"Hee hee, I knew my cousin was the best for me."

Cold seal looked at the eyes of two girls suddenly remembered that I was still standing by and brought two beautiful women to my front. "Let me introduce you to him. His name is Night Wind, which I just met … The players are both my relatives. This is my cousin. The game name is Little Blue." Cold seal pointed to the lovely girl.
"hello! My name is Xiao Lan, please give me some advice. "The lovely girl smiled at me innocently.
"… hello …" I responded lightly.
"She is my own sister named Yu." Leng Feng pointed to the female knight, and I moved my eyes to Yu Shen, who also looked at me at this time, but her eyes were different from her gentle eyes when she looked at Leng Feng and Xiaolan, but cold eyes-cold eyes like no feelings!
Two cold eyes collided in the middle, and my feathers were silent. No one took the initiative to say hello. It should be said that neither of us is the kind of person who would take the initiative to say hello to strangers.
My silence made the atmosphere awkward.
"Ha ha" cold seal when the mouth broke the deadlock "well, everyone knows! Let’s talk to each other later! " I had a cold seal and said to me, "Night Wind, I want to ask you-will you trust me once?"
"What?" I squinted.
Leng Feng smiled. "Didn’t you say you got an incense burner that can attract ordinary Yakun for 5 minutes? I don’t think it’s possible for you to put the incense burner far away and then reach the location of Queen Yakun and get those eggs in time? "
"What are you trying to say?"
Leng Feng looked at me seriously and said, "I want to say that if you believe me, I can help you put the incense burner far away to attract the attention of those Yakun, and take someone to help you stall the Queen and the guards of Yakun when you get the eggs, so that you can get enough eggs and return to the city to escape."
“!” My feather and light blue showed surprise at the same time, but feather and light blue didn’t ask out of curiosity-it seems that they have reached a consensus on the idea of cold sealing.
"Help me hold the enemy?" I revealed a light smile. "Is your IQ really that low? I think you don’t want to help me hold the enemy, but you want to kill Queen Yakun with your friends when the incense burner is effective. To put it bluntly, you are also considering your own interests? "
After listening to my words, I laughed coldly. "Oh, that’s true. If I insist on saying that I want to help you, it’s absolutely impossible. Even if I agree, my friend won’t agree. Then let’s call it a deal! I want to ask you, will you? "
"…" I was silent for a moment and looked at each other for a long time again. Finally, I nodded and said, "OK, I agree! When are you going? "
Leng Feng thought for a moment and said, "It’s almost midnight now, and our six-hour online time limit is almost up. I won’t be able to do it tonight." After a pause, Leng Feng added, "Do you have it at 9 am?"
"I can go online anytime" I gave the simple and most effective answer.
"That’s good! Meet in the square at 9 am! Remember to be punctual! Let’s go "behind a sentence is said to feather and small blue two women.
I watched the cold seal take two steps and suddenly stopped the cold seal "hello!" "
"well! ?” Leng Feng turned around and smiled at me. "Is there anything else?"
I stopped looking silent and asked, "What do you want to help me?"
Cold seal is helping me-I’m not an idiot. On the surface, cold seal says that he is trading with me to help me get eggs, and at the same time, he can kill Queen Akron with his friends. But at present, can new players really kill enemies of the level of Queen Akron? But the chance of success is definitely not more than one in a thousand! The so-called transaction is actually a deal for others. Helping me get eggs is his real heart!
Leng Feng looked at me silently for a while and said, "I helped you in part because I wanted to pull you into our blood alliance. To tell you the truth! We are a backbone of a game guild, and we have been wandering in various online games. This time we came here to build our strength in this game. In my experience, you are definitely a powerful player! So I want to invite you to join our blood alliance. Of course, this is part of the reason, and there is another factor that is the main reason why I want to help you! "
"What’s the reason?" I asked.
Cold seal looked at the sky and once again revealed the sunshine and smiled and said, "Because I regard you as my friend! Isn’t it right to help friends? "
I stare big eyes wait for a while looked at the cold seal.
Friend … He took me as a friend? Is it true? Friend is a luxury word, and someone will put it in my body?
"When it’s about time, we should go! Night wind, you should line earlier, too! Don’t play for too long, after all, health is the revolutionary money! God, goodbye! Thanks to ~ ~ "cold seal finished with two women left together …
After a short walk, Xiaolan asked curiously, "Cousin, how do you know that man? He is so cold! But it’s also interesting … a bit like a cousin. "
"Don’t talk nonsense, Xiao Lan. How can that annoying guy look like me?" Feather discontentedly argued
Small blue light smile said, "how can not like cousin you? Cousin, you are cold to all men except my cousin, and that man is cold to us except his cousin. This is really like you! "
Feather after listening to the cold said, "you don’t compare me with other men! All men in this world are not good things except my brother. "
After hearing the feather, Xiao Lan Baiyu vomitted to stick out when he was unhappy. small tongue dared not tease the feather again.
Cold seal looked at his sister and sighed and said, "Don’t treat all men in this world as bad people, will you?" Otherwise, you can’t get married in this generation. "
"I haven’t thought about marrying a human at all! I don’t intend to marry! " Speaking of this feather, she looked at the cold seal and showed her gentle eyes. "It is enough to be able to follow her brother."
Cold seal took a deep look at the feather and sighed softly. I don’t want to go around in circles on this topic with two women silently …
At night, I lay in bed for a long time and fell asleep. I kept remembering the word’ friend’ that Lengfeng sincerely laughed at.
"Friends? Chat … "
Chapter 17 Conflict
The alarm woke me up from my sleep at 7: 30 a.m on 15th, 253.
Get up, get dressed, wash, have breakfast and run in the morning.