Xin Yao ignored Jun Chen’s face and threw himself down in the previous step. "The imperial martial arts is extraordinary, and you admire the princess, but Xin Yao is lucky enough to get a little advice from the emperor from time to time. I wonder if there is any qualification to discuss it with Mr.?" She even moved out of the emperor. You refuse to try one? !

The man seems to have some problems with his legs and feet, and he is lame when he walks, but it doesn’t damage his heroic bearing at all.
Xin Yao paid too much attention to the man and ignored Jun Chen’s sullen face, like a rainstorm in June!
The emperor’s adult is a lot taller than Xin Yao. His words, Xin Yao’s head raised scorn. "Since Lin Xiang wants to learn, come and learn from me."
Xin Yao’s face changed and he knew that he had committed the taboo of Jun Chen again.
If the food is broken, it won’t be swollen. !
But the more he stops her, the more he suspects that the other party is probably Jingxuan!
Jun Chen didn’t give Xin Yao a choice. When she got up, he forced her to make moves.
She’s a martial artist, and she’ll never be inferior to herself.
But at the moment, her mind is in chaos. Jun Chen freaky forced Lin Xin Yao to dodge.
If she doesn’t go around the back of the column when he swings her hand, she will definitely fall and bite the dog.
Xin Yao made a decision in the shortest time when he gritted his teeth, followed his palm wind, swept the floor with a beautiful spin, and then straightened up with his hands to bear the weight, and continued his face-to-face feeding.
However, Xin Yao’s hands were oozing with blood, and his eyebrows were frowning lightly, which was covered with sweat.
Jun Chen’s long and narrow eyes narrowed slightly and he saw Xin Yao’s injured hands and his face sank. "What a fool!" He scolded that he had stopped.
Xin Yao endured the palm pain and bit his lip. "It’s my fault." I know my fault, but you have to be partial to Hushan. I’m really wrong …
She was unprepared for fighting with him, but he didn’t leave no room.
Jun Chen didn’t expect a woman to be so stupid that she could hurt herself!
Xin Yao’s nerves are slack, but he is distressed.
She sweated at Jun Chen’s eyes, which made her feel wronged. "I just don’t want to dirty the clothes given by the emperor." Otherwise, I would have jumped on him and used him as a human cushion!
Just now, if you don’t say anything when you fall on a dog’s face, but she will be wrapped in a layer of dust in this newly cut brocade dress of Yuanyang, that’s what you call love dearly!
She didn’t want to dirty her dress or the robe he gave her.
Jun Chen’s eyes were shallow and his eyes were long, so he fell on the couple’s body and said, "Let Mr. Jiang laugh when I’m in a good mood."
"Huang Wenwu and Lin Xiang are even more heroic. You two have the opportunity to learn martial arts. It is the right thing for the right person to watch."
He called Mr. Jiang a man who spoke with his hands folded in front of him. Then he looked at Xin Yao’s mouth with long eyes and provoked a smile.
This person’s gesture of saluting Jun Chen is not noble.
And Xin Yao’s face is becoming more and more rich.
Xin Yao is unwilling to watch the Chiang couple go away.
If it weren’t for Jun Chen, who just warned her by playing the name, she would certainly wish to chase the man to test it at the moment.
The emperor’s adult is really hateful!
"physician!" Jun Chen was unhappy, and the little eunuch around him ran to the hospital.
Xin Yao looked back at Jun Ying and pursed his lips. "Thank you, Emperor Chen. Just go back and deal with it yourself."
She is angry! She’s unhappy!
Jun Chen doesn’t "force" her to sit leisurely and let people brew tea and end it up fine.
Xin Yao bit his lip and turned and walked out in anger.
Actually, as soon as Xin Yao turned around, Jun Chen also drove away, not with her, but on the highest rockery in the imperial garden.
There, you can see the scenery at the foot, and you can see clearly where Xin Yao is going.
Xin Yao just walked out of the imperial garden and saw a figure that seemed to have been waiting there. He handed a handkerchief to gently wrap her palm.
Male Cu frowned "very painful? Go back to the medicine wrist quickly and ice it. You can’t force it these days. "
Xin Yao suddenly felt a warm heart, not because his tone of voice was so gentle, but because every word he said was full of enthusiasm for her.
He wrapped the wound for her and immediately let go. They didn’t have too much contact. It was the shining light in those blue eyes that kept Xin Yao away.
And rockery Jun Chen is coldly looking at Xin Yao and the man in blue walked out side by side.
In a short time, a man came out from okimichi.
The three of them stood side by side with Xin Yao in the middle, and both of them treated her like jewels.
Ling Yan, who was carrying a freshly baked plum cake, quickly wiped a sweat and asked in a low voice, "Does the emperor give cakes to the adults?" Send or not?
The emperor’s adult once charged a sentence’ Lin Xiang loves to eat green plum cakes’ and then the imperial kitchen was rushed out.
But just give me a sign of this situation!
"Throw it away!"