But nobody paid any attention to him …

Road Tour and Tianlong are inextricably linked, and the advanced martial arts fairy sword dances with color, forcing Tianlong to cling with his bare hands, while the other student is slightly superior to Road Tour’s younger brother, but the seven disciples of Road Tour are also extraordinary. Although they are only a few years into the game, they are better at understanding the sword than others in the same year, but their flying skills are too low, but they are also able to resist together.
At this moment, there was a sudden commotion among the people in the building. A middle-aged man in splendid clothes came in accompanied by several gangs, and all the people watching around him were surprised and gave way.
"Master, they are really fighting each other!" Middle-aged people behind a follower laughed
The middle-aged man pondered a little and wondered, "Where are those three people from?"
This middle-aged man is the end of the world of Linhai Gang Wang.
Behind the end of the world, an old man in black stares at the two men on the second floor and then says, "I’ve never seen these two men, but the one with a strong figure should be to teach the bridled eagle claw while the Confucian scholar male is to teach the true religion to make a sword clear."
Tianya’s face changed slightly. "Are they all advanced skills?"
The old man nodded and said, "And the level seems to be not lower than 47."
Tianya shocking way "level 47! ? When we were in Michigan, there were two people like this. Are you wrong, Mr. Tan? "
The old man shook his head. "The old man’s martial arts are not high, but his eyes are not presbyopia." Tianya saw that the old man must have nodded slightly. Although his martial arts are not high, Tianya knows how strong the old man’s martial arts are. Because he saw the old man with his own eyes, he injured and vomited blood with a willow knife, the tenth master of Sun Moon Shinto.
If it weren’t for helping to own this person, he wouldn’t dare to be so rampant that Penglai sent to hand over the sword array of "crossing the sea"
Although Si Nian has been practicing self-study with his eyes closed, he has been able to practice self-study around the senses since he entered Kendo, and he has a good idea of what happened on the first floor just now.
Si Nian Jian Sheng and Tianlong are inextricably linked. They pick up the table with their left hand and double chopsticks. When they press two chopsticks, their thumb breaks four pieces. "Swish! Hey! Hey! Hey! " Directly turning the light of the sword into light, blocking the students, Lu You’s younger brother Tianlong and Lu You’s offensive, and shooting out with chopsticks. At the same time, Si Nian’s right hand gently patted the Biluochun tea water in the desktop teacup, which was instantly shaken out by his left hand holding it in his palm with strength, and then he flew to Lu You’s seven disciples. "Bang, bang, bang …" For seven consecutive times, fine steel Sword, which was tempered in seven hands, was shaken off.
Chapter seventy-two Set foot in Penglai
At the same time, his face changed slightly, not because Si Nian threw chopsticks to stop him, but because he received hand sounds at the same time just now.
Road tour and others have been stunned by Si Nian’s skill.
Born a few steps across SiNian side ear way "Lord Zhuang just received news that Baiyun City people have driven hundreds of miles away from Michigan.
Si Nian immediately frowned. They knew where Ximen Chuixue was? Si Nian looked at Lu You with a cold face. "Have you thought about it? I have no patience to wait for you." The cold voice was actually an irresistible command.
Tianya fear on the first floor looked at the old man and said, "Mr. Tan …"
The old man looked up and stared at Si Nian’s handsome face, his face was dignified in color, and his eyes were deep and mysterious.
Lu You recovered from the shock and looked at Si Nian. Then he sighed, "Well, I promise you …"
Brother Luyou immediately exclaimed, "Brother!"
Road tour a motioning with his hand, "teacher younger brother, you can see this brother’s hand. We ordered him to take it away at any time …"
Si Nian received his answer and slowly got up and said indifferently, "I won’t let you help me for nothing. I’ll help you get rid of some trivial things first …"
When Si Nian’s figure flickered and the ghosting was still on the second floor, the figure appeared on the first floor, and there was a faint scent of Yujinxiang in the air.
When Tianya saw the sudden appearance of Si Nian in front of him, he couldn’t help but take two steps back in fear, as if he had seen the devil. He had never seen such a posture and speed before!
Si Nian Shen’s eyes didn’t look at Tianya, but he watched the old man approaching him step by step. The heavy aura enveloped the two people, but it also drove the people around him to retreat …
The old man stared at Si Nian’s hoarse voice and slowly spit out "Wudao?"
Si nian Dao "kendo"
The old man’s muddy eyes slowly lit up. "The old man has touched the boxing road for more than one year, but he has never stepped into it. Today, he is fortunate to see the public and ask for advice."
