What surprised Xiao Lingyu, who was almost in despair, was that the six poisonous lotus flowers swallowed the six petals and then slowly grew a small lotus flower.

Six small lotus flowers with different colors gradually grew from thumb-sized to palm-sized before stopping.
They are suspended above the head of the chaotic baby and slowly rotate around in a circle, and at the same time cast circles of colored light to cover the chaotic baby.
"That’s ok? !” Xiao Lingyu was surprised and happy.
However, for the sixth turn of the second shock, this is just halfway through. The following problems are the same as the chaotic period of the shock. Xiao Lingyu must rely on his own understanding of chaos to make a breakthrough in the realm, so that he can successfully advance to the sixth turn.
Once, it was the gray-black iron sheet that helped him, and it was also the gray-black iron sheet that helped him through the difficulties when crossing the chaos. Therefore, Xiao Lingyu can be sure that this gray-black iron sheet is of great help to the soul, and it will protect its soul if it is within its tolerance.
Xiao Lingyu didn’t intend to be passively tested this time. First, he took out the soul gold ball of the monster beast in the monarch period and sank it into the sea of knowledge. When he found that the gray-black iron piece hidden in his soul gold ball would still absorb this part of the soul force, he simply detonated his soul gold ball.
This is a risky move. If the gray-black iron piece is not like that again, he will have the result of being stunned.
Xiao Lingyu has been making rapid progress without taking risks, and his understanding of chaos can never keep up with his actual situation. He can solve this problem in another way.
The gray-black iron sheet didn’t let him down. When his soul golden ball exploded, the gray-black iron sheet suddenly absorbed his soul force together with the monster beast department of Shenjun period. Please remember the website. If you like Fei Ge to lead the way to write "Nine Turn Chaos Tactics"
Chapter 6 Chaos Tongxuan Period
? Chapter 6 Chaos Tongxuan Period
Xiao Lingyu has been making rapid progress without taking risks, and his understanding of chaos can never keep up with his actual situation. He can solve this problem in another way.
Gray-black iron sheet didn’t let him down. When his soul bead exploded, the gray-black iron sheet suddenly took his soul force together with that …
Chapter 61 Flocculation Mountains
? There is a large carved area in all the map jade slips, and it took Xiao Lingyu nearly 50 thousand stone to buy it. Not all of them are the first romance. Search 151+ Look at the net and you will know.
This jade slip is carved in the center of Duhu City, and there are hundreds of cities around Duhu City, and there are also road maps of their mutual travel.
In this jade slip, except Duhu City, the carved city is a small town like Kuncheng, but Duhu City is a middle-level city in the divine world.
Xiao Lingyu wants to seek greater development and see a wider world. It is the best choice to go to Duhu City.
Ordinary towns and Kuncheng are almost rare, so it is no longer meaningful to go to such towns.
Xiao Lingyu did not hesitate to study the route map to Duhucheng after leaving Kuncheng.
Kuncheng is far away from Duhucheng, and the distance between two points in a straight line is nearly 200 million miles. If you take this map, it will be 250 thousand Wan Li.
It took Xiao Lingyu 30 years to come to Kuncheng from Linlin gu cun, but now his strength has risen and the speed of the imperial flight has increased by more than ten times. This 250 thousand Wan Li estimates that it will take up to one hundred years.
Slightly identified a direction Xiao Lingyu jumped up and flew into the middle at the gate of Kunming City.
"It would be nice if this celestial body had sent an array." Xiao Lingyu muttered 1 while flying at high speed.
This safe route to Duhucheng bypasses the place where there may be monster beasts or fierce beasts in the period of the Emperor. Xiao Lingyu is now strong, and he can safely and boldly move forward. Otherwise, the road will be very peaceful.
A year later, Xiao Lingyu moved away from Kuncheng.
Ten years have passed, and as expected, he has traveled a tenth of a distance.
Fifty years later, Xiao Lingyu suddenly saw a Changhong break away. He was startled to find that the flight speed of Changhong was ten times faster than himself.
"Flying artifact!" Xiao Lingyu is a little surprised.
"Although there is no send-off, the Godsworn’s long journey looks like a flying magic weapon. Few people like me have been advancing by their own speed. I knew I had brought a better flying magic weapon." Xiao Lingyu had a feeling of tightness in the tunnel.
Xiao Lingyu can go on without a good flying magic weapon.
It’s been 90 years, and it’s still a tenth of a way from Duhucheng. Xiao Lingyu came to a mountain range.
This mountain range is the last area from Kuncheng to Duhu City. Xiao Lingyu needs to cross 250 thousand miles of mountains to see Duhu City.
However, this mountain range is very famous near Duhu City. It is called "Flocking Mountain Range" and is named after the floating flocks can be seen everywhere in the mountains.
In addition to floating flocks everywhere, the floating flocks in the mountains have a remarkable feature, that is, it often rains but not much, but it is drizzling.
The floating catkins mountains are extremely vast, and many of them are haunted by high-order monster beasts. Even the strong in the period of the emperor dare not go deep into them easily. It is said that even if the king of God enters, he must be careful.
The whole floating catkins mountain range is an irregular ellipse, but the 25 million-mile mountain forest in front of Xiao Lingyu Duhu City is just an edge of the floating catkins mountain range, and Duhu City is located at the edge of this edge.
The edges and corners of the floating catkins mountain range are still considered as its periphery. Occasionally, monster beasts or fierce beasts can be seen in the monarch period. It is considered as a relatively safe mountain forest. After all, it is close to Duhucheng. Duhucheng hunters. The strong enter this mountain forest all the year round. Those high-ranking monster beasts or fierce beasts don’t want to be hunted or harassed here.
However, although it is relatively safe in a mountain forest, there are many birds and beasts in the sky, among which there are many gods. If there is a flying artifact with a relatively fast speed, it can fly from the sky, and it is easy to be besieged by those birds and beasts by its own body.
But if we bypass this mountain forest, the distance will be pulled five times as far and near. Xiao Lingyu will enter this mountain forest from the ground and converge.
Anyway, it’s not too dangerous for Xiao Lingyu, a monster beast in the imperial period, to enter the ground. Even if he meets the monster beast in the imperial period, he is not afraid of this journey. In the past hundred years, he has already had enough understanding of his realm and strength.
After entering the mountain forest, Xiao Lingyu will move forward easily, and occasionally kill a few monster beasts. When something is better, natural materials and treasures will also be collected.
Xiao Lingyu’s current speed of crossing this forest will probably take more than ten years. He is not in a hurry and will stop from time to time to adjust his own state and avoid his lower state to deal with possible dangers at any time.
When Xiao Lingyu spent another six years in a fairly calm day, he was in the central area of this mountain forest.
He needs to be more careful, because there are still many monsters in this area.
On this day, the speed slowed down, and many Xiao Lingyu suddenly heard a burst of killing, which was accompanied by the roar of the monster beast. The ground was shaking violently.
At this time, the drizzle in the forest is strange, but those floating like flowers can dance lightly in the drizzle
However, whether it’s drizzle or floating catkins, the original trajectory has changed due to the impact of the fighting momentum over there and drifted sideways.
Xiao Lingyu has never been a good person. This time, he also decided to stay away from fighting over there.
But he just chose to go around there and fight, and it seems that he has already had the result. A huge monster rushed to his side and took a few breaths before him.
This monster beast has a height of more than 100 feet, but it has an ape-like limb and a tiger-like head.