"Do you accept a one-night stand? I think it’s an Italian woman’s dream to spend a perfect night with a perfect man like you. I’m also a member of Italian women, and I don’t want to deceive myself. Sometimes I think so. "

"How does Domoni cavani Sally make you feel in bed? I can’t help but say that even I am a little jealous of her figure, but I believe that my performance in bed will not be worse than her, so I am very confident in this respect. "
"Monica, when are you going to marry your girlfriend? Oh! ! I hope it won’t be too early because it will make several female fans sad. "
Faced with such a sharp, bold and divinatory question, what can Qinan do except sweat? He is a little skeptical that the fans call Palmas "the most connotative female anchor in Italy" is ironic, because in today’s program, Palmas can’t see where she has "connoted" the whole divinatory symbol. At first, the host asked questions that were somewhat reliable. Most of them were around Qinan’s football experience exhibition, but in the back, Palmas’ problems were almost entirely related to Qinan’s private life.
Although Qina kept smiling throughout the program, his back was already dripping with cold sweat. You know, Xiu Xiu was watching this program in front of the camera. Facing Palmas, he openly teased himself in front of tens of millions of viewers. Even if Qina felt like a rock, there was no way to be calm. quiet inside.
Finally, in the "long-awaited" in Qinan, the recording of a program that was like "purgatory |" for him finally ended. Seeing Palmas’ unfinished expression, Qinan called this woman the devil in his heart.
Because "Secret Disclosure" was broadcast in Italian prime time, Qinan returned to the hotel at 10: 30 after the recording of the program, it was thought that Xiu Xiu must have heard the affair between him and Vanessa on the program and Palmas openly teased Qinan on the program, so he was a little uneasy. He was very prepared to be questioned by Xiu Xiu.
However, when Qinan returned to the hotel and he and Xiu Xiu lived in the house, Xiu Xiu rushed to welcome him back enthusiastically as usual like an innocent person.
"Did you watch Xiu Xiu’s program today?" Zena carefully asked Xiu Xiu, who was bored in his arms, that it was a little strange to see Xiu Xiu look completely fine.
"See his brother in the vision is so handsome that it is no wonder that the hostess wants to seduce you hee hee! ! ! But I don’t care "Xiu Xiu a naive expression of" human and animal harm ".
Qina breathed a sigh of relief and felt glad that Xiu Xiu didn’t play Vanessa, but suddenly he heard Xiu Xiu say, "Brother Qi, can you tell me who that Vanessa is?"! ! ! !”
Hitting! ! ! ! JiNa instantaneous nervous in my heart should come or come! ! !
"Well, in fact, even the three heads are inappropriate. Just as he turned his head faster than speeding the wheels, he planned to explain Vanessa to Xiuxiu. Xiao Ni had covered his mouth gently.
"His brother don’t explain, I believe you, although you didn’t tell me, I know that you didn’t do it until you didn’t let me think. Xiu Xiu knows that Xiu Xiu really knows! ! ! ! !”
Listen to Xiu Xiu’s understanding words, Qinan can’t help but be moved by Xiu Xiu’s kindness, Xiu Xiu’s thoughtfulness, Xiu Xiu’s trust and Xiao Ni’s love. Everything makes Qinan love her. It’s a kind of love that seeps into her heart. Love a wife and ask for more? Let those women like Vanessa Palmas go to hell. I want to have a Xiu Xiu, which is enough. Holding Xiu Xiu’s delicate body, Qinan secretly said to herself.
After the recording of Secret Reveals, Qinan’s stay in Milan finally ended. After spending another day with Xiu Xiu in the bustling Milan, Qinan, Xiu Xiu and argus Tini returned to Naples on Monday.
On Tuesday afternoon, Qinan immediately appeared at the Napoli training base to participate in the team training, which made Rhea overjoyed. He gave Domenica ten days off, but he didn’t expect Domenica to come back to participate in the team training days later.
