The origin of the matter lies in the time when A stubbornly attacked the EH team battle at the last highland of the game.

QA Silencer played the role of MEK initiator and healer in the team.
Then there is still a point-controlled spell with a range of 900 points, and the effect of silence and disarmament is very strong. Control plus a big move group silence Silencer is still a group control
I’m still a DPS
Is the QA pressure the biggest body or an easy target in the team battle? This game has accelerated the pace. In the first position, it is obviously impossible for Silencer to make meat like BKB.
It is also important for all the staff to be beside Silencer in the team battle.
In the first second of the team battle, it has been tense. God-level outbreak exercises observe the situation in the field and be ready to MEK to save teammates at any time. Then it is necessary to maximize the benefits of MEK. It is best to take the big move to silence the field and it is necessary to control QA alone first.
Excellent abolition of a clown in positional warfare, a blue cat’s greatest fear is to be silent
Ping a?
….. Naiqi BKB Blue Cat barely saved her life, but in the end, she was able to drop a residual blood blue S-rice in seconds, which had been bombarded in the pre-war consumption and turned the blue amount into an output.
Is s a terrorist mobile battery or a group attack in a team battle?
But EH obviously forgot one thing in such a fast-paced and high-intensity confrontation, which is very important
It is also something that makes Luo Qi entangled in the noisy audience shouting on the sidelines. Lao Pei and Lao K feel troubled but let Lin Feng feel a little happy.
QA right hand wrist neuralgia!
Before QA, the neuralgia of the right hand was always treated by Lao Pei’s massage and acupuncture, and so many rounds of G League were once unable to play because of neuralgia.
QA didn’t fail to check that professional players’ high-intensity competition can easily cause their own arm problems, and the wrist is also a part that is prone to problems.
QA has been examined, and the middle-aged doctor wearing a white coat gives the opinion that long-term strength and strain make the wrist joint of QA’s right hand have a chronic inflammatory trend, and the median nerve is compressed. QA’s median nerve is a little shallow and has no effect on normal life.
But in the DOA project of competitive professional competition, this is a time bomb, because you have to hold the mouse and hold it in your hand, which is inevitable.
QA is sucking cold air on the sidelines and winding up. She is doing simple treatment for QA in an emergency. Two bottles of Yunnan Baiyao spray are taken out to spray winding up and quickly do soothing exercises for QA.
Then I quickly slapped QA’s right hand limb, especially the white palm at the front of the arm. When QA’s arm fluttered quickly, it became red and white, but I was so anxious that I didn’t care if my hand hurt.
At this time, the recurrence of QA’s old injury in the last game of the championship made all EH players and supporters feel a bad momentum.
However, the most tangled thing to say is definitely not to hesitate to let QA stick to the game. Lao Pei and Lao K are entangled in whether QA can compete again
And QA is very determined and has decided to stick to the game after fifteen minutes, so that in fact, Lao Pei and Lao K are hesitant.
The most tangled thing is to sit on the EH bench as if there is a nail at the bottom of your ass and you can’t sit still for a moment!
Sitting on the EH bench, watching the match between his team members and opponents, both sides are passionate and inseparable. Substitute Lin Feng not only hopes that his team will win the game smoothly.
In my subconscious, I hope I can drag my teammates to the third game to save the scene.
Seemingly contradictory, but it is indeed that Lin Feng is changing in his heart now.
Perhaps the normal situation should be that Lin Feng finished supporting his teammates, and then EH was crowned the champion of ESWC Lin Feng. The hero played a good role in the previous game, which was an indispensable part for EH to enter the finals, but it was still the stage for EH teammates in the finals.
But come not voluntarily!
Although I am a’ small receiver’, I also have a small receiver’s dignity. Why should I give the final word to others when I play the game?
Come always feel that there is something wrong with this.
However, in the second game, QA still insisted on taking a 15-minute break with injury. During the break, the audience also found that QA, the No.1 position of EH team member, was different. What happened when everyone was still in vain?
Then, the big screen on the scene shows that the QAAPM of the APM data field game in the DOA game just now can be said to be the lowest one where FARM needs more attention. In the middle and early games, QAAPM was at more than 100 levels.
But then when the team battle broke out, APM soared the fastest and highest. It was always Silencer, the protagonist of the team battle, who made QAAPM break the watch.
Strictly speaking, in the last wave of EH highland group battle, QAAPM approached the top four, which has created a new career high.
QA, like Pig’s Head Cuisine, is a veteran of this team, but it is also the core of the main force of this team. A team symbol lies in the superb technology of the third position and the dispatch of the team leader.
The soul of a team is more in the core body of the late No.1 position.
Seeing such a high APM, the audience at the scene was stunned and misread themselves. You know, among the ten professional players in this game, there are also fast breakups and slow hands.
Everyone still thinks that a clown is the first one to be ashamed of, but QA is definitely the candidate in many people’s minds.
But in fact, with such data, you really can’t say that QA is slow and desperate, and QA is equally desperate. This is not only the professional ethics of QA, but also the blood in QA’s heart!
Which professional player who plays DOA doesn’t have chicken blood?
Well, it’s also a passion
Anyway, after watching the advertisement for ten minutes in front of the live screen, the audience heard a sensational remark from the commentator before returning to the live screen again.
"Some professional athletes were born with DOA and fought in the DOA arena for many years. At the beginning, when everyone was in awe, they chose a low-key game to explain what professional ethics meant. When the team was in a bad situation, they would always come out to reverse the game situation and help the team win. Many QA is the role of EH. He is not dazzling at all. Although his stability in the later period has always been praised, it gives people the feeling that QA is dedicated again in today’s game, so that DOAER is the glory of EH supporters ~" Fruit Fruit Fish around him is very literary and young, very literary and sensational.
However, there is nothing but being able to deceive some little girls’ tears and resonate with some young artists like him.
At least, it’s nothing that QA will still feel his wrist pain during the game.