So this incident happened when Qin Shaojie was awakened in the middle of the night.

"Are you sick or what? Why don’t you call me in meditation practice at night?" Qin Shaojie didn’t good the spirit said.
"This ….. Qin boss I sent you something to come to your building" Kay said.
"Wait" Qin Shaojie said and hung up the phone. He put on his pants and took off his shoes, but he wondered how Kaida knew where he lived.
Sure enough, there is a chubby figure squatting in the flower bed, and it’s just blooming in the flower bed, and it’s still mumbling.
"I will destroy one of the ancestral flowers."
Qin Shaojie turned over their past and said, "What’s the big night?"
Kay saw Qin Shaojie coming and got up from the flower bed and took out a document and a small red one from her pocket.
"Hey, hey, Qin boss touched you. Our organization also has a name. This is your life and certificate."
"So soon?" Qin Shaojie was surprised and asked. He looked at it. It was written that Comrade Qin Shaojie was promoted to the rank of Major General and the post of director of SHIELD. Then there was the red seal of Zhongnanhai.
What surprised Qin Shaojie was not his rank promotion, but the three words of SHIELD. What did you mean when you said that the organization had a name? Now he finally knew that the name he had casually made up in Yan Fenghua’s house actually became the name of the organization
Wanted to think back and forth Qin Shaojie surprised out in a cold sweat.
At that time, it was said at Yan Fenghua’s home that Qin Shaojie wondered if his home was being watched by his face, but he thought about it again. With a spy like Ouyang Yao, it is not likely to add Lingfang and Qiu. If anyone can get into his house, there will be a group of people with SHIELD.
As expected, his name and rank were clearly written on the certificate in his hand, and the three big characters of his subordinate unit, SHIELD, lit up his eyes.
Grandma’s own identity is becoming more and more awesome.
"Ha ha, director Qin, congratulations. You must treat our group of hands when you find them." Kay said with a big smile.
"Reward you? When will you lend me the money? "Qin Shaojie asked.
"Er … this this … director Qin, I suddenly remembered that I had to leave in advance." When Kai was a freshman, he heard Qin Shaojie arrive at the money and immediately made a haha and directly stepped on the flying sword and disappeared in the night.
Chapter 251 Cape Pavilion is back
I don’t know if Ai Xiaohui was quarreled by the phone call in the middle of the night or subconsciously telling myself that this sleep was honest anyway, but in the end, she didn’t escape the "sanctions" of Qin Shaojie.
"Brother-in-law, it’s so fast when we’re going home this afternoon." Ai Xiaotian sat at the table with his arm supporting the table and dragging his hand in Pakistan with a sigh.
"It’s not that you can’t come again." Qin Shaojie laughed.
"Hey, but I haven’t had enough fun yet."
"What are you playing? You should study hard and get into Beijing University in the future so that you can see your brother-in-law?" Gu Cuilan said at a side.
"Yes, I can stay in Beijing when I get into Beijing University, and I can let my brother-in-law take me to play every day." Ai Xiaotian immediately got excited but then faded. "I’m only in the second day of my junior high school, and there are more than four years left from college. How can I spend this long time?"
Qin Shaojie was amused by Ai Xiaotian’s woebegone expression and laughed. "Xiao Tian’s four years passed quickly, and you are about to enter high school. I promise you that if you take the key high school brother-in-law, you will get a sports car to go to school to soak your sister."
"ah? True or false, brother-in-law? " Yixiaotian one leng asked eagerly.
"Of course it’s true," Qin Shaojie smiled. "When have I ever lied?"
"Great," Ai Xiaotian shouted excitedly, "I must study hard."
"Come on, let’s eat," Qin Shaojie said. "I’ll take you to climb the Great Wall today."
Although it is already the last day of a small holiday, perhaps tourists are thinking about profit and having a good time on this last day. As a result, tourists from various scenic spots have not decreased, but have increased.
The group enjoyed playing in the Great Wall and took a lot of photos. Even many foreign tourists asked for a photo with Ai Xiaotian when they saw his jumping and cute appearance. Ai Xiaotian was also the first time to take photos with foreigners, and his face was red with excitement.
After visiting the Great Wall, Qin Shaojie took Ai Xiaohui’s family to mop up what to eat and wear in various venues in Beijing, which was actually full of two big travel bags.
This can make Gu Cuilan happy. This time, he can show off when he goes back, while Yi Xiangyang has been persuading Qin Shaojie to spend some money. The * * number makes him tremble.
Ai Xiaohui looked at the family’s smiling face, but she was a little lost. Maybe her parents and younger brother went back to their former lives. Qin Shaojie, is it possible for us?
Qin Shaojie didn’t know Ai Xiaohui’s idea until five o’clock in the afternoon to send Ai Xiaohui’s family to the airport.
"Xiao Qin, let’s just take the train. Why do we have to fly? How much does it cost?" Ai Xiangyang thought about taking the train in the early hours of the morning, but Qin Shaojie just pulled them to the airport.
"Don’t worry, uncle doesn’t spend money." Qin Shaojie smiled and walked into the airport with a group of people.
Without buying a ticket or checking in, I went straight into the airport along the special passage and boarded a bus that had already stopped at Gulfstream.
"Xiao Qin, why didn’t we buy a ticket? And this plane how no one else ah "GuCuiLan is the first time to fly to look at the whole cabin on their family asked in doubt, and Ai Xiaotian after the plane turned a circle is also waiting for two big eyes looked at Qin Shaojie.
"Aunt, this is our own plane to send you," Qin Shaojie explained.
"ah? Your own plane? " GuCuiLan leng was happy to pull his son this touch that look.
"Xiao Qin broke you." Yi Xiangyang was embarrassed to say that although he had never been on a plane, he also knew that this kind of private jet would cost 10,000 yuan when it fell together.
Qin Shaojie smiled and was about to speak when he saw a middle-aged man in white came along.
"Hello, Qin Shao, I’m Wang Jie, the captain of the plane."
Qin Shaojie greeted the captain and nodded at the two sisters followed by him, saying, "Well, we will go. You are ready to take off."
Say goodbye to Xiao-Hui Yi’s family again and pull Xiao-Hui Yi off the plane.
Looking at the plane slowly accelerating, I looked up and flew to the sky, and then gradually disappeared. Ai Xiaohui had a feeling of losing something. Subconsciously, she liked this feeling of being together as a family. Maybe it was Qin Shaojie who belonged to her.
"Xiaohui, keep it for the suite." Sitting in the car, Qin Shaojie threw a bunch of keys to Yi Xiaohui. Although the room was Li Yuanchao, Qin Shaojie wouldn’t have two words if he wanted it.
"You … what do you mean?" Yixiaohui looked at the key in his hand and asked