On the two-week international competition day, although most of the main players of the team were called up by the national team, Rhea did not relax the training for other players of the team. In fact, the daily training of the team is still going on as usual these days, and those who do not have the main players and substitutes of the national team need to attend training classes every day.
Because there has been no unified training institute for a week, Qi Nan has been particularly serious and hard in training. It is stipulated that after the training, Qi Nan will stay alone and practice Italian ball and shooting for two hours.
At five o’clock in the afternoon, there was a "swelling" shot in the training base in Naples. A sky-blue figure swung its legs and shot in the sunset glow in Naples. Then all kinds of arcs of football accurately flew into the net. The sky-blue figure picked the balls out of the net one by one and put them away. Then it swung its legs and shot the football again and again, bypassing the baffle and flying into the net. The sky-blue figure did all this tirelessly.
By the window of the coach’s office, Rhea silently looked at everything in the training ground. From this window, everything in the training ground was unobstructed. He watched Domonica tirelessly practice dribbling and shooting alone. Actually, Rhea’s old captain has no obvious shortcomings in his skills now, but it is really commendable that he can still do such basic training seriously and diligently. Although Naples is still in the sixth place, Rhea has no doubt that Domonica will lead Naples back to the top four in the remaining nine rounds of the league.
There is absolutely no doubt! ! ! At the moment when Rhea resolutely turned away, his back looked so energetic because he knew that he had a Domenica that could work miracles.
Volume III
Chapter two hundred and four International Match Day Syndrome
Oh! ! ! What did you do these two weeks? If I see you all coming out one by one, I really believe that you have been fooling around in Amsterdam (the most famous red light district in Europe) for two weeks. "
On Saturday, April 4th, Rirea, wearing a sun hat and holding a whistle at the Naples training base, yelled at the players who were running laps for recovery training. Of course, these reprimands were directed at those players who returned from the national team.
On Wednesday and Thursday, after the national team game, the players returned to the team one after another. Several Italian players returned first. Cannavaro Marjo returned to Naples, Slovakia, not far from Italy on Thursday afternoon. Hamsik also returned smoothly on Thursday afternoon, while South American player Dennis Ravizzarayeta gargano, who was far away from Europe, hurried back on Friday afternoon.
However, although he came back, he was no longer a "perfect man". Hamsik sprained his ankle in a friendly match between Slovakia and Croatia, and the big Cannavaro was also injured. He was hit by a tough Nordic in a friendly match between Italy and Denmark, and several other "marginal people" of the national team, such as Marjoram Nislavizi, did not have any injuries because they didn’t have any games, but their energy was wasted in the fatigue of the boat trip. Now they can appear in front of Leia group of people who look a little depressed.
"Domenica, you take them to run ten more laps and cheer up. Look at Domenica. If you can have half his mental state, I will be grateful. Damn the national team, how do those physical coaches who don’t know anything make me a player? What’s it like running a marathon after running less than five laps? " Rhea continued to nag and vent her dissatisfaction with the national team on the sidelines.
It is no wonder that the coach was angry for two weeks. On the international match day, he not only lost two generals, but also returned players in poor condition. If Lavezzi, Dennis and gargano are in such a state to play in Sunday’s league, they are not sure at all, although their opponent on Sunday is newly promoted Bologna.
In fact, this can’t be completely blamed on these players who have returned from the national team. The schedule of the national team matches is tight, and not all of them are held in their own countries. They need to go to different countries according to the changes of their opponents, such as leagues. Even if they go to Houdusse, the northernmost place in Italy, it takes one and a half hours to fly. Take Lavezzi Dennis as an example. They followed the Argentine team from Buenos Aires to Mexico, then from Mexico to Lima, Peru, and finally flew back to Italy around half the world. Lescan said that they spent half of these two weeks on planes and cars, and when there was anything else, they were in poor condition. There was nothing they could do now. Fortunately, they were substitutes for Argentina. They played three national team games for two weeks, and when they added up, there were still 60 minutes left to look at the back of the team. gargano, Uruguayans are the main midfielder of Uruguay’s national team. They played all three games and traveled long distances from Uruguay. You are welcome to say that now you give him a bed and his horse will fall asleep.
