When the giant Panlong sword is about to hit the mark, I directly rely on the teleport to blink to the back of the God-eater, and immediately clap my hands to the ground to directly release the ground fissure spikes.

"Golden flash! 」
Sure enough, the God-eater entered a dizzy state for 2 seconds when he was hit by a ground fissure, and at the same time, he released the state because his back was exposed and he didn’t want to, so that the golden flash could pass directly in front of me. The practice of eating God was the same as I thought, and his back was exposed to the enemy, and he didn’t know what the other party was going to do. Naturally, God-eater wouldn’t give me this excellent opportunity.
When the fixed damage per second floated from my head at 1 o’clock, the God-eater had already come to the corner of the ring.
"Brother Dragon Soul, I’m not going to hurt it after all, I’m afraid it’s a little lower than your Dionysian curse." God devoured the opposite side of the eye and let himself be poor in dealing with the Avengers. Slowly, he stretched out his right hand, and the purple energy in his palm whirled and condensed, eventually forming a palm-sized purple whirling energy ball.
"Moreover, this skill is very strong, and if you are not careful, you will be in danger of hanging up." While making the purple spin energy ball in your palm more pure, God said faintly, "But now that I can beat you, I can make an exception so that you don’t have absolute defense skills to resist my purple spin?"
"oh? In this case, I also make a trick. "While God is accumulating purple spin, I immediately put out my left hand to condense the strong ice flow in the palm of my hand and accumulate the ice force. It was almost the blink of an eye when the original left hand quickly formed the white Xuan Bing energy.
"God-eater Wang, now you also have no absolute defense skills." The white Xuan Bing energy quickly condensed in my left hand. I looked at the purple energy accumulating and said slowly, "I want to see God-eater Wang. Do you want to resist my ice explosion?"
"Ha ha, it seems that you are still very confident in your unique skill!" As soon as the myth-biting sound fell on the right hand and the purple energy ball was condensed, it was quickly trampled out and said coldly, "Then come on, let me see if you are more powerful in ice explosion or I am better in purple spin!"
"Just what I want!" The energy of ice explosion in my hand has been condensed almost, and I have also been greeted.
"Purple Xuan!" "Ice explosion!"
Purple spin VS ice explosion!
The former is a little weaker than the Dionysian curse. The latter can directly kill the amazing stunts of the 45-level NPC guard Uchihiro. What is the result of these two skills colliding with each other?
The Avenger, the Dragon Soul Guardian, and the God Eater, the two great experts, said that whether the world’s top players can win or lose in today’s joint confrontation arena?
Chapter three hundred and nineteen Purple spin VS ice explosion ()
Purple spin VS ice explosion!
The former is a little weaker than the Dionysian curse. The latter can directly kill the amazing stunts of the 45-level NPC guard Uchihiro. What is the result of these two skills colliding with each other?
The Avenger, the Dragon Soul Guardian, and the God Eater, the two great experts, said that whether the world’s top players can win or lose in today’s joint confrontation arena?
The white ice burst energy is pushed by the left hand and rapidly eats God, and the right hand rotates rapidly, and the purple spin energy collides with each other.
The energy of two completely different colors, white and purple, collided with each other like a gas explosion and produced a strong chemical reaction, which made the whole competitive ring tremble.
The ice explosion, which was condensed by Xuan Bing’s force, filled the surrounding area of the two people with a layer of fog, making the audience see the scene of the white fog clearly.
And the purple spin condensed by purple energy also makes the white fog covered with a layer of faint purple light, which makes the original part even more blurred.
It can be said that even the archer’s eagle-eye skill in the center of the ring field is also a way to spy on the situation of the department.
When this injury figure was output in the white fog, the people who were so nervous were so worried that they didn’t even dare to take a breath in the atmosphere for fear of missing the key.
Because many people clearly saw that the damage value floated once, that is to say, an avenger, the dragon soul guardian, devoured the gods, and one person was attacked and exported the damage. In other words, it has been a draw, and the dragon soul devoured the gods. Today, the winner will be decided in the joint confrontation contest.
Who is it? Is it the avenger’s dragon soul or the guardian who eats the gods? No one knows this problem at all now, because even archers can spy on other players, and it is even more impossible to do it just by relying on their naked eyes.
