Just as Chirabi was about to break away from the cross-country King Kong blockade, Jiraiya and orochimaru joined together to directly suppress Chirabi’s desire to fight back against the flame.

I won’t say much about the next thing.
Chirabi and Yumu were restricted by the King Kong blockade and became cross-country prisoners.
Orochimaru, Jiraiya, Gang Shou, Jitang and Sanren joined forces. Even if the enemy in front of them is not Lei Ying but Huo Ying’s original plot, six Paynes must have lost in Sanren!
What’s more, Lei Ying is far less powerful than Nagato’s control of Six Payne in Huo Ying’s original work?
In the last three rounds, the three forbearance cooperated together to suppress the strong Lei Ying continuously, and Lei Ying only faced a fiasco.
But it’s time to settle down in the cross-country and think about the thundershadow fiasco. It’s time for this battle …
A humble little person suddenly added a little wave to this battle to win or lose!
And then …
The waves rolled up!
Chapter 45 Little people
The victory of Konoha began not with the appearance of Gang Shou Ji, but with the cross-country victory and the wooden man.
In fact, when the cross-country defeated the wooden man and made the wooden man lose the ability to fight, the number of strong people at the shadow level on the wooden leaf side was already able to crush the Yunren side, especially when the cross-country orochimaru and Jiraiya were together, they had certain advantages in the face of the combination of Lei Ying and Chilabi. Even if Gang Shou Ji did not come to support the cross-country and accompanied him in Jiraiya, orochimaru to defeat Lei Ying and Chilabi, it was certain that things were not as easy as Gang Shou Ji appeared.
With Gang Shou Ji’s appearance and cross-country victory over the wooden man, Lei Ying’s defeat is not wronged at all
It seems that the three forbearance defeated Leiying in minutes, but in fact, it was cross-country and three forbearance combined, and four movie-level strong people managed to defeat the top movie-level strong Leiying there.
Leidun armor has shattered LeiYing panting half kneeling on the ground and bloody is a spent force.
On the other hand, konoha
Cross-country is still to make the whirlpool clan hermetic king kong blockade tightly limited by the wooden man Kirby’s two-person column force action three forbearance. In addition to Jiraiya’s need to note a Kirby, orochimaru and Gang Shou Ji’s eyes are locked in the thunder shadow, and orochimaru is slowly walking to the front of the thunder shadow and said.
"Lei Ying, you lost."
Listening to orochimaru, his hoarse voice combined with indifferent tone said that he had lost the fact. Lei Ying first looked at the restrictions imposed by the King Kong blockade, and then looked at the other side. The wooden man sighed deeply and only accepted the fact, "Yes, I lost in orochimaru."
Said the thunder shadow is defiantly cold snorted and then said, "you konoha village is really a blockbuster! I originally thought that the elite department of Yunren Village attacked Gabiga Yumu Man and was able to win this battle. Who would have thought that the old guy who won three generations of Huoying actually recalled you damn bastards! "
"orochimaru, Jiraiya, Gang Shou, Jitang, three forbearance, together again? By the way, add a shadow mage, hahahaha! Orochimaru, if there is no shadow mage, can you win that simple? You should be kind to Master Xie Yiying. Without him, it may be my only chance to defeat Sanren! "
"Lei Ying, you don’t need to provoke off-road because I love my apprentice. Can you get out of trouble with a few words?"
Instantly saw through the thunder shadow plot, which was somewhat distracting. Jiraiya was firmly beside the cross-country and patted it on the cross-country body, just like telling the cross-country not to be afraid
And when LeiYing voice just fell in Jiraiya off-road early, off-road forehead also suddenly oozed a layer of cold sweat.
Because at that time, cross-country thought that things were not three forbearance, and things should be directed at themselves in the future. How do you say that today’s three forbearance bases and Muye Village are gone? Soon, orochimaru in the three forbearance will defect, and Gang Shou Ji will go away to Jiraiya, and disappear with two companions. The thunder shadow will provoke off-country. It is not afraid of cross-country at all, but a little afraid. What will the three generations of Huo Ying think about this time, which has played such an important role in defeating Yunren?