Fortunately, there is Dominica! ! ! ! Leia looked at Qina running at the front of the team with his head held high and his head held high, and he felt glad that he could not help but "feel grateful" when he saw Lavezzi, Dennis and gargano.
Saturday’s training passed quickly. On Sunday, the 30th round of Italian Serie A arrived as scheduled to make way for the national team competition. Two weeks later, the league war reignited! ! Naples welcomed the newly promoted Bologna at home.
Although Bologna is a newly promoted horse, Rhea can’t underestimate it. After all, it also has a "feat" of overturning AC Milan away from home this season. In the game, Rhea has eliminated some players who can play on the field. The formation of the main players is still 3412, and the positions are replaced by Rinaludo and Montevino respectively.
It is reasonable to say that the strength of the two teams is a little different. Naples is currently ranked sixth, while Bologna is still hovering in the "life and death line", but the situation in the backcourt after the game has surprised the fans watching the game.
Because there are no national team members in Bologna who have rested for two weeks, their mental state is better than that of Naples today. I don’t know how many times. When Naples people are still yawning sleepily and asking about the newcomers, Bologna people have already rushed to the Napoli in high spirits, which is a fat beating for more than ten minutes. Instead, Bologna pressed Naples to play such a game. It is hard to see it at the Sao Paulo Stadium in the season. You know, even after Dominica joined Naples, even Inter Milan had to test it carefully with Naples before daring.
In fact, Bologna’s attack power is quite poor. In that season, Bologna scored 5 goals in 42 battles in Serie B: |: It’s a pity that the team lost 29 goals in 42 battles. On average, although Bologna was quite active in the transfer market this summer, the team introduced many powerful players such as Zenoni and Rodriguez, and there were three most commendable transfers. First, it introduced midfielder volpi from Sampdoria, and then the team introduced defender Lana from Turin. The third team introduced midfielder Mudingai from Lazio, but these players were all defensive.
After the season, Bologna will still focus on the defensive midfield, with volpi, Mudingai and other sweeping players and the stable defense line in the backcourt. The Bologna team will show people that the Italian chain defense will be unified in the new season, while the attack of the frontcourt team will be the main purpose. The main purpose is to maintain the defensive stability in the backcourt. Bologna’s frontcourt has star players with good speed who used to play for Juventus Divayo, and they also have a certain level of rapid counterattack.
In the eleventh minute, Divayo scared 60,000 Napoli fans into a cold sweat.
"Divayo again took the ball and appeared on the edge of the restricted area in Naples. He was very active for more than ten minutes! ! Naples should be careful of this dangerous man.
Varo posted it. Oh! ! No, he didn’t pass Divayo. Today, Cannavaro reacted a little slowly. Did the bench life of the national team make him suffer from Alzheimer’s disease? "Moreau satirized little Cannavaro when Divayo wiped into the restricted area and volleyed vigorously. Fortunately, the reaction was not slow. Rinaudo’s body blocked the loophole, and his posture and spirit were better than that of" Huang Jiguang "and" Huang Jiguang ".The ball hit Rinaudo’s shoulder and popped up the bottom line Bologna corner kick! ! !
After the corner kick from Bologna, Rinaludo’s height of more than one meter and nine meters was brought into full play again. He jumped high and headed the ball out of the restricted area of Naples and got the ball outside Montevino’s restricted area. After that, he kicked the ball out and sent it to Marjorie’s foot on the wing, but Marjorie actually stopped the ball out of bounds without difficulty.
"Is this the so-called" international match day syndrome "? Marjorie and Cannavaro Jr., the national team he is my brother, have been sitting on the bench for too long. He may have forgotten how to stop the ball, which was actually stopped out of bounds by him. You know, it’s hard for the earth to stop it intentionally! ! ! If you don’t watch the match against both sides, I’m still broadcasting an Italian C match. "Moreau was stunned by the picture in front of him in the commentary. He didn’t expect Marjorie to make such a low-level mistake. After a pause, he made fun of Marjorie, who was really out of state.
