Shura emperor calmly thinking while fighting with Kerr.

Chloe’s heart is to kill her rival in love in front of her eyes. * * He is as quick as a recruit and as tight as a recruit. A careless arm "brush" is cut by Chloe’s arm knife, and Chloe loses no time to suck up his blood.
Moonlight spurts blood arrows with strange and beautiful red light.
Ling Mo’s face turned pale, and his hand "Yue Shenhua" suddenly threw an attack at Chloe’s head and turned my head to stop sucking blood.
But although it is a small part of blood, it makes Chloe more excited and more cruel.
He suddenly flapped the magic wing, the sharp wing tip was as fast as a sharp knife, and Ling Mo’s arm drew several wounds.
Chloe’s strong attack power is like the second wind.
Shura Shenjun felt that these people were really unlucky. He shouted, "Find a way to break through quickly and don’t let them pester you to death!"
Violet from the incarnation panther smell all his strength to spit out the flames and push the vampires back. Xiaoxi and Van Gogh Xuan beat back and turned to flee in different directions.
Behind all the vampires follow closely.
It is really sad that the four great shuras in the underworld should fall to the point where they are chased by others.
Chloe’s eyes were red with blood. He attacked Lingmo Pupil more and more violently, and finally retreated to a cliff edge. On the edge of the cliff is a pine tree that grows obliquely. The trunk of the pine tree bounces in front of Chloe with the rebound force of the pine tree. Chloe feels that the poisonous claws of Shura Pupil have attacked Chloe at the moment, and she quickly leaned forward to dodge, but still slowed down. A large muscle was torn by Lingmo Pupil’s claws.
Blood makes Chloe even crazier. His magic wing fierce fan-arm knife has stabbed Ling Mo’s pupil in the chest, and Shura Shen Jun stumbled and fell off a cliff.
Want to go? No way!
Chloe’s body is also headed for the bottom of the cliff. She wants to see people die. She will never easily believe that the Shura God is dead if she doesn’t see the body.
In a blink of an eye, Chloe has caught up with Zita Law Ling Mo, who is lying on his back at the bottom of the cliff, and his handsome face is dead gray.
Chloe slowly approached him and explored the Shura Emperor’s snorting.
"Hum, hum, hahaha!" Chloe laughed on his back. I didn’t expect you to fix the emperor’s body, and the god of death in the underworld eventually died. His blood eyes flashed a red light from his eyes, and the emperor’s body suddenly turned into dust.
Chloe’s cold eyes looked at the place where she was scratched by Ling Mo’s pupil and smiled derisively, calling up the magic wing and flying in an instant.
Is Lingmo Pupil really dead? Of course not!
Chloe flew away, not far from the body of Ling Mo Pupil just now, and there was a change. The original snow suddenly showed a figure.
It is the god who fainted after a serious injury.
This is a very simple smoke screen. First, the dead leaves change into the shape of a shura deity, and then the real Lingmo pupil is hidden from the red-eyed Kerr.
Ling Mo Pupil’s side flashed a snow-white kitten like the wind blowing. The kitten had one eye and it squinted at Ling Mo Pupil with a sigh.
One of them, a tall figure, gently flapped his huge wings and floated in the air. His eyes fluttered with the wind, his face was handsome and cold, and he smiled scornfully and dismissively.
His muscles are strong, his arms are sharp, his knives are confused, and the moonlight shines with piercing and cruel light.
This man looks like Feng Luo, but he is not Feng Luo.
He is Kerr.
Chloe condescending to see several hell shura and leopard purple from his mouth with a cold smile.
"Fix the emperor? Nice to meet you! " His tone sound very elegant and not dangerous.
Ling Mo raised his head and stared coldly at the person in front of him. "You are not Feng Luo. Who are you?"
Chloe laughed. "Is there anything in Fengluo Temple that is the same to me? It’s all people who want to take your life."
He has been forced not to wait for the moment to test whether his arm knife is sharp enough.