Because the pale purple light of the white ice fog seems to last for a long time, the people in the ring have added oil to their idols at the moment.
At one time, I shouted the names of dragon soul devouring God, and countless players, what’s more, at the moment, I have encouraged my partners to tear their throats and shouted, as chaotic as the crowd is at one time.
"Mr. Qinglong, what do you think will happen in this battle?" At this moment, the representative of the organizer of the rostrum has asked Qinglong, who has been hired as a commentator, "Who will be the avenger’s dragon soul guardian?"
Tsing lung shook his head and said, "I also know the answer. Whether it’s the ice explosion of the dragon soul or the purple spin that eats God is a trick I’ve never seen before. From the fact that the two of them put these two tricks in the closet, it is speculated that both of them are likely to output more than 10,000 damage values. Now it is possible that the avenger dragon soul is also a guardian who eats God."
"Don’t even Mr. Qinglong know who can win?" The organizer’s representative is still unwilling to ask about Qinglong’s identity. He also knows something. Maybe now he can know the outcome of the game. I’m afraid Qinglong is the only one.
Qinglong, the organizer, also shook his head and sighed, because he really guessed who would win the ice explosion purple spin in the ring. These two unique skills are also famous for Qinglong for the first time today. How can he guess the outcome of both sides?
"If it’s other players, maybe I can guess the outcome, but if it’s Avengers, Dragon Soul and Guardian who eat myths, then even I have the ability."
Everyone is speculating about who the challenge ring is now, but everyone can’t figure out why. After all, it was originally in the middle of the dragon’s soul that devoured God, and the skill of finally merging was also ice explosion and purple spin. These two unique skills have never been seen before. Whoever wins and loses will be calculated from common sense.
Soul dead pet combination rest place!
"Death spokesman, do you think the master will be defeated?" Emperor’s favorite saw that the white fog in the ring had not retreated yet, and he couldn’t help asking about it. Death hoped to get an answer from him.
"If it is any other player, I believe that the strength of the Dragon Soul will not be defeated." The death spokesman said slowly, staring intently at the ring. "But today, his opponent is the king of China region, and he is a god-eater. Even I can speculate that all the answers will not be known until the white fog dissipates on its own."
"Don’t really have no way to speculate? When will the white fog dissipate by itself? "
"Even ordinary exploration is now blocked by purple energy. Unless it is said that the world’s three major pupillary techniques, no one can know the situation."
God-eating combination rest place!
Looking at the challenge ring through the snow, Bai Wu said anxiously, "Do you think my brother might lose at dawn? If he really fail, it will be a great blow to him. "
At dawn, I also stared at the challenge nervously and shook my head and said, "God-eating Wang is now an opponent, but Dragon Soul, the leader of the dragon soul organization, has a 50-50 chance of qualifying today."
"Do you know what the purple spin trick is at dawn?" Snow mark asked again.
Dawn still shook his head and said, "I don’t know! However, judging from the tone of Wang’s speech just now, the power of this purple spin trick should not be much weaker than that of the dragon soul’s Dionysian spell. Now, it is possible that Wang’s purple spin caused the attack. "
At dawn, I looked at the snow mark and said cautiously, "But … the dragon soul didn’t cast the Dionysian curse in this battle, but made the ice explode. Then there are two possibilities. Its Yi Long soul Dionysian curse has been used for nine times, and now it has not been used for the number of times. Secondly, the power of this ice explosion skill may be stronger than the Dionysian curse, so the dragon soul gave up the Dionysian curse at this last moment and changed it to ice explosion."
"So, has the Dionysian curse of the Dragon Soul been used?"
"This ….. maybe the dragon soul can know it by himself. After all, I’m not a worm in his stomach. How can I know if he has used the Dionysian curse?" Dawn said with a wry smile, "Miss, I’m afraid you can answer this question by biting God and Wang."
Switch to the competitive ring!
The white fog has dissipated at the moment, and the nervousness of watching the challenge has reached the throat, and the eyes are staring at the challenge unblinkingly.
Because everyone knows in their hearts that the avenger, the guardian of the dragon soul, eats God, and the outcome of the first battle between the two sides will be announced in the eyes of all.