Si Nian stared at those fiery eyes seriously, just as he faced Qing Feng himself before. At this moment, the old man reflected Si Nian’s shadow, and his hands were shaking slightly, not afraid but excited …
Si Nian sighed lightly. "Do you know what kind of kendo I entered?"
The old man shook his head and said nothing.
Si Nian said, "Kill the sword …"
The old man immediately bowed his head with Zheng. He also knew a little about the four kendo. Although killing a sword may not necessarily harvest life, if the swordsman melts his body and mind into killing a sword, he will certainly harvest life! And I hope Sinian can really kendo. He’s missed …
After a few breaths, the old man raised his eyes and solemnly said, "Please do it!"
Si Nian nodded, and the white old man’s eternal sword was slowly drawn out …
"Attention …"
Instantaneous white rainbow light bursts into white sword shadow, and the old man doesn’t go to his chest and stare at each other. He doesn’t want to hide from this sword, and he doesn’t dare to hide! Because he knows that this sword has covered his body, he will be covered by a sword, and his hands will be covered with a dark palm wind. His hands are like adding a glass wave to protect his hands, and he just caught the eternal sword with his hands folded.
"Good" A cool praise sounded in his ear. Si Nian turned out to be at his side. His left hand and five fingers were slowly rowing to his throat. The old man suddenly retreated, and when he was about to attack again, he found that his throat was as cold as ice.
The old man swallowed a mouthful of saliva shallowly, then inhaled deeply, and his hot eyes slowly dimmed. I didn’t expect that the three strokes would be defeated, but he was glad that Si Nian didn’t keep him from gently closing his eyes and waiting for death. At that moment, he was able to enter the martial arts world war I and was already dead and sorry, besides, he was born again.
"Hey!" The sword glides across the throat and splashes blood …
The old man slowly opened his eyes. He felt no pain, so he didn’t die …
Si nian gently blows off the blood drop from the tip of the sword "hey!" With the sword in its sheath, he turned around and walked slowly to the building.
The old man heard behind him exclaim and turned his head. The end of the world turned out to be lying in a pool of blood with his hands over his neck and his eyes staring straight …
SiNianYin faint ring "not don’t want to kill you is to give you a chance to surpass …"
The old man stared at the slender figure wearing a black gauze dress and looked shaky, then laughed boldly. "Thank you for your advice. Please tell me the name?"
Si Nian still didn’t look back.
The old man exclaimed, "Si Nian! Tian Xing Gong Piao Xue Shan Zhuang Si Nian? "
Answer him is a silent and room full of breath air conditioning sound …
The old man handed in his hand and said, "Thank you for your kindness. If you are old, you will step into the martial arts one day. It is a gift from the Lord of Worship!" With that, the old man took one look at Tianya’s body and jumped out of the door and disappeared in the sight of everyone.
The old man is the elder of Lin Hai’s gang, and there is not much difference between life and death for him. The weak are ants after all … Even if the strong die alone, they will not put themselves in a position to have a heart-to-heart talk with ants …
"I didn’t expect to be the owner of Sizhuang …" Luyou couldn’t help but respect after learning the identity of Sinian.
Si Nian’s name is convenient for the whole Jianghu as early as after the trip to the desert. If it is a middleman in the Jianghu, people have never heard of it.
Si nian said indifferently, "It’s time for you to keep your promise."
Lu you sighed lightly, "I’ll take three of you in the horse, but there’s one thing I want to tell you first."
Si Nian said, "What is it?"
Luyou said, "Penglai Fairy Island is the place where my Sect is located. Ten years ago, my ancestor moved the Sect to Mizhou, and Fairy Island was forbidden by my Sect."
Give birth to Tao "?"
Lu You said, "Because there is a woman and a woman who entered the martial arts on the island, she has stipulated that Penglai will kill her brother when he enters the island! Others, but she will not be friendly to her temperament and often an war … "
Si Nian said lightly, "I’ll try my best to keep you alive if you take us through the maze position …"
Si Nianwei at the seaside squinted at the horizon where the sea and the sky meet, and the cool breeze brushed his face, and the water vapor moistened him. His cheeks were light, he shook his folding fan, and his hair danced slightly. He enjoyed the vast expanse of heaven and earth, and Tianlong was in an abnormal mood, while he roared wildly and was gently taken away by the marginal sea …
Lu You said softly to Si Nian, "Master Si Zhuang can set sail."
Si Nian’s side head saw that the ship was ready and nodded gently and went away.
One day and one night in front of me is a huge island, and there are also widely distributed small islands around the island. The trees are lush, the birds are singing and the flowers are colorful.
At the moment when Sinian’s four-person boat set foot on the island, the whole environment suddenly changed from the sight of the boat, and the four of them fell into a stone array with towering stone peaks all over them.