"Uncle Lu, do you feel happy now?" Miss Bing sat in a comfortable position on the sofa and pulled off the veil.

This stunning beauty turned out to be Gu Xiaoyue!
Lu Chongyun couldn’t finish it and hissed, "Are you poisoned by wine?"
Gu Xiaoyue smiled. "It seems that you are not stupid!"
It is also a strange situation that he can detect the poison in liquor in this mood tonight. It is a chronic poison, and it has not been effective until now.
"That little bastard betrayed me?" Liu Chongyun’s eyes once again erupted in anger.
Gu Xiaoyue smiled bitterly. "Because I want you to taste what it is to be betrayed by the most trusted person."
"You bitch!" Lu Chongyun was hit hard no longer regardless of his personal attributes. He struggled hard and seemed to pounce on Gu Xiaoyue.
It’s a pity that he was poisoned and drank too much wine. He staggered and didn’t smell Gu Xiaoyue. He suddenly bounced up from the sofa and kicked Liu Chongyun into the bed.
Gu Xiaoyue easily fell back to his original position and laughed. "Uncle Lu, have a good sleep. It’s not good for women to play too much."
Liu Chongyun couldn’t see Gu Xiaoyue’s face clearly, because his vision was blurred for a while, and his eyelids were slowly closed.
The last thing he thought of was not repentance but hatred for himself.
He hated himself for not killing Gu Xiaoyue many years ago and keeping this scourge. Today, he finally ruined himself.
Ning Dazui, a restaurant on the third floor, is smoking silently in the hall.
Gu Xiaoyue came in soon. She changed into a black women’s suit and restored the image of a strong woman in the workplace.
Seeing her, Ning got up and Gu Xiaoyue nodded. "You should report to my office in Zhongtian Building early. From now on, you are a member of the new century. I have many important things to give you to do."
"good!" Ning mouth slightly bent down to show gratitude.
Gu Xiaoyue said no more and turned to the ladder.
It’s still raining heavily in the street outside, but the Mercedes has stopped at the gate. Bingbing personally pulled the door to meet her car.
The driver is Mei Jie. "Is it done?"
Gu Xiaoyue heaved a long sigh of relief "ok!"
Mei Jie’s eyes also lit up. "Do you want to walk in the moonlight to celebrate?"
Gu Xiaoyue shook her head and said, "Take me home first. I have work to do!"
Mad dog dragon on the second floor of Gu Xiaoyue Villa is drinking slowly.
He drinks slowly, glass after glass, but the more he drinks, the brighter his eyes and the calmer his eyes are.
Footsteps from the stairs Gu Xiaoyue soon appeared in the room. She took off her clothes and came to the bar wearing a white shirt and poured herself a glass of wine.
Mad dog dragon suddenly raised his glass "Congratulations!"
Gu Xiaoyue exclaimed, "Congratulations?"
Mad dog dragon smiled meaningfully. "Congratulations on your hard work and humiliation, and you finally got your wish."
Gu Xiaoyue clinked glasses and said, "Thank you!"
After drinking this cup of wine, the mad dog Long Cai said, "Now I know that you are more ambitious than Lu Chongyun."
This sentence is really amazing. Gu Xiaoyue couldn’t help saying, "Oh?"
Mad dog dragon said, "I remember you said I was your second man in here. The first man was Lu Chongyun."
Gu Xiaoyue neither denied nor admitted that she silently poured the second glass of wine herself for a long time before she said very calmly, "Do you know how simple I was when I entered the new century with him nine years ago?"
Mad dog dragons can shake their heads.
Gu Xiaoyue’s voice became very emotional. "I’m as loyal to him as a soldier to an officer. I’ll do whatever he wants me to do, and I’ll work hard and hard. I’ve been doing it all the time. At that time, I believed in him as much as Zheng Xiaoxue believes in him now."
Mad dog dragon can listen quietly
Gu Xiaoyue suddenly became bitter. "At that time, Yang Hong’s elder sister Yang Cai was still a core member of the headquarters. Liu Chongyun followed Hu Weiwei’s boss Hu Eleven knives. Do you know what Liu Chongyun wanted me to do privately? He actually asked me to sleep with Hu Shiyi’s knife bed. "
Mad dog dragon sighed. "I was thinking, are you sure you won’t do it?"
Gu Xiaoyue gritted his teeth. "Of course I didn’t do it. Later, Yang Cai’s elder sister asked me to do things in the twisted jungle. When I went there for four months, I almost died on the way several times. But in the end, I shipped the goods back to Shuiyun City safely. But when I came back, I heard that Liu Chongyun and Zheng Xiaoxue were said to be lovers, but this is not the most important point …"
The mad dog dragon frowned and said, "Oh?"
Gu Xiaoyue’s face expression is like a twisted snake. She hissed, "In the public place of Zhongtian Building, he said in front of everyone that if you meet for the first time, please take more photos of him. Only then did I know how hypocritical he was …"
Mad dog dragon sighed, "I understand that when you went to Golden Rose, the workers were not riding the wind at night and being the judge with ghost eyes, but Lu Chongyun."
Gu Xiaoyue sneered, "I don’t know anything about the wind root at night, and the ghost eye officer is with him. He did this to force me to take the initiative to leave the new century and never appear in front of him."
Mad dog dragon sighed, "Your character is unwilling to admit defeat."
Gu Xiaoyue sneered even more. "In the last three months of Golden Rose, I also knew that many drinkers who drank me were secretly arranged by him. The more he tried to drive me away, the more I would not go, the stronger I would be. I would go back to headquarters one day to avenge this electrocution."
Mad dog dragon doesn’t talk much anymore. It’s a toast.
He didn’t mean anything else, either. He just wears him, wears Gu Xiaoyue, and his tough willpower is to be continued.
Chapter seven hundred and seven Restore the truth