than raising a child alone.
Lingyun di m: n Di m: n Head said, "Don’t worry, I won’t let anyone disturb you and I will never let anyone hurt you."
Hear lingyun Liu Xin heart stone finally face smile like a flower.
This is the first time she has felt relaxed since she was pregnant with a child. Even before she faced the child, she always hid her sadness in her smile.
She has not had such a relaxed and innocent smile for nearly two years.
She’ll never have it again in her life
to be continued
Chapter 46 Apprentice
"Does the child have a name?" Lingyun asked
Lu Xin shook his head.
The child was naked before he was born, and it was impossible for anyone to name him.
"Why don’t I name him?" Lingyun tried to say
Although Lu Xin said she wanted to live a plain life, the child was a dragon after all.
Normally, Lingyun is not qualified to name children.
There is also a chance for Lingyun, who is now in trouble, to give this dragon a name.
Lingyun’s heart also has a mind with the help of this child’s identity.