He shook his head, walked back to the bathroom from the living room, and continued to practice his speech repeatedly in front of the mirror, trying to figure out every expression, tone and vocabulary.

"Guys, look at these fans in front of you. They are ordinary fans, but they are willing to give everything to the team …"
"Well no tone seems to be more passionate when you come here again? A little more formal? "
"Gentlemen, look up at these fans in front of you! Look at their eyes … "
"Should the sound be lower?"
"Uh-huh! Gentlemen looked up … "
He stopped again because he thought his expression was not quite right.
Changsheng thinks that if he really can’t find a coaching job, he can consider going to Hollywood to be an actor and start as a walk-on. Maybe when he comes to work, he will play his main supporting role in a film and then become a big hit.
But it’s a pity that his ambition is not here, otherwise this novel can be classified as an urban entertainment novel …
Let’s spare Tom Cruise and keanu reeves their lives!
Chapter one hundred and ninety Angry honest man
The next day, after losing the game against Murcia, the team won the first day of training. On the way to the training base, it was called to coliseumalfonso perez by the club president Flores.
Changsheng is not as worried as he was when Flores called him for the first time. Mr. Chairman, why do you want to call yourself?
He has already made a decision in his heart, and no matter what happens to the outside world, he will follow the will to make this decision, even if it seems to him that he is an idiot Don Quixote who charged the windmill.
In the chairman’s office, he always wins to see Flores getting older.
In the chair, he is almost curled up, because it is backlit. If you don’t squint carefully, you may be lenient. In fact, there is no one in the chair.
"Often I’m sorry … I still can’t save the fate of the club and the team … No one is interested in the team, or they are interested but don’t want to pay too much money. They are greedily waiting for the day when the club is taken back by the bank … Hell, but I can’t do anything …"
Flores saw Chang Sheng come in, and he curled up in his chair without getting up and announced his surrender.
Winning against the light seemed to see the old man trembling and holding a white flag in his arm.
"Hertha is finished. Maybe I am a selfish ghost, but I hope you can stay in Hertha. If Hertha is destined to be destroyed, I think the only person who can make her reborn from the fire is you." The old man really trembled and raised his arm this time, but instead of holding a white flag in his hand, he pointed to winning.
Ever-victorious expression also didn’t say anything.
"I’ve come to ask Moscow to sign a renewal contract for you more than a month ago. This time I’m going to give you a contract for at least three years, but damn the debt crisis … damn the economic crisis!" The old man got excited. "But now I hope you can stay in Hertha after the arrival of the new boss. You have proved your ability and value by your actual actions. I think a new boss should try his best to keep you if his IQ is still normal …"
Chang sheng seems a little wordy when he looks at the chatter, Mr. chairman
It is far from his image when he first came for an interview, and there is no image of the distinguished elder who invited him to dinner at home.
He is like a drowning man, clutching at the last straw.
But he didn’t want to save his life. He wanted to save Hertha’s life.
I have been the chairman of this team for nine years, from the membership system to the shareholding system. If I don’t have enough feelings for the team, who can do it for so long? The family business money has been invested and the bank is in debt. If it is not because of the deep love, it is necessary to buy a season ticket every year and watch the game in a box with a few bright windows, which can also show your support for the team.
But he was the president of the club for nine years and finally forced himself to look like this.
Until now, the club is going to die, but he still wants to make a comeback after the team is reborn. A simple mind of the club chairman wants to keep an excellent head coach, so even if Hertha is entered into the second division and the second division, she can make a comeback.
Look at him and talk about Rory. It’s like you’re afraid you’ll refuse him
Chang Sheng didn’t want to add any more pain to the poor old man, so he interrupted him and said, "Well, I promise you that Mr. Flores will continue to coach the team if the new boss doesn’t kick me out. Actually, I like Hertha very much, even though she is so weak."
Attitude, ability, love and strength. Some people admire the strong, while others love the weak. For Changsheng, his love for Hertha is very simple, because this is the real meaning after he was reborn into this world. It is this team that took him in when he was on the verge of despair. It is this team that made him learn to be a real coach. It is this team that has a stage to show his talents. It is this team that made him have his first fan and sang songs when he heard him for the first time in the game. It is this team that made him think that his generation should be a fucking football coach!
This is the place where he dreamed of starting and the first time he met in his life.
It’s like first love
First love is always beautiful, but it is not necessarily the most beautiful. Hertha is weak and not beautiful, but it is always better than first love.
That’s enough for one reason alone.
I am very satisfied with Flores’s answer to Chang Sheng, and I am also very happy that his face is very smiling. This is the only time he has smiled in the last month or so.
The smile soon disappeared because he thought about his fate and that of the club.
So he shrank back all over again
Hertha is finished, so is he.
Looking at Flores so decadent, he never turned away, but asked, "Mr. Chairman, I remember I still owe a sum of money …"
Flores huddled in his chair and waved vigorously. "I told you when I lent you, and I still owe you a month’s salary …"
Changsheng Tanshou "Yes, I have no money to pay back, Mr. Chairman, but you gave me a job when I needed it most, and you generously gave me money when I needed it most. I must pay back this feeling."
Flores laughed again. "Thank you for always having you."
"No, it’s not enough," Chang Sheng shook his head and said
"I will definitely lead you to like Hertha’s promotion to the first division. Mr. President, I mean it! This is my gratitude to you. Goodbye, Mr. Chase. Now I’m going to train the team. There are still 14 rounds of leagues. "
Say that finish winning turned away from the chairman’s office.
Flores certainly knows that the media are speculating about the "championship contract", but in his view, it is absolutely impossible to win …
He sighed at the door where Changsheng left.
Usually, I always believe in Changsheng, and the president of the club lost confidence this time.
Because of his constant victory, he was temporarily called away from the team. The training was mainly presided over by assistant coaches Rudy Gonzalez and Manuel Garcia.
However, it can be seen that every player’s mind is not on the training surface, and he can always win when the time comes. Once he is gone, the players will show their true colors.
It is not the club crisis that makes them so absent-minded. They have discussed it too much at ordinary times.
The reason why they are distracted from training now is because they always win against reporters.
That "championship contract"
Many players are surprised that the manager still wants to win the league championship.
These players discussed it in the dressing room before coming to training.
Some people don’t believe that some people believe that there are differences.
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