Politics …
Forever is that most complicate thing in the world!
Although Cross-country doesn’t know how his brother, Kakashi’s father, Qimu Shuomao died, it was true that Hatake Sakumo was able to surpass Sanren in some extent, but it was so powerful that all the characters died in political confrontation and finally refused to say that they had committed suicide at home because of a mistake. What a terrible thing?
Cross-country ask yourself that your influence is not as strong as Qimu Shuomao.
Nowadays, three generations of hokage are once again aiming at the Nara clan, aiming at his Nara cross-country. After knowing that he has cooperated with terror, the three generations of hokage have quelled the war in the country of Lei. Can the three generations of hokage tell everyone in Konoha Village that his three generations of hokage are the real faction in Konoha Village?
Thought of here, cross-country silently wiped his forehead and took a deep look at orochimaru, Jiraiya and Gang Shou Ji in cold sweat.
Cross-country is secretly thought in my heart.
"No fire nation and LeiGuo war absolutely not! If the war between fire nation and Leiguo is really chaotic, it will start without chaos! "
"It’s like the original story."
"When orochimaru defected, it was at the end of World War III when Muye Village and Yunren Village fought, and it was already the initiative. Isn’t it because orochimaru didn’t have all three generations of Huoying that he had time to deal with orochimaru?"
"A sly rabbit is a dead dog!"
"If possible, I must … I must extend the war between fire nation and Leiguo as much as possible as orochimaru said before."
"I’m afraid orochimaru has the same idea in his heart!"
Secretly heart way a cross-country eyes fell on the orochimaru body soon saw orochimaru turned it seems those snake eyes meaningful.
It’s just a touch of the eye. Cross-country knows that orochimaru also hopes to have an accident.
After taking a deep breath, cross-country actually made its own decision.
I decided to create an accident myself and give Leiying Chirabi and others a chance to fight back, so that Yunren Village can guarantee that certain forces will continue to fight with Muye Village.
However, who can imagine that an accident really happened when cross-country orochimaru made eye contact and plotted to create an accident?
The accident was caused by a nobody, a cross-country orochimaru and others who didn’t pay attention to nobody.
That little guy is orochimaru Litudai!
At this moment, in the spiritual communication of shadow communication, orochimaru, Jiraiya, Gang Shou and Ji Yin sounded one after another. They already had the idea of taking Leiying Chilabi back by wooden people, but in the communication of Gang Shou Ji in Jiraiya, orochimaru, cross-country was about to create an accident when suddenly controlling betrayal of Leiying Tudai in orochimaru and being punched by Leiying Tudai turned out to be suddenly getting up and suddenly appearing behind cross-country!
There is no doubt that even cross-country at that time never thought that a neglected little guy like Tudai could suddenly explode.
After all, the battle they are facing this time is a real movie-level war, and neither the movie-level strong people have led the victory to the capital!
However, it was precisely when the elite forbearance class Tudai was about to face the shadow class steeds that the victory trend was suddenly rewritten.
What did Tudai do when he suddenly appeared?
Earth generation is just a bitter deep into the cross-country shoulder.
One second!
Cross-country injuries can’t be controlled in an instant, and the spiritual energy inside the Yin dun brand makes the vortex clan’s King Kong blockade appear a little wave.
It’s also that little wave that makes the tail column force change from the wooden man.
Instantly gained the ability to fight back!
"Big Brother, run!"
"Lord Leiying, I’ll break the back!"
Chapter 451 Die ()
"Damn it!"
"What are you doing off-road!"
The sudden explosion of Tudai is a cross-country orochimaru, Jiraiya, Gang Shou, Ji, and four movie-level strong people never thought that things would happen when Tudai suddenly appeared beside the cross-country. On the one hand, the cross-country was to benefit the yin and escape the brand, and the spiritual energy in it was cast into a whirlpool, which was blocked by the secret arts. On the other hand, it was because the cross-country consumed the same amount, and it was really impossible to pay attention to the surprise attack on Tudai, which made the cross-country sneak attack injured.