However, if Moro often watches the men’s soccer match in China, it is estimated that he will not be intimidated by such a scene. In the China fan circle, there is such a joke that the defender who can stop the ball to his own foot 1 mm is a Brazilian player, a Spanish player, a rice defender, a German player’s own foot 1, and a shot is made to force the opposing goalkeeper to make a save. The defender is a China men’s soccer team. You just let him fight alone and the goalkeeper is still 20 meters away from him. Such a single fight can’t pose any threat to his opponent because he can be flushed and breathless. It’s better to stop the ball directly to the opponent’s goalkeeper, Marjorie. Today’s mistake is nothing. If Marjorie often watches the men’s football in China, he will definitely refute Moro’s teasing him. Compared with the men’s football in China, my stopping skill is still profound. And Moro will definitely say, if he has watched the men’s football match in China! ! Marjorie is quite a China men’s football player! ! !
Rhea almost didn’t vomit blood three liters when he saw Cannavaro Jr. and Marjorie making mistakes one after another on the sidelines, but Dennis made him half dead when he was still jumping through Marjorie’s mistakes
"Manica di! ! ! Finally, I saw Domeni Kolor’s ball. I hope he won’t be stained by he is my brother, Cannavaro Jr. and Marjo! ! The beautiful ball passed Bologna’s back and he moved from Lazio last season. Mudingayi didn’t react yet. He perfectly interpreted the "great" role of "stake" and thanked Didomonica for being normal. The live commentary Seymour made a cross on his chest and then explained that "Domenica plunged into Bologna’s full-back Zenoni kept retreating trembling. Oh, I want to wake him up. There is a billboard behind him. Does he want to retreat to the stands? Dommonica suddenly accelerated! ! ! Oh! ! Poor Zenoni. His turn for half a minute was obviously a little too slow. Domenica went into the penalty area! ! ! ! Bologna centre-backs maurras and Castrini had to give up Dennis and Lavezzi’s encirclement, but this time Domenica won! ! ! ! Great opportunity. The ball bypassed the goalkeeper and all the Bologna defenders and flew to the far corner of the goal. Dennis! ! ! ! GGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG"GGGGOO got the ball, but in Moro, including all Napoli fans at the scene, it seems that the ball has been in doubt. Let alone how comfortable and in place Domenica sent the ball. More importantly, there is no Bologna defender around Dennis. Bologna goalkeeper antonioli is still preparing to seal Domenica’s shooting angle on the goal side, and Dennis has missed it completely. Now all Dennis needs to do is send the ball into the door through a part of his head or body. When he sends the ball into the door, he even needs to get a hairstyle so that the camera can give him a perfect face close-up after the goal.
But that’s it, that’s it, that’s it, that’s it, that’s it, that’s it, that’s it, that’s it, that’s it, that’s it, that’s it, that’s it, that’s it, that’s it, that’s it, that’s it’s it, that’s it’s it, that’s it, Dennis shot the ball off the bottom line along the left column.
The commentator Seymour was dumbfounded. His "GOOAI" shouted "gggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggg
Like Moro, the 60,000 Naples fans at Sao Paulo Stadium also looked incredulous. Dennis knelt in front of Bologna’s goal and lamented in frustration.
Dennis was chagrined at the sideline, but Rhea wanted to "punch" his old man. He even strangled Argentina’s heart. He had such an excellent opportunity to be a wave coach. There is no doubt that this opportunity is that he can score goals in person, which is even worse. Professional Dennis?
However, it is obvious that no Rhea can accept the fact. However, there was a great opportunity just now, and the arrogance of Bologna people was scared down by this goal. Their offensive was not as fierce as it was in the first ten minutes.
Gradually, under the command of Bologna coach arrigoni, Bologna slowly turned its focus to defense. After all, defense is their old job, and most players are not in the state. Napoli also had no way to take Bologna’s situation into a stalemate until the end of the half! ! !
Volume III