Wei Chihong now believes that it is reasonable for Zhu Pingting to say that the poisonous person is not necessarily Shen Menglu. If this anshen decoction is really poisonous, then Shen Menglu can’t be stupid enough to get it directly to Queen Ji. After all, whether it is poisonous or not will be known after a test.

Shen Menglu, the root of anshen decoction’s coming out is psychological tactics. She is waiting for them to mess up and show their flaws. Wei Chihong secretly stared at Zhao Yunwei. Sure enough, women just can’t be a big deal. If it weren’t for him today, I’m afraid this Zhao Yunwei would have collapsed and volunteered!
Zhao Yunwei was stunned by Wei Chihong’s cold eyes, and Wei Chihong’s speech made her back cold. Is this Wei Chihong trying to force Wei Xinyan to drink anshen decoction?
The smile in Shen Menglu’s eyes deepened, and Wei Chihong’s occasional performance of essence really made him applaud! "Well, then the palace will be innocent!"
"Well, then, Empress Mufei and all of us are innocent!" Wei Chihong should take a big step to the front of Ning Shuang and stretch out his hand to take her hand. anshen decoction did not hesitate to go to Wei Xinyan and handed anshen decoction to her. "Drink!"
Wei Xinyan looked at Wei Chihong with wide eyes. In addition to disbelief, she was heartbroken. "Father, do you … do you really want your daughter to drink?"
Wei Chihong’s callousness, Wei Xinyan, has long experienced it. When Shen Menglu stepped into Muwangfu, Wei Chihong warned her not to hurt others or herself, not to bring trouble to their loyalty and courage. At that time, Wei Xinyan knew that she had been abandoned by her father.
But now her biological father actually brought the poison to her personally, forcing her to drink Weixinyan. At this moment, her heart was dead. Qian Qian had a mother’s affection for her father for thousands of times, and Weixinyan could not find a reason to live.
"Drink!" Wei Chihong threw out this chilling word again without too much explanation.
Wan Gengfeng! Dear friends, please join us. 35 Empress Ji is disappointed (3+)
A milli-temperature scroll is like a sharp knife that goes straight into Wei Xinyan’s chest, stabbing her heart to the blood, and the pain is unbearable. At this moment, it is so irritating and stinging. Wei Xinyan here is nothing compared with heart pain. Those are pediatrics.
"Father, I am your daughter! It is your own daughter! How can you bear to … How can you bear to … "Wei Xinyan looked at Wei Chihong with tears in her eyes according to her heart position.
Zhao Yunwei choked up and couldn’t help crying. Wei Chihong’s face didn’t change at all. anshen decoction didn’t fluctuate before Wei Xinyan.
"Drink!" Wei Chihong once again urged Queen Ji Zhu Yinzhen and Shen Menglu to stare at them with six eyes. Wei Chihong now wants Wei Xinyan to drink this damn bowl of anshen decoction Wei Xinyan as soon as possible, which will further expose their guilty conscience.
He had warned WeiXinYan to let her not get into trouble with Zhong Yong Hou Fu. By this time, if WeiXinYan is smart enough, she should say nothing and end up with the bowl and drink it dry to show her innocence, not to mention that anshen decoction is very likely to be poisonous, even if it is really poisonous, that Qiqisan is not blood-sealing poison, and it won’t die for a while. People can try to detoxify again.
But Wei Xinyan doesn’t say anything, but she still looks like she is forced to die. Wei Chihong has all kinds of troubles in her heart. These women can’t do anything good except cause trouble!
"What do you drink or not? If you don’t drink, I’ll feed you myself! " WeiXinYan long motionless WeiChiHong some impatient.
"Okay, I’ll drink …" The three words seemed to have done all the strength of Wei Xinyan’s department. She held out her hand trembling. As a result, anshen decoction Wei Xinyan in Wei Chihong’s hand saw clearly the disgust in Wei Chihong’s eyes. She knew that if she didn’t drink Wei Chihong, she would really fill her up. She really didn’t want to make herself more miserable.
But although I have made a decision, I can hold a bowl of poison in my hand! How can I drink it?
Originally, Wei Xinyan was not sure that there was something wrong with anshen decoction, so it was miserable to be forced to drink by frost every day. Now it is known that there is something wrong with anshen decoction, and she was forced to drink sadness by her father. Wei Xinyan’s hands are shaking inappropriately, and she almost can’t hold the soup bowl in her hand.
Wei Xinyan suddenly knew one thing: Shen Menglu deliberately woke her up and let her die again! Shen Menglu watched me abandoned by my parents and forced to death by my father. Now you are really proud! Weixinyan looked at Shen Menglu with hatred in her eyes.
Hate? Shen Menglu noticed that Wei Xinyan’s line of sight gave her a smile by raising her lips, and then gently lifted her lips and spit out a sentence, "Yan Fangfei hold it carefully and don’t drop the bowl!"
Wei Xinyan’s hand froze and her face flashed. This Shen Menglu is really damn good!
Queen Ji’s face is already very unhappy. "Mufei, don’t wave like this." Queen Ji is not interested in watching Weixinyan’s father and daughter play a bitter drama. She wants to know the specific scene of Jingxuan poisoning quickly.
Wei Chihong, after Shen Menglu woke up, also noticed that Wei Xinyan was deliberately procrastinating and then heard this sentence from Queen Ji. Wei Chihong suddenly became angry from the gallbladder. He simply grabbed the bowl in Wei Xinyan’s hand in the previous step and buckled Wei Xinyan with one hand, so he poured anshen decoction into her mouth.
Wei Xinyan was caught off guard by a mouthful of soup, which made her cry. She consciously reached out and brushed the bowl of soup in Wei Chihong’s hand, and anshen decoction spilled it all over the floor.
"General Wei, what does this mean?" Shen Menglu suddenly cold face two steps before pointing to the ground anshen decoction nu to "this is the so-called innocence commandant general? Talking about drinking and deliberately spilling it, you are playing with the palace as a monkey! "
WeiChiHong a surprised to explain "MuFei empress this is an accident …"
"Is it an accident that you know it yourself!" Shen Menglu directly interrupted Wei Chihong’s words. "This is what you call the Qing White House!"
"Mufei Empress, this is definitely an accident. Please ask Mufei Empress to order someone to prepare a bowl of anshen decoction, which will ensure that every drop of it will be drunk by her." Shen Menglu, this means directly convicting them. Weichihong is a little anxious.
"The duke …" Zhao Yunwei consciously shouted a method to agree with Wei Chihong’s practice.
"Have you all had enough trouble!" Things are getting worse and worse. Queen Ji finally can’t watch it. She sat for half a day and just looked at Shen Menglu and Wei’s family. You came and went to show off. Shen Menglu and Wei Chihong’s family talked nonsense for a long time, but she didn’t even make it clear what was going on with Jingxuan poisoning. Queen Ji finally understood that Shen Menglu didn’t solve the problem at all. In the end, she just provoked and teased Wei Xinyan and others.
"This matter will stop here for the time being!" Queen Ji drank together to "general and Mrs. Wei go back to the office first!" Pay the doctor too much to stay here and treat Yan’s side princess, Mu Wang and Mu Fei, and you two go to Xuanyuan Hall with the palace! "
After watching people play all day, Queen Ji’s mood became very bad.
Zhu Yinzhen sighed and walked to Shen Menglu’s side to reach out and hold Shen Menglu’s hand. "Listen to your mother!"
Shen Menglu sideways avoided Zhu Yinzhen’s big palm and took a sip of his lips, silently following the footsteps of Queen Ji.
Zhu Yinzhen looked at Shen Menglu’s back with a wry smile, and my heart couldn’t say anything.
"Go ahead! What’s going on? " When I arrived at Jingxuan Xuanyuan Hall, Queen Ji rejected everyone’s calm face and asked Jingxuan some awkwardly to stand behind Queen Ji.