Don’t be ridiculous. He may have a hatred for Changsheng.

Chen Yingxiong personally proved this before Lazio’s home game against Napoli.
This is the first time that Chen Yingxiong has played against Changsheng. Many China media went to interview Chen Yingxiong, and during the interview, they went to Chen Yingxiong and Changsheng.
The specific question is this: "Excuse me, you have been trained in Lazio Football School for three years, and it was there that you laid the foundation for your success. Will you appreciate being there for three years now …"
The question was interrupted by Chen Yingxiong before he finished asking. He stared at the reporter. "Thank you? What am I thankful for? Didn’t I hand in school when I was training there? Is 30 thousand yuan a year for ordinary people a sum of money that can be taken out casually? I pay them to train me. It’s a fair deal. I’m not in arrears with the school, and I don’t need to thank them. Do you think they will let me learn if I don’t pay? "
The reporter was asked to be dumb.
But everyone confirmed one thing from Chen Yingxiong’s answer-Chen Yingxiong’s impression of Lazio is really not very good …
So will this kind of mood affect the performance of other days?
Will he pass on his hatred of Lazio football school to the head of Lazio club and then try to beat Lazio in the next day’s game?
That’s really a big attraction!
Changsheng did not respond to Chen Yingxiong’s words.
First of all, although he is the principal of Lazio Football School, he is in name only. The specific thing is that someone else is responsible for saying that Chen Yingxiong’s dissatisfaction with Lazio Football School is dissatisfaction with his constant victory. That is not too far-fetched.
Secondly, China is the most successful football player in Europe, and he is a senior in Chen Yingxiong. He doesn’t need to be as knowledgeable as a child under 20.
If you have anything to say, leave it on the court.
I didn’t stir up after all this frying.
Lazio’s home game against Naples is a live broadcast to the world, and it is also the highlight of the round-robin tournament.
Have a lot to watch
First of all, it is natural that the second and third direct dialogue in the league determines the league ranking of the two sides, which will also greatly affect the league ranking of Juventus. Because the Juventus game is in the former Lazio and Napoli, it is precisely for this reason that it was arranged in the last game.
Secondly, it is natural that several China people compete.
Besides Chen Yingxiong and Changsheng, there is Ji Ming.
Ji Ming was once regarded as the core of China football in the next decade and the most superstar player in China football.
Now there is a Chen Yingxiong, so who is the football superstar in China? This is a direct conversation and it is worth paying attention to.
So many gimmicks put together naturally make this game attract much attention.
The China media alone came to more than 30 live coverage of the game, and CCTV, China’s national television station, also broadcast the game live and advertised the trailer two weeks before the game.
Entering the live program an hour before the game is almost equivalent to the Champions League final.
In China, tens of millions of China fans are waiting in front of their cameras and heads to watch the game.
The Italian Football Association also fully considered the market reaction in Asia, especially in China, and arranged the game at local noon, and 9: 30 pm in Beijing was prime time.
It’s very convenient for China fans to watch the ball without staying up late.
Chapter 55 Stubborn Chen Yingxiong
Napoli’s away game against Lazio, Chen Yingxiong appeared in Napoli’s starting lineup without accident, and he stepped on the football in the middle circle.
Naples has the ball.
Not far from him is Ji Ming, a teammate of his compatriot national team.
In fact, their personal relationship is quite good, because they are the youngest in the national team, and it is natural for them to live in dormitories in the national team.
But at this time, there is not so much friendship to talk about.
Chen Yingxiong wants to beat Ji Ming and beat Lazio where Ji Ming is!
When the referee whistled, Chen Yingxiong knocked the football forward and the game was official!
After the game, Chen Yingxiong was very active, a big center, and he gave full play to himself.
In the attack, he doesn’t necessarily want the horse to score. He can rely on his physical advantage to hold the football and then wait for his teammates to meet him and play with them.
This is at halftime when he
His strategy changed when he was at the front of the restricted area.
He can not only hold the football and wait for his teammates to meet him, but also play singles on his own-a strong center still needs this ability.
Chen Yingxiong is really strong. Otherwise, how could he be called "Northern Giant Bear" by Dzenit fans in St. Petersburg?
This nickname is very suitable for Chen Yingxiong.
He is like a giant bear on the court.
If you look at his figure alone, you will find that he is very different from most other players. Other players around him are just like giants and ordinary people.
He is 1.91 meters tall and weighs 10 kilograms, which makes him strong.
Even plug Passareira couldn’t handle him when he was carrying the ball on his back.
Of course, Sai Passareira is not a player who is good at physical fitness, and his physical fitness is even worse when he is old.
But Changsheng still let him deal with Chen Yingxiong.
Because he is more experienced than Campoli, his defensive skills and consciousness are better.
He has experience and skills to fight against Chen Yingxiong’s body.
In addition, Campoli is waiting for an opportunity, and other Lazio players are ready to surround the giant bear at any time.
It’s very difficult for Cesar Passareira to fight. He has never played against Chen Yingxiong. This is the first time that he lacks understanding of this person.
Twice, Chen Yingxiong squeezed plug Passareira with a pout and then turned around and shot!
Fortunately, stegen’s attention quickly fell to the ground and held the football in his arms, otherwise it might be a danger in front of the door
However, Sai Passareira also realized Chen Yingxiong’s usual tactics when he turned his back on the singles through these two failed defenses.
Just pout your ass!
Is it too young or too young? The single-handedness is relatively simple.
Is to use his physical advantage to squeeze hard
It’s not difficult to guard against him if you have skills and experience
Soon Chen Yingxiong tried to plug Passareira badly.
When he tried to play solo with the ball on his back again, he looked thin. Passareira failed!
He pursed his back and butted his ass!
At the same time, he also lost control of football because his center of gravity changed. He changed it.
So he froze when he saw a leg sticking out from the oblique rear and then poking his foot ball lightly-how did the other party do it?
Of course he doesn’t know. Sai Passareira has been watching him, observing what he will do before he is ready to pout, and then warning according to this movement