He has never forgotten Zhengxian Club, an ally. Recently, Zhengxian Club has been less involved in the battle. Besides avoiding Zhengxian Club to share their advantages, the biggest reason is that he is preparing for a break with Zhengxian Club.

Since we have to break up sooner or later, it is natural to have the first hand.
Now, this opportunity is in front of us.
Zhenxi Demon League has just gathered a demon clan force, and it is only one of the top ten achievements among the 193 demon leagues. This demon league still has the significance of handsome flag for the demon clan now.
Now, the God League will pull out the last handsome flag of the demon race.
After that, the demon race in Tianlan demon world might even surrender directly …
After several months of digestion, it is time for those demon families to accept the reality, and this is no longer their day.
At present, the League of God in the world has the absolute initiative in this war, and the last flag-raising battle can be played whenever you want.
On the one hand, because the Jieshen Alliance has enough confidence in its own combat power, on the other hand, it is afraid that the demon race will flee without fighting when it gathers in Zhenxi Demon Alliance, which will make it more troublesome after fleeing. The new strategic policy formulated by Li Qiushi is: once again, the Zhengxian Association will unite, which is slightly stronger than the combined forces of Zhenxi Demon Alliance to fight, and the remaining forces will continue to clear the surrounding areas and also contain the demon race’s defeated troops.
It was soon decided, although it was not publicized, but even those who did not know it knew that this day was definitely coming.
And they didn’t know it was, at this time, the demon race was still dreaming of hūn autumn dream.
All those demon families who are still in their hearts recognize that this World War I will be their last chance in Tianlan demon world.
The alliance of God in the world did not move its troops here, which was right in their arms. Because they really didn’t have the courage to fight against the alliance of God in the world and the army of Zhengxian, and now, if they fight against some superior forces of the alliance of God in the world and Zhengxian, once they win in the frontal battlefield, they will be afraid of those who are responsible for containment. They are likely to make a comeback and must win. They have made the greatest determination in their lives and will win whatever they say in this battle.
Then, finally, the battlefield was fought, just a little west of Xijing.
Then, fight
Then, the base ends.
Once again, the demon clan allied forces were defeated …
This time, Xiao Wen didn’t make the wine demon tactic. He released the imaginary world, and then joined the battle from the front with the people who were immortals.
In this battle, he finally didn’t play so big, because the demon family has found a way to deal with the wine demon.
However, the joint forces of Jieshenmeng and Zhengxianhui still won easily.
This is because, they are stronger, and they have been fighting for a long time. They have already had rich fighting experience. The demon family has been madly fighting with the alliance of the world gods and the Zhengxian Society for a while, and then they found that their bravery did not achieve the expected results, and they gradually showed their timidity.
In front of the alliance of the gods and the alliance of the immortals, and in front of this more powerful opponent, he ruled the Tianlan demon world for tens of thousands of years, and the arrogant demon race was severely defeated, and then he became a clown in those dramas …
Those residents of Xijing witnessed the scene with their own eyes.
More and more people feel that there is no need to deify people and forces, no matter how strong they are, how bloody their ruling skills are, or whether they are hypocritical, it doesn’t matter whether they have been high since ancient times. Once more powerful people and forces appear, they are clowns.
This knowledge has made many people cry, because for so many years, they have actually been ruled by a group of clowns …
In fact, they should have known these knowledge and ideas long ago, but they have been pressured by those clowns, making them live like primitive people.
World god union and are fairy will send some people into the town west demon union headquarters, nature is to search for war, this is their habit for a long time.
Those soldiers didn’t come because of righteousness. Let them shed their blood and blood. Naturally, there must be a corresponding return. Although the Zhengxian Club doesn’t care so much about the war, it has not been perfected.
While most of the top leaders of both sides stopped at the high school, laughing and watching the soldiers of both sides fly around in the town west demon alliance compound.
However, those who are particularly sensitive will surely find that the two sides are not so sincere in talking and laughing at this time …
For the League of God, this is not just a flag-raising war.
This is also a good time to break with Zhengxian Society.
The two sides are hostile, because they want to destroy the demon race and unite. Now the demon race is dying, so there is no need to continue this kind of alliance.
Chapter four hundred and seventeen Dragon
><首><发>On the other hand, there is even a better excuse for the God League side, that is, they also listen to the boss’s orders and have to pull over in front of business.
Now there are only two suspense. One is how they will break up, and the other is that after the break, the Zhengxian Society should be at home again. Obviously, their strength is far less than that of the world gods. If they really want to kill them all, they have a chance to escape.
While Xiao asked clearly that Mr. Rabbit and Lin Xiang had already made some preparations today, but even if everything could develop according to their plan, what would happen? At most, I just walk away and enter a new round of long waiting, planning and fighting.
It’s worthwhile for the old people in Zhengxian Society to pay more, including time.
However, Xiao Wen is not a very patient person in this matter. If there is no alliance between the immortals and the gods, how can the demon race face each other with such great courage? How can we achieve such results?
The alliance between the gods and the gods can not be completed without the Immortal Society.
But the eye-catching battle fruit will make the world god alliance like this, and the world god alliance will probably bite back.
This is really a rather disgusting thing.
Then Xiao Wen finally saw the purple Yan in the virtual world and kept him staring at it. It was a "demon world statue" card that was held in the hands of the people in the world.
"They have it. Don’t you think this card is nothing? Why should I keep an eye on it?" Xiao asked some wonder tunnel
"What do I think again?" Purple Yan Gherardini tunnel
"What do you mean?" Xiao Wen indecision
"Later, you’d better not get so close to the God League." Purple Yan said.
"That’s what you said," Xiao asked, frowning. Blind people can see that the alliance of the gods is going to attack the positive fairy society.
"Then you’d better secretly tell the old rabbit now that all of them should hide in the fairy beast body first and try to keep a distance from the world god."
"If you go slowly, you can’t come." Purple Yan serious tunnel
At this moment, the guy who found the demon world statue card also flew out and rushed towards it.
Nowadays, it has become the practice of the world alliance to smash this kind of card in public. For them, the feeling of comfort is second only to killing the monster beast directly.
Speaking of the alliance of the gods in the celestial world, it’s a monopoly. Where have you been wronged like in the demon world? Now they can finally vent their sense of oppression by smashing those seemingly sacred cards.
Xiao asked purple Yan very seriously, although I didn’t know what medicine he was selling in the gourd, I immediately flew over to the rabbit’s predecessor.
In the process of telling the rabbit’s predecessors, the card holder finally flew to the sky and handed the card to Xue Zhu himself.
This monk Dandao has destroyed many pieces of demon world statue cards by himself. At this time, it is actually almost meaningless, but this is a very critical battle after all. From then on, the demon family will re-establish forces and confront their demon world directly. This card is still quite meaningful.
So he spoke a few words passionately, and then Xue Zhu shook the card with his right hand.
The golden light shattered and floated like glass, and then peace was restored, and nothing happened.
Xiao Wen-lai has been on the alert at this time, and Zheng turned slightly to look in the direction of Zi Yan, but he couldn’t find Zi Yan.
Anyone here?
Four miles to find is still didn’t find the purple Yan shadow Xiao ask heart couldn’t help hanging up heart way this guy won’t secretly WTF?
But before he could think it over, Xue Zhu suddenly looked at the rabbit elder again. "Elder, now that our plan has been initially completed, I wonder if you will have any plans?"
"If the God League in the world can be kind to the people in this world and those who soar in the celestial beast way, I will be willing to retire." The old stereo of Rabbit’s predecessor is more solemn than that of others.