Some rich people say that money is just an increasing number in the bank for them, but they all depend on this pile of numbers for food, clothing, housing and transportation.

Qin Shaojie doesn’t know what industry the Howard family has, how much money it has and how much profit it has, but he knows it will definitely not be less than him, and it will be more than 100 times more than him.
"What?" Qin Shaojie stopped and turned his head and asked that he needed a reason, a reason that he could accept.
"Don’t you love my daughter?" Old Howard asked.
Linsell? Do you love her? I don’t think so, but I can say that I have experienced bullets together. Although she was rescued by Qin Shaojie, she should be considered a good friend because she went all the way from England to China to find herself.
What is this old man doing? Do you want me to sell my body for money? Shit, don’t even think about it
"We are very good friends," Qin Shaojie said after a while.
"Very good friends? Hehe, "old Howard laughed." What if I said I could get everything from the Howard family only if I married Lindsay? "
"Qin" Lindsay was nervous and shy. Looking at Qin Shaojie, she gently called for a hope that Qin Shaojie could promise to come.
"I’m sorry," Qin Shaojie said to Lindsay lightly and turned to look at old Howard and said, "Since you say so, there is nothing to talk about leaving." Then Qin Shaojie turned and continued to walk to the door.
Lindsay froze, and so did old Howard.
Qin Shaojie made a muffled sound when he stepped on the wool carpet, just like a hammer hitting Lindsay’s heart. What did he refuse? Doesn’t he like me at all? Lindsay asked her tears over and over again.
Old Howard was also stunned for a long time. He didn’t think that someone would refuse to be so tempting. Think about it. With hundreds of billions of assets, you can still marry his beautiful and sexy daughter. This is the dream of many young people, but this one was rejected by young people.
"and so on" old Howard hurriedly stopped to sliding door to go out Qin Shaojie.
"What’s the matter again?" Qin Shaojie Nai asked why these people with some status always like to talk around and make it clear once.
"Well, young man, I need your help," old Howard said after a silence.
"Help?" Qin Shaojie one leng just now also sad tears Lindsay is one leng.
"Yes, I need your help." Old Howard sat back at his desk and looked at Qin Shaojie and said, "From Linsell’s mouth, I know that you are definitely not an ordinary person, even if you don’t admit that you are a dragon group, but I know that you can help the Howard family to help Linsell."
"Does your family need my help?" Qin Shaojie incredible pointed to himself and asked.
Are you kidding? This is your place, and you said you needed my help? Qin Shaojie andao don’t know what the old man is up to.
"What the hell happened to Dad?" Lindsay was not sad, so she ran to hold old Howard and asked her that she had never heard from her father that she needed someone to help her family.
"It’s not what happened, but what will happen in the future." Old Howard lovingly touched Lindsay’s long hair and said, "There are some things I haven’t told you."
"What is it?" Lindsay asked eagerly, "Does mom know?"
"Your mother doesn’t know," old Howard said, and then told Lindsay and Qin Shaojie the reason.
Is it so bloody? Qin Shaojie couldn’t help but sigh after hearing what old Howard said.
According to old Howard, he has cancer and it is terminal, but he is not going to let his son take over everything in the family, but to give it to Lindsay.
Qin Shaojie knew from old Howard that his son’s name was Ryan Howard and he had been in the Middle East. According to old Howard’s evaluation of him, he was too ambitious, and his heart was dark, and his interests were disowned by his parents.
This evaluation made Qin Shaojie really startled. He once doubted whether this guy named Ryan was the old man’s own son.
Old Howard root didn’t intend to give everything to Ryan, but to his daughter Lindsay.
But Lindsay and her mother will definitely not be Ryan’s opponents. If Ryan knows that he is bound to do something that will hurt Lindsay with his disloyalty, old Howard got this idea after listening to Lindsay’s talk about Qin Shaojie.
Ability, courage, boldness and thick skin are old Howard’s comments on Qin Shaojie.
Although I can’t find out too much information about him, I can find out that he owns a film and television company and the means by which he owns it. Such a person meets the requirements of old Howard. Of course, the most important thing is that his baby daughter likes this young man very much.
Asking Qin Shaojie to marry Lindsay is just to give Qin Shaojie a justifiable name to intervene in Howard’s family, but old Howard didn’t expect Qin Shaojie to directly refuse it, so he told all the reasons. At this time, there was no intrigue and no interest to drive a dying father to pave the last section of the road for his daughter.
"Why didn’t dad tell me earlier?" Lindsay cried and hugged old Howard. If she had known that she wouldn’t run around the world, she would have stayed at home and spent more time with him, but now it’s too late.
There is an old Chinese saying that the tree wants to be quiet, but the wind wants to keep it, but the relatives are not there. Perhaps this sentence can just reflect Lindsay’s mood at this moment.
"Well, I promise you," said Qin Shaojie after a while.
Anyway, Lindsay is his friend. Even without that floor, he wouldn’t stand by and watch. He’s just a black guy. It’s no big deal if he falls down.
"You agreed?" Old Howard asked.
"Yes, I agreed," Qin Shaojie said. "But we’ll talk about whether to marry Lindsay or not."
Chapter 39 *? [one more]
Today is still a sunny day in Wan Li. Qin Shaojie got out of bed early in the morning and thought about what he promised yesterday. It was ridiculous that he was moved by old Howard and promised to help Lindsay.
Looking down the hotel window to Linkin Park, Qin Shaojie found that getting up early and exercising is indispensable in any country. He is very envious. If he is still that cynical otaku, he estimates that he will be eating mice in a third-rate university cafeteria and won’t even take a look at breakfast, but that’s not bad. He hasn’t had so many worries and responsibilities yet.
"Mr. Qin’s incident last night has caught Shanks’ attention. He also contacted me. Shall we go there later?" Creaer has also woken up and dressed up and walked into the living room looking at Qin Shaojie and asked.
Before, he always lived by day and went out by night. Now he finds that the day is better than the night. In the past few days, he has gradually adapted to the present life and hopes to go like this for a generation.
"Did he say anything?" Qin Shaojie still looked out of the window and asked without looking back.
"No, he was very happy to see me, but he didn’t seem to know about our trip to China," Creaer said. "I told him I would introduce someone to him, and he readily agreed and invited us to his bar later."
"Then go," Qin Shaojie paused and asked, "What about Doudou and that girl? What happened? "
"Don’t worry, Mr. Qin. I arranged everything yesterday and sent Doudou home before I came back."
Just then Ethan came out with a yawn.