"Four elder brother! Hey! "

When he heard calling me, he was all one leng, and then he quickly turned to look at the source and saw Yin Gui standing in the bow of a seagoing ship looking around.
"Four elder brother! Hey! "
"It’s fourteen!" I shouted in surprise, "Fourteen is coming to save us!"
I quickly waved at fourteen and replied, "Fourteen! Here we are! Fourteen! "
After seeing what we were doing, we ordered the boatman to turn around and come to our side, and soon we landed.
He quickly jumped into the boat and ran towards us. I couldn’t wait to meet him. I was about to speak, but I was suddenly hugged by Yin Gui and couldn’t move.
"That’s great! Great! Jin son fortunately, you are all right or else … "
I earned him an embarrassed smile. "What can I do … by the way! You take Yin Zhen back! He was bitten by a poisonous snake! "
"Viper?" 14.11 surprised quickly ran towards Yin Zhen’s place.
Fortunately … Fortunately, I arrived in Yin Zhen at 14: 00, so it should be all right … Great … Great …
I felt relaxed when I thought about the big stone in my heart, but my head was confused and a little light, and then I heard the call of the eleventh, and then I lost consciousness.
Chapter 44 Fanwai Button Hu Lu Cheng Jin
I woke up in the dark and felt as if I had made a long, long Mengmeng. I threw myself into the lake, and my dream felt more real than it was. I could feel my body getting cold and like a dead body.
Breathing stopped everything, and at that moment, the still soul left its body and settled down everywhere.
It’s a very real feeling of loneliness and loneliness.
And marginal darkness
At the moment I woke up, I almost forgot my name. I didn’t remember my name until my consciousness was clearer. My parents are permanent investigators in the rainforest.
Yes, my name is Chen Yan.
Chen Jin
But what puzzles me is that when I moved my lips to pronounce the two syllables "Chen Zi", I felt strangely familiar and unfamiliar.
What can I say about that feeling? It seems that it is my name, but it seems that it is not.
I got up and found myself lying on the floor and fell asleep. No wonder I felt cold and cold when I dreamed.
My brain has become a standby state, and I don’t know how long I have slept. I slide the mouse screen and react very quickly. I look at the dialog box and my mother writes back. She says, "That feather comes from a kind of bird called Elysium, and there is a very touching story about it …"
Bird of paradise?
I murmured these words, and it was that strange feeling that flooded my mind.
I tossed my head and ignored it.
I looked around. There must be a feather. I just signed for the package before I fell asleep.
What about that feather?
I’ve rummaged through everything, but I still haven’t found any trace of it.
It’s just that a feather is gone and it’s gone.
I shrugged my shoulders and walked into the room to find a way to kill the day.
The cabinet is very big, and most of it is filled with some history.
I casually pulled out a page with a sign, "Sejong Jing Tian Chang Yun Jian Zhong table text Wu Yingkuan Ren Xin Yi Rui Sheng Da Xiao Cheng Xian Emperor taboo Yin Zhen Saint’s fourth mother Xiao Gong Ren Empress Wu Yashi gave birth to a strange sign, a magnificent behavior, and ended up sealing Baylor in the thirty-seventh year of Kangxi and Prince Yong in the forty years of Kangxi."
"The fourth Yin Zhen … May? ….. "I relished these words and flipped through them later, just to see the empresses’ column" The four ceremonies of the filial piety, the sacred constitution, the Queen Niuzhilu, and the Ling Zhunv’s thirteen things the year after next, the number of Sejong’s hidden mansion. "
"Niuzhilu’s four ceremonies Lingzhu female …" I firmly pegged to these types, and there seemed to be something whizzing by in my mind.
Niu Yulu? Cheng Jin
Cheng Jin
Such a name pops up in my mind
Cheng Jin … Is that the name of Niuzhilu? ……
Wonder why such an idea would come up?
I smiled and put it back. It seems that today’s mental state is not suitable for watching.
The innocent face of the children’s program host appeared on the screen of the video camera. I was cold and quickly turned to the channel. It seems that I am really old.
"It is reported from Taiwan that Mr. Jin Youzhen, the most eye-catching new star in archaeology, returned to China yesterday. It is reported that an archaeological seminar will be called in the near future, and Mr. Jin will make the first public discovery of the death mystery of Yongzheng’s accession to the throne …"
Jin Yongzhen, the youngest archaeologist in history, has a mysterious whereabouts. He is only in his early twenties, and he easily ranks among the archaeological circles, which has caused an uproar.
I stared at the picture on the screen and wondered again. It was the feeling of deja vu again.
What’s going on today?