The famous military commanders who died in this move have already been in twenty.

In the face of Gongsun Zan this recruit Wen Chou also dare not careless.
Although Gongsun Zan is already a spent force, Wen Chou doesn’t know if Gongsun Zan’s move is still at its peak.
Wen Chou is also a force, but it is a force to defend the long knife and hand it out to seal Qinglong Yun.
But just when Qinglong Guan was about to collide with the long Dao, it was a sudden change in Gongsun Zan.
If Gongsun Zan is trying his best, it is naturally difficult to change his tactics in this situation, but his dragon-fighting this time is just a virtual stretch.
When the two weapons were about to collide, Qinglong Yun suddenly lifted and bypassed Wen Chou’s weapons like a dragon looking up.
And Gongsun Zan’s body hasn’t changed. Long Dao hit Wen Chou.
The tip of the knife pierced Gongsun Zan’s chest and came out from his back.
Gongsun Zan didn’t have a long-lost smile on his face when he died.
"Little Ying Yang I Gongsun’s house"
Wen Chou didn’t expect this change. Gongsun Zan committed suicide instead of desperately.
"It will be so again …"
Wen Chou didn’t finish because he couldn’t say it anymore.
Chapter 44 Qinglong spit beads
Gongsun Zan didn’t stop when he took the initiative to hit the tip of Wen Chou’s knife.
Anyone who knows a little about Gongsun Zan knows that Gongsun Zan has a trick called dragon killing.
But I didn’t know that there was another trick behind the dragon killing.
This is Gongsun Zan’s move to die with the enemy. Today is his first time on the battlefield.
Before this, no one knew that he would do it. It was Gongsun Zan who came to save his life and to die together.
If it is in a one-on-one hit situation, Gongsun Zan may not choose mutually assured destruction, but now he knows that Gongsun Zan doesn’t want to fall into the hands of Yuan Shao.
The power of the dragon spitting beads is not very great, but it is a surprise. It is far more powerful than not killing the dragon.
The positive power of Qinglong Tuzhu can kill three-star military commanders, which can hurt four-star military commanders, but it does not pose a threat to the base of five-star military commanders.
Only when the five-star weapon is unguarded can it hope to cause a fatal blow.
Gongsun Zan took the initiative to hit the tip of Wen Chou’s knife when he visited La Wen Chou this time.
Is to make Wen Chou numb at this moment.
Wen Chou wouldn’t be careless if he knew that Gongsun Zan had this trick, but he didn’t know it.
When Gongsun Zan was pierced by a long knife, the dragon just looked up and the dragon turned into a dragon shadow, and a small bloody sword spit out from his mouth and stabbed Wen Chou’s eyebrows.
This bloody sword was condensed after Qinglong Yun drank more than 3,000 Yuan Jun’s blood.
It’s extremely fast. Even if it’s prepared, Wen Chou should be careful.
At this time, Gongsun Zan took the initiative to commit suicide and his heart was paralyzed. Wen Chou’s eyes did not see the change of Qinglong Ling in Gongsun Zan.
Before he could react, the bloody sword pierced his eyebrows and left a small hole in his forehead.
Gongsun Zan looked at the bloody sword and scored Wen Chou’s forehead before closing his eyes with a smile.
A five-star player can hold on to several breaths even if his heart is pierced.
After Wen Chou was pierced by the bloody sword, the sound suddenly stopped bleeding. The murderous murder brought by the bloody sword first shattered Wen Chou’s nerve and then smashed Wen Chou’s head.
Although it seems that Wen Chou’s wound has a small hole between the eyebrows, Wen Chou’s head is like a small hole at this time. The apple looks fine on the surface, but it has been eaten up by the crawling insects.
With Gongsun Zan and Wen Chou mutually assured destruction, the military forces in Youzhou are even less resistant.
Many generals were either killed or surrendered and fled less than 10%
This Yuan Shao was a great victory, and it would have been more perfect if Wen Chou had not died.
Although Wen Chou’s death is a great pity for Yuan Shao, there is not much pain in Yuan Shao’s heart, which is of great significance to his reunification of the North.
You Zhou Bing Qingzhou also gave him some headaches in Gongsun Zan, and the other two States did not have Lombardi worthy of attention.
Then Yuan Shao’s goal is naturally to unify the secluded and the four States of Qinghai and Hebei are in Hebei.
In the decisive battle between Yuan Shao and Gongsun Zan, Lingyun had quit the game because of the late night, and in the real world, she let her daughter sit in her arms while browsing the forum.
At the time of the war, some players posted the news on the forum.
The player even broadcast the text live, so the post was held high by many players who were not present.
Lingyun nature won’t be invisible.
Lingyun saw that Gongsun Zan was not dead yet, but Lingyun didn’t inform GongSunYing immediately.
Now, even if you tell GongSunYing that he is far away in Le Lang, GongSunYing can’t help Gongsun Zan, or wait until the results come out before telling GongSunYing.
Lingyun attaches great importance to one result, that is, Gongsun Zan’s life and death.
The victory and defeat have been very obvious, so it is not Yuan Shao’s opponent, and now Yuan Shao is attacking the camp.
Unless there is a magic weapon to help Gongsun Zan, Gongsun Zan’s failure is doomed.
I just don’t know if Gongsun Zan can return to western Liaoning alive in deus ex.
It is not impossible for Gongsun Zan to make a comeback if he flees back to western Liaoning and learns a lesson and becomes a former Gongsun Zan.
Lingyun didn’t know whether to be happy or unhappy when he saw the final result of Gongsun Zan’s death.
Come to Lingyun, I hope it is best for Yuan Shao and Gongsun Zan to lose both sides, which is also the result that many governors want to see.
In this way, even if they can’t do it for the time being, both Yuan Shao and Gongsun Zan must cultivate and live.
But now the result is that Yuan Shao won a big battle in Gongsun Zan by crushing his posture. Since Yuan Shao has consumed food and grass, there has been almost no other damage to General Wen Chou.
In this way, there is not much burden for Yuan Shao to wage war again, so he can take this opportunity to grow rapidly.
A secluded state with few eyes is already available to Yuan Shao.
No one can stop him.
No vassal wants to see Lombardi’s power growing.
It’s very scary to come to Jizhou to graze Yuan Shao. If you add a secluded state, who will be